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    Southdown today back on it with Dora and seems I am remembering how to shoot her a lot quicker this time after using Lola which makes me so happy. Sportrap first and it was a good round for me scoring 89/100 and truly the ones I missed just make me laugh. Sim pairs no problem at all but miss a couple of on report pairs completely or one bird from the pair or the single bird miss with two shots at it!! I won ladies and equalled first in my class. Stopped for a fry up and then went on to sporting. The light faded quickly today and it was spitting rain but managed an 81. For those that shot it Stands 6 and 10 missed 4 on each but did well on the rest. Good to see a few out and about today.
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    One thing for sure in this sport (within reason). It’s the Indian, not the arrow..
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    using coloured clays when there is absolutely no need or not thinking about background is my biggest bugbear.
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    Permission to look smug?..... Granted. New PB at court farm today. 5th registered shoot and the 1st that starts with a seven for a 71. I'm pleased with that. I know you more experienced shots don't rate Horne shoots as much, but as our closest reg, and also the first I went to, its a good benchmark for me to measure progress against.
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    Centrepin . I'm afraid you have encountered the guy who thinks he's a world champion , but has never been off his local shoot. And with good reason. Because he will be found out as an average , at best , shot. Big fish , small pond. It happens all the time. And I' m delighted you gave him a lesson. 😉. Go shoot a registered shoot. Tell them when you book on that you are new to it . You will most likely be able to tag along with someone. I think you will have a much better experience with proper competition shooters. Not the local wannabe. Jasper.
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    First off.....i didnt shoot this shoot BUT ive studied the scores throughout the classes & TBH.....Nick got it spot on !!! Every class was won within the current averages which is the whole reason for having them !!!........... Too many shooters from B&C class want to shoot A/AA class scores without doing the apprenticeship !!! All it does is lead them lower class shooters to the slaughter on better & bigger events, there is a saying...if you want to become a better shot then shoot harder testing targets!! C class winning on 90 is doing nothing for the shooter...........NOT that i know how to set a shoot !!.....
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    Aw shucks.. Just decided to have a break from this site (but would be rude not to answer you). Various reasons. I did also have a really good run of shoots recently and it would have seemed a bit much to come on and crow about it. Don’t worry, it’s all over, the last three have been very shabby. As I’m writing, may as well mention I did Honesberie today. Very damp under foot, didn’t take boots, so spent most of it avoiding mud. An excellent shoot, but definitely a toughie. Nick Hollick says he didn’t want it straighted again, so I blame Richard Faulds! Anyway only 83 today and I was reminded that once its tough it makes me miss for other reasons. Too many times I missed a pair on a stand that I was doing well on. Sheer over-trying. Anyway, see many of you about the shoots. I too plan Owls and AGL this week.
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    Chatsworth Country Fair yesterday, shot the sport trap (11/25). My first time shooting anything other than Skeet, and I'm still a newbie (shooting 5 months), and I really enjoyed it even shooting as a lone gun the others in the squad were friendly enough Slowly finding some confidence to try new things.
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    Owls too - 81. Really happy with that after taking the gun back to scratch. A reg PB for me actually. Nice to see @Will Hewland and @Sian.
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    I fully appreciate that many clay shooters also shoot live quarry but I'm talking about the ones who rarely, if ever shoot registered standard sporting clays. Try working as a ref when a group of 6 or 7 turn up without eye protection, sometimes even without ear protection, complete with partners, kids and pets, no idea about targets over 25 yards, treating the event like a Sunday morning giggle and ejecting their shell cases over you and anyone else in the vicinity whilst their mates are loudly dishing out advice. Then, just to round it off nicely, someone swings in their 9 year old grandson.granddaughter to have a pop with a 410.
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    I was saying today actually, Sean pointing is a great course setter. Been around long enough to understand an interesting and fair balance. Also, he isn’t such a big name that he has to let his ego get in the way. (And a lovely bloke too).
