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Using the Forum on the Move / Tapatalk

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ShootClay Admin

A few people have PM'ed me to ask what Tapatalk is, or how they can use ShootClayForum whilst on the move - so I thought I would post a guide for you...

First - what is Tapatalk?  Whilst the forum is pretty easy to use, Tapatalk is a 'wrapper' that allows you to use it on your phone or tablet, making life easier and helping you navigate around the forum.  I use it on my iPhone and iPad - and it makes life easier on those devices, especially when on the move. 

Installation Guide

  1. First - you need to go to the appstore for your device - I'll give you a couple of links:
    1. For Apple/IOS devices (iPhone/iPad etc) - you go here : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id307880732?mt=8
    2. For Android devices - you got here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quoord.tapatalkpro.activity (I don't have an android device to test on - but my understanding is that everything is quite similar)
  2. Install the app using your normal method - there is a pro (ad-free) version of the IOS app - none of that comes to me, thats for the app developers. 
  3. Open the app - and search for ShootClay - it should find something like this:  

  4. Tap follow on the ShootClay Forum
  5. It'll ask you to login - you use the user name and password that you use for the forum - if you cannot remember that, and need to reset your ID - then follow this link: http://www.shootclayforum.com/index.php?/lostpassword/ and the system will email you a new password. 

And that's it - the app is dead easy to move around and use, and you can do almost everything you can do on the web version including uploading pictures and commenting on topics. 

Hope this helps people - any questions, let me know. 





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