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Any news about Lulworth?

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I think my wife may be your wife's twin...

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2 hours ago, CharlesP said:

Schmokinn, I don't think you've met MrsP.

Apart from the dog, and his crate, and his food (in a freezer box because of course we can't be confident about getting him something to eat in France despite it being the umpteenth trip with him) and his toys and throws to drape over the furniture in the farmhouse (despite the farmhouse being both rural and fully equipped) and his leads and grooming stuff, we had to pack in my own meagre set of clothes, several months' supply of her clobber, a medical bag that left us better equipped than Poole Hospital A&E, towels, washing powder, dishwasher tablets, industrial quantities of toilet roll, kitchen roll, raincoats, umbrellas, food (because of course we may not be able to buy food), crisps, water, wine (I know, I know), computers, chargers, hair equipment, electrical adapters, three pairs of binoculars, badminton kit, duvet cover 'n sheet 'n pillow cases. The list is endless, and while packing it all into the vehicle (having spent an age persuading her that her own Peugeot 207 might not be big enough) I saw that she was taking a bag of onions. Onions, FFS, to France, the epicenter of Global onion availability!

I shouldn't have spent all that time looking for a small second hand 4 x 4. I should have been seeking out an artic.

That's the battle for cargo space that I'm fighting...


There may be a little gap by the side of the battery under the bonnet or inside the spare wheel well ;)

Taking wine to France ..is she trying to cause an international incident? bit like taking your own sand to Bournemouth beach!!

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Spare wheel gaps taken up by electric toothbrush charger and toiletries.

Under the bonnet every nook and cranny will be used for my dirty laundry.

Please don't give her ideas about sand...

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