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    To me this is what's known as natural selection. Do something stupid and face the consequences. Unattended gun. Same as leaving your keys in your car. DOH. Empathy where it's due. Not here I'm afraid. Try leaving your Ferrari keys hanging on your key hook in the hallway. When it gets nicked it's a double whammy. 1. You've been an ass for leaving your keys there unattended. 2. Your not insured because you were an ass. But that's it. Everyone thinks your an ass . End of. With guns it's slightly more significant because 1. You may have put a a gun in the hands of a criminal. 2.All legal gun owners are judged on this. So now we are all asses. Remember this when they give you your cheque for your guns when they are banned. Thanks. Jasper.
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    No problem, I don't go very tight on choke either, currently running on 3/8ths or 1/4 and find either plenty tight enough. I'm not a big believer in this fibre is rubbish in over bored barrels malarkey, I've just shot fibres when I've needed to and got on with it and never been disappointed.
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    I’ve just borrowed my girlfriends Skoda Yeti while my Volvo is in the garage. I don’t think she’ll be getting it back! It’s only got a 1.2Ltr petrol but it’s a lively as squirrel. Her lease runs out next May and we’ve been looking at something bigger. The Skoda Kodiak is definitely top of the list right now. The value for money is very compelling.The Landrover Discovery Sport may have kerbside kudos, yet it’s twice the money but not twice the car IMO. Back to topic - There was a time when Beretta was seen as a cheap Italian import and Browning were considered to be something of a working mans gun. Similarly with Miroku, but I’d take any one of those brands over a Purdey on practical grounds (though I confess the idea of a Purdey makes me weak at the knees. . . Never mind the fact I’d have to sell a kidney and a few of my children to get one) I’d wager Yildiz, ATA, Kofs et.al will in time become very respectable, well made guns that win the occasional event, much like Skoda did in rallying and look what that did for their brand
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    When I sold my Beretta and bought a CG my mates scoffed, most of them shoot a CG now, I look beyond the badge nowadays. If the product is good value you can always add your own touch with the money saved.
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    After reading this thread.......once again its all about being bold in the face of confrontation !! Many who have shot my evenys know only too well that i run a tight ship & not one of my refs are there to engage in any form of conflict, they call me & i will deal with it.shame that many shoot operators dont support the refs for the good of the sport & its many honest competitors. I have a 100 esp reg on sept 22 at Nuthampstead & am pleased to confirm that all 13 refs INC a releif are all qualified cpsa esp refs........just saying 😎
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    cheating is cheating and should not be acceptable in any form or in any sport......not only is it unfair to the people competing its also attempting to fool yourself into thinking you're better at something than you actually are and if you feel the need to cheat then that sport clearly isn't for you....take up knitting or something instead. abusing or intimidating anyone in any setting, sport or not is totally unacceptable. your parents should have taught you from a very young age the difference between right and wrong and if you can't play nicely then don't play at all
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    After reffing duties at the British fitasc at Westfield, the world fitasc at E J Churchill and yesterday at St Dials for the last welsh selection shoot, it was time to make amends to my wife, so the gun stayed in the cabinet and we had lunch in a cracking restaurant overlooking Swansea bay, the sun was warm and the wine chilled. Sometimes you just have to....
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    Essex Masters for us today. As usual a very good, well attended shoot. Weather forecast not as bad as predicted so no rain. Was still overcast and windy in some places. A couple of 97’s in today which was awesome. Red course first and a few stands over water, bouncing rabbits which caught a few people out. Stand 13 on black course a rabbit going up hill! All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it, and again fantastic targets. Got tired at the end of the second 100 and dropped more then I should have on the last 4 stands which was a shame for me as I never shoot the event well for some reason, don’t think I’ve managed more than 120 before and I ended up 74 on red course and 71 on black course for a total of 145. I should’ve been delighted with that but I missed sooooo many silly ones here and there!
