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    Been up to Greenwood gunsmiths today to collect my old 682 Gold e. Some years ago I took some bad advice on gun fit, so much so that I put my beloved Beretta in the cabinet and just left it. Shot the next few years with a multitude of different guns as one does. So at the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to resurrect the old gun, and decided to go to Tim Greenwood, now based near Market Drayton. I had already decided roughly what I wanted so made an appointment and started the process. First off is what Tim calls the "Blue Peter stage" for obvious reasons. Bits of tape and foam....and off you go for trials. The next stage when you are happy that the fit is some where near is to take it back to have the stock work started to "in the white" stage. While it is at this stage you can go back to have as many tweaks made as you like, until it fits. When you are totally happy that everything is as you want it the the final finishing can be done. The work, and craftsmanship is absolutely fantastic, although the process may not be the quickest, the best things come to those that wait. Thanks to Tim and Laura for doing such a great job.
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    West London for me too. Firstly, I have to say the ground looked fabulous, as good as I’ve seen anywhere. The course did show that WLSS don’t put on competitions regularly for sure. 14 stands, with almost half of them being “corporate” level easy. But the other half were good, especially long targets coming from the top of banks and the tower targets on the last three stands. Simon, you shot very well and were easily leading A class, so it felt easier to you than it was I suspect. I also had a good day, setting a new PB with 97 which was leading when I left. Agreed, if it does end up HG then it is helped by some top talent being in Italy. However, some great names were not banging in high scores today. An unusual course, but enjoyed the last half immensely. I missed a simple away on stand 3 which was ridiculous, plus two other decent targets. I had a nerve wracking last stand, knowing I needed a straight for a PB, especially when the last pair threw a no bird..
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    Shot JBD's 100 reg ESP today in a rather capable squad which included Scott Collett and Henry Arnold 👏 and was pleased not to disgrace myself with a 91, three behind HG as we left. I have been meaning to say young James Bradley-Day really deserves credit for getting this place up and running on such a relatively compact and featureless area, it really is amazing how he's managing to squeeze 12 stands into such a small place albeit it obviously has to be run in a squadded format. The shooting points are literally a few meters apart but don't let that fool you into thinking there'll be no variety or difficulty; sure he could do with a tower or platform or two but all thing considered he has my unreserved admiration, there's plenty to miss there if you get caught off guard and his experience at shooting at various venues here and abroad is easy to see. Unfortunately we did have one or two stands that produced no end of no birds but these things happen and it's more than likely due to worn rubber arms or something which will I am sure be rectified. Handing us all a box of shells and apologising for the delays was a nice touch.
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    It wasn't a reg shoot so you can do what you like with your card half way round. Many might not realise that most of the Great shots who made their path through the straw balers and charity shoots of 80's-90's shoots would often have four or five re-entries to find problem birds and would often bin a card that had one too many misses early on.
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    Today was Four Counties and Westfield. Lots of sim pairs at 4Cs 8 of the 11 stands. Started off poorly up in the wooded area losing 9 on my first two stands and finished on an 82 which I wasn’t too unhappy with. Went back to stand 3 for last stand and lost 3 of the white bird which did make me cross. On to Westfield where it rained a bit and to my surprise William was there and it was raining ☔️. Enjoyable course missing a few sillies but finished on an 85. Mr Hoskins shooting his auto as the Kemen is going to Spain for a facelift, deserved after 21 years service. Hasn’t picked up the Beretta since last year’s Beretta World and shot a 95 missing two on his last stand.
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    Another very good shoot at Churchill's with Will Hewland, Steve Bowe and his young daughter for company, had the misfortune of shooting stand 1 kinda blind which proved to be one of those simmo pairs that needed some prior sorting so promptly dropped four x ten but very very happy to have kept my cool and only dropped another 2 birds on the remaining eleven stands some of which needed respect. Obviously won't be enough with stars like RF to follow but there's life in the old dog yet.
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    Must admit just lately you do seem to see too many glum faces around, to think we get the pleasure of shooting at 100 targets that's taken several people several hours/days to plan and execute in amongst trees and the countryside , I personally try and never lose sight of that fact.
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    College Farm today, after 2 weeks off shooting. I think it doesn’t hurt actually.. It was hotter than I thought, with very low wind. Missed first target out in front, then knuckled down for a 94. I really enjoyed it as there was nothing brutally hard, but also only one or two filler targets, so a good medium test on most stands, with some decent longer targets. If you were having an off day you could miss in many places. Nick Portlock leads on a 96 from yesterday. Friday still to go. The ground has had new paths put in, making this place better than ever. Always enjoyable. We did have one trap with bad no birds, but they found the clays had melted into Pringle shapes..