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    Well I had fun day today. I went to the Dragon Clay Club near Colgate which Imhave never been to before. A small club with wooded area and open field. It was their Christmas shoot today which was squadded and booked and you had to arrive by 9 am to be given lovely sausage and bacon rolls and tea, there was plenty of it to. There were 8 on the squad which normally you would tutt about but I knew 5 of them and we had great fun. Tony was on a different squad and didn’t know anyone 😂. There were 60 birds 7 stands including a hand released rabbit which ran down a grooved slot thing and then across the floor. People on each squad went up the bank and hid behind an big tree rolling them down. All quite safe though. I thought a good mix of targets. Then we had clay snooker 16 clays. I did really well on that. Then to finish a mad flush. I came third my prize was a bottle of vodka, baseball cap and medal. All for £30 each. I have to say it was a refreshing change in good company. Fibre shoot, walk across a smallish field to get to the shoot. Then went to Alex Cobb’s shoot about 20 or so minutes away which again I thoroughly enjoyed with a great mix of targets. I was very happy with how I shot some of the bigger targets. Even got some driven.
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    Had to do an emergency upgrade this morning to fix a potential security issue on the site - all completed now, any issues or concerns - please let me know. Searches or filters might take a while to come back online (Show me Unread Content etc)
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    Did my first registered on Sunday with the 694 (only the second time I’d shot it) at Garlands set up by Steve Lovatt. It is very easy to drive, recoil is smooth and it behaved impeccably. Went around with 3/8 and 5/8 and finished on 86. I might swap the pad over for the slightly longer one that came with it....just feels a tad short for me. I’d strongly recommend trying one if you can. Just beware if you do buy one everyone will spot it and want to try it....mine did about 150 shots on the 100 layout!
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    Again, not really a shoot but another coaching session at Sporting Targets. Day went very well, shooting a Blaser F16 1/2 & 3/4 chokes. I really like this gun. Started with a little single incoming, then R-L rabbit on report before moving on a chandelle, over head driven on report. All went belly up on a L-R crosser off the tower at the end of the session. I kept missing over top, lead and swing spot on, then got under it corrected and started missing behind. About 10 shots and didn’t hit a single one. Never happened to me before. Usually I get it right within four o five at the most so a wee bit frustrating. Still I now have another goal to work on for my next session. Off to Coniston on Sunday with my son
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    Nope, went for the national lottery instead.
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    I took 3 squads round and didn't hear any positive feedback at all. It varied from "We'll just have to grin a bear it as it'll be better next month" to "Thank the lord there's a 10% rule". Like Wynno I also shoot and I've been doing it long enough to know that short window targets and those that fall into trees in less than 1 second aren't challenging and nor are 70 yard chandelles, they're simply unfair. I've know that ground for almost 20 years and it's well capable of really good presentations with it's varied terrain. Ultimately, the reg shooters are customers and shoots should be set up to be attractive to the majority. We all get used to missing hittable targets - it's why we keep shooting - but no one likes getting beaten up by the course setter.
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    Just got back from Owls Lodge (horrendous traffic as per usual), nice shoot with a few closer targets which I missed 😆 carded an OK 90 . Nice to see some forum members including Zella who was kind enough to come over for a chat. 
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    Will ,us Glawster boys like it tough mind .
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    Good day for me at Greenfields, nice tricky layout so happy with my 96 which matched George 😜 , next highest was 93 as I left but more to come in.
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    For those of you that are interested James Peckham is now an official target setter for FITASC He was awarded this by Mr Palinkas a few weeks ago after designing and setting courses throughout the world which were then vetted by FITASC If you shoot any of the major competitions where Promatic are involved you will almost always see him there working hard to ensure everything runs smoothly so the shooters can enjoy the event and not have to worry about no birds Well done James
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    Southdown for us too. Horrible weather rain and when that stopped the wind carried on. Shot Sportrap first none of the squad shot well but nice to shoot with Schmokkinn. Finished on a 74. Stopped for breakfast then did the sporting still very windy but I shot that well finished on 85.