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    "On the point of averages I am finally over it and I don’t care any more" so glad to hear it,i am sure you will enjoy your shooting more now! Only time i have ever looked is when its the end of a period to see if i have gone down,otherwise i couldn't GAF
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    I shot red worse than blue but the reality is I found them the same level. I obviously don’t suit those type of targets and I actually got excited to see the driven can you believe that!! Fitasc tomorrow and then I’m done. On the point of averages I am finally over it and I don’t care any more. Freedom.
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    Left there about 40 minutes ago. 95 was leading then (Jamie Brightman). I finished on 83. New PB for me too. If only I was any good at driven and sim teals it would have been more.
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    Shot a couple rounds of skeet on Saturday and shot some very poor scores (84 and 87) so put the gun away and went to the beach on Sunday instead. Managed a 99 (from the ice cream van) so it wasn't all bad
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    Westfield this morning with @Turkey and Colin. Started off on the Gamefair qualifier shoot. I ended up on 16/25 and 16/25. Not enough for anything. Made the mistake of looking at my card going in to the last but one stand. Saw I was on for a 91 and that played on my mind. Ended up on 88/100 which is still a new PB so thrilled with that. Slightly gutted I couldn't get my first 90 but still, that's a challenge for another day! All in all, happy Doug.
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    It appears I won Ladies for the Greater London sporting and 1st in Ladies for the competition at Southdown in some horrid weather. Just one brain fart stand which cost me 5 clays having hit the first pair. Finished on an 84/100.
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    A good course at Ian Coley today, not super tough, but interesting enough. A fair few longish loopers were on. Maybe it needed one more hard stand, but no complaints. Showers came and went when we shot at 12pm; some of the time we were saved by being in sheds, but got a good soaking near the end.. I definitely shook off the tatty misses I’ve being suffering with lately, ending on 94 and that included two lost with a bouncing rabbit and pulling the trigger before I meant to on a teal. Richard Faulds did a 99 on the midday rotation.. Some great shots doing the late squads, so I expect to see some scores filling the gap above me to RF. Enjoyed the shoot and it was great to walk clean underfoot for a change. Fed up with mud..
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    Haven't Visited here for a while Kegworth Fitasc 91 Westfield sporting 91 steady Orston Fitasc Sunday 80 tough I thought HG was 90 Longridge dryish 82 going away target city need to be better at shooting at stuff I guess Westfield Monday 93 and dry Loving the new stock seems to have bedded in nicely.
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    Attended FITASC Sporting in Piancardato this weekend. My last shoot was in October last year, and since we have hard winter still going on here it was my first shot this year…to say it was more than one could ask for would be an understatement. Some incredibly long and hard targets – still well placed, challenging not discouraging in a beautiful rugged terrain ranging from valley flats to narrow gorges and trenches (place hosted World FITASC in 2016). Weather like – nice Saturday and rainy Sunday morning. Saw UK chaps there Jeremy Baker, Jamie Passant, Roger Ward, Ward Dee… If you happen to come near I’d suggest you pay a visit and shoot a round or two. It is a truly unique experience.
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    It was almost tropical today after the recent cold weather and hardly any snow left. So popped down to Horne. It started raining as soon as I pulled into the car park but thankfully just a light shower. Started off ok but dropped 1 on each of the first 3 stands. Then started shooting well albeit 1 stand the ref said thats a good card and of course I missed the first bird straight after. Held it together and finished on 91 which is a PB for me and a milestone being that its my first 90 or higher score. So thankfully that mental barrier is now gone.
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    Cracking round of fairly hard clays at Owls Lodge, the wind which seems to be a feature at this ground didn't help either. I made a terrible mess of the rabbits thrown as a pair which I'd mentally assumed I'd near enough straight 😜 by missing 7 of them 😂, just couldn't believe my eyes as I kept shooting at them too !! Luckily shot most of the other stands well including all the various Teal which I smacked hard for 81. ps. This is proving to be a very popular mid week reg so get yours booked early as I had to keep pestering RF to let me know if there'd been a cancellation.
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    Coleys also, 2pm, drove down from Coventry mostly in pouring rain with headlights on, it stopped as I parked, saw a merry band of Welshman who were all smiling, a mixture of kinder course than last and the rain which made them feel at home 😊 Squad of me, StuK, PeteH, Willy Hale, Joe Hale and the glamourous Zea, a rose amongst some serious thorns. The rain / drizzle / sun pattern of weather played through the day, it took the gloss of what could have been an excellent clay day, well all had triumphs and troughs, well bar Joe who put in a 95 👏, we mortals ended on me79, Stu 91, PeteH 89, Willy 81 and cheshire cat Zea 76 a PB, Nick Portlock & Sam Usher 95s so RFaulds 99 carried the day. Some sun next month would be nice Coleys?