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    I eventually got out to my first cpsa shoot at kegworth, really enjoyed the morning. It was a totally different set up to the little club shoot I'm use to but it was fun and challenging. Just scraped into the 60s so i have a lot of work to do! Great fun though Jamie
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    Southdown for us, colour, COLOUR, COLOUR again. I can honestly say a good few I missed I f**king well didn’t see. The presentations were good and enjoyable but certain stands I suffered and today Tony too. The sim going away with the bush in front too high. Anyway started on Sportrap which needed me to concentrate on what I was doing and made a few wrong calls near the end finished on 83. The sporting finished on 82 and my last stand a few no birds made me a bit jumpy and missed one. I wanted matching scores 😂. Poor old Tony just had a sh*tty day and on the Sportrap had a spectator going “bang” just as he wanted to shoot! Greater London lady and joint runner up so happy with that on the sporting.
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    Ditto, nightmare, emotional, flummoxed by my ineptitude on a good course. Just one of those days.
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    I went fly fishing on Wednesday , I spent 8 hours in the p***ing rain , wading up to my armpits in a rising Dales river . On the way home I found a fish and chip restaurant on the outskirts of Skipton , Giant Yorkshire and gravy starter , large Haddock , tea , bread and butter ... Sometimes the sport is secondary 😂
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    The only way to change things is to complain,time and time again. I talked to Mark after I shot at coleys and he agreed the sim pair was silly. and on some stands the use of coloured clays was an error If you don’t talk about it nothing will change...... so make your thoughts known at the shoot, not on social media days after.
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    Churchill's for me too, as seems the usual case for me it took an extra 1-1/2 hours to do the 110 mile trip as the M2 was closed both ways for a while due to an accident 😑 thanks to satnav taking over for a new route, I re-discovered parts of the M20 I hadn't been on for over twenty years ! Missed 3x4 of the white L/R crossers on the stand below the platform which was only my second stand and with the wind and driving rain if you'd offered me an 80 I'd have taken it and ran at that point. Thankfully shot some quite hard stands really well later on including 6 & 8 which I straighted in rain so all in all really quite pleased to hold average with 87 - I thought 12 simmo was very clever and testing without overt nastiness, very good shoot all told.
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    Well I learned so much from this shoot and from these targets. Mainly not to go back
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    I think if I’d gone and hit 62 I would have left it there on purpose.
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    I never learn! Owls yesterday which I enjoyed, wind was less in the afternoon but still caught you out. I had one stand where my eyes just didn’t work and I really struggled to see the targets but I enjoyed myself. Gunsite this morning blowing a Holley but I second what Jasper says, really good course setting just the overheads were savage and 5 pairs but really enjoyed it. On to Westfield where it was also blowing a hooley really came unstuck on several stands and consequently shot a glorious 59. Didn’t help myself because it gets to a point where I no longer want to try so my bad. I did nearly fall over twice while shooting and I did struggle to keep upright at times - too much like hard work. As said though I never learn. I Can hear William Howland tutting and rolling his eyes.
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    It seems that Sean can. Gunsite was thoroughly well thought out and enjoyable to shoot. Massive well-done to the team at gunsite. Yes windy . Made some targets tricky. But did not punish the c class . Quite a feat. As stated before , the best target setter around at the mo. In all conditions. 😉 Jasper.
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    Managed to get a few hours off work this morning so headed up to AGL. Skipped stands 1 & 2 as queues and did them last so managed to get around in 1hr. Very mild indeed - so much so that I was too warm half way around and my glasses steamed up a little. Should have removed a layer. Anyway nice course - nothing horrendous. Been struggling to get in the 80’s recently so was happy to finish on 88 but as always looks back at the silly ones you dropped.
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    Nice trip to AGL this morning. Checked my scores and last time I shot the ground was in January so its been a while! Lovely day for shooting and warmer than forecast. Was busy first thing so picked my way around the stands to avoid too much queueing. Pretty decent round straighting 6 stands. Didn't even scare the battue on stand 4 so dropped all those. Only other bad stand was 9 with the sun in your eyes. I moved too far left in the stand to block the sun so my barrels were too close and distracted me. Dropped 4 there also. Final stand with the hoop I stupidly took the driven as a crosser before realising I could move my feet. Ended on an 86 which I was pleased with. Bumped into Will on the way around.
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    Seems to be a bit of a failure of understanding of statistics here (as well as being factually incorrect). There is a big difference between average and maximum. If you look at the results for that shoot: Class Winner Average AAA 93 89.6 AA 92 84.1 A 91 77.7 B 85 69.6 C 81 59.4 You'll see for A, AA and AAA that the winning scores were all very similar and above the range for that band (apart from AAA obviously as it has no upper limit), which is what you would expect - to get an average you have some high scores and some low scores. The averages fall within the cut-off ranges - but are at the bottom end of those, which would indicate it was slightly on the hard side (otherwise it'd be nearer the middle of the ranges). For B class the picture is slightly different. Whilst the winning scores are above the cut-off ranges, the average score would see you in the top of C. Again, indicative that the shoot was slightly on the hard side.
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    Also shot EJC today. Missed the first two of those in front. Seemed to do that a lot today. Nothing needed a big gap - apart maybe from the second bird on Stand 4. Low points for me - missing too many in front including 3 of the first bird on Stand 9 and all of the green ones on Stand 2, which I totally misread. Also missed two of the pink on Stand 4 - too busy thinking about the quick second bird and neglecting the easy one. High points - straight on the double rabbit stand and only dropping one of the teals on Stand 1. Finished on 72, but felt that it should have been high 70's and that I'd let myself down a bit.
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    Poor bugger, perhaps he should trade in his Beretta for a set of clubs... I’m sure Will H could help.... In all honesty I liked the shoot, you really had to work hard to build a score. Next months shoot will be entirely different...
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    Four Counties today. Might be my last visit there.. I did start very badly on my first stand, (stand 8 maybe)?, hitting 4/10. They don’t vary targets much at 4C and this stand almost always has some close floppy clays, but today they were much further out which fooled me. Mashed last pair well with lots more lead. Very silly on my part. Anyway, went moderately ok round the rest of the tricky course, the wind was bad in places, missing another 10. Was on for a not disastrous 84 if I straighted the last stand. I went back to my last stand 3 times hoping for a cloud because the sun was ridiculous. (Stand 9)? Well, of course the sun itself wasn’t ridiculous, but a course setter throwing both targets directly into it was! A big cloud passed over by the time I was almost due to shoot it at third attempt, but it was in direct full sun again while I queued. Fed up by this point, me and my mate decided to quit the shoot, leaving just this stand unshot. I handed our cards in and it got a bit heated in the office because they didn’t understand the CPSA rule that says if a competitor retires, their score is marked against targets shot. I.e 68 out of 84 or whatever, NOT out of 100. So that was uncomfortable, plus I did call it idiocy to set targets right into the sun, which went down rather badly..
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    He has strong moral fibre. Aaargh don’t say fibre..
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    Two very enjoyable shoots this weekend. Saturday was the Premier League at EJC; my only complaint was the 4.5 hours it took to shoot 😭. I was getting a bit hangry (hungry angry) so stopped for a drink and pork pie after 7 stands. It obviously worked as I only dropped 2 birds over the remaining 7 stands. I ended on 82 which I think was joint 5th in class. Sunday saw a 120 bird at Westfield with Colin and @Turkey. Scrappy start for me but managed to focus for the second half and ended on 95/120. Again joint 5th in class. Turkey had a great day, 111/120!
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