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    A bit chuffed with my shooting today having stepped off the plane and barely slung the suitcases indoors 🤣 I rushed over to fetch my gun from the local rfd and onto JBD Sportings fundraiser held on virgin ground in aid of the East Kent and West Street Hunt, an Open 100 birder had our group pleasantly surprised with reg quality stuff with plenty of good distance battues, loopers and crossers. Made a few silly mistakes but held steady on some decent stands to card 91 which turned out to be one of only two scores past 90 with Jamie Atwood shooting a superb 95 for HG.
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    I’ve just borrowed my girlfriends Skoda Yeti while my Volvo is in the garage. I don’t think she’ll be getting it back! It’s only got a 1.2Ltr petrol but it’s a lively as squirrel. Her lease runs out next May and we’ve been looking at something bigger. The Skoda Kodiak is definitely top of the list right now. The value for money is very compelling.The Landrover Discovery Sport may have kerbside kudos, yet it’s twice the money but not twice the car IMO. Back to topic - There was a time when Beretta was seen as a cheap Italian import and Browning were considered to be something of a working mans gun. Similarly with Miroku, but I’d take any one of those brands over a Purdey on practical grounds (though I confess the idea of a Purdey makes me weak at the knees. . . Never mind the fact I’d have to sell a kidney and a few of my children to get one) I’d wager Yildiz, ATA, Kofs et.al will in time become very respectable, well made guns that win the occasional event, much like Skoda did in rallying and look what that did for their brand
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    Popped down OLSS for the last sportrap squad. Lovely weather and cracking squad even if we were 1 light and I was in stand 4. Managed a 24 on the first layout but missed some silly birds including a gimme single that I forgot to even use 2nd barrel. Ended up on 89 which was good enough for joint 2nd in B class - shame I went birds only.
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    When I sold my Beretta and bought a CG my mates scoffed, most of them shoot a CG now, I look beyond the badge nowadays. If the product is good value you can always add your own touch with the money saved.
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    If they've scrapped the badly flawed and stupid selectable ejectors that no one ever wanted, lightened the trigger pulls by about 5lbs and reverted to 2 screws to hold the action together then maybe it can be a contender in the £3K price segment. Certainly the 692 has been a sales disaster by Beretta standards.
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    Know very little about yildiz apart from being turkish, but Like anything though, some people won't look past the name and what they know. 2008 bought a top of the line skoda Octavia and got stick off a couple of vw/Audi mates... until it started winning all the awards and I told them it was the same car but without recaro seats and bbs alloys and cost 10k less! 😆
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    Easy with it's built in GPS and CCTV fed auto orienting optical transducer control system. All you have to do is pull the trigger when the bleeper sounds and you'll smash the target every time.
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    Probably the gun that the 692, should have been!
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    It’s definitely not true. Not only do Browning list them on their website, so to do Premier Guns, The Sportsman Gun Centre, T & JJ McAvoy et.al. Further more I was shooting a left handed B525 last week and I’ve just ordered one! Ive also spoken to the importer BWM Arms and they told me that 28” barrelled are ex-stock while 30” are available from mid October. The RFD either is lacking knowledge or lacking integrity. Either way, they’d not get a penny of my money (if I knew who they are)
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    Yup, from the little I know, I'd agree with that... it's what I've been told all along and partially why I ended up buying my second hand, sub £1k 525 over an ATA (although that is only the difference of about £200, not thousands... and that I don't like the skinny feel of a beretta and the ATA is effectively a direct copy!). As above though, times might change and it might hold value like the main players,... but who's got a crystal ball?
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    What does this mean. "The stock now blends seamlessly into the shoulder of the action to improve peripheral vision." Can a gun improve your peripheral vision???
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    I will look out for you on Saturday 👍
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    Same here, put 75 carts through one, fixed comb. Must say was amazed at the quality of the gun considering its priced at about £1500! Excellent wood, which comes as standard. Wood to metal fit again excellent. It handled very well and was nicely balanced, maybe a tab towards the barrel, which is how I like a gun.Stock shape not quite right for me, but the adjustable model is only few hundred extra. It’s obviously a copy of a Perazzi, even the design around the hinge pin was the same as a MX8. Had a real solid feel when locking up. As mentioned considering the price in my humble opinion it’s a hell of a lot of gun for the money.
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    No shooting last weekend as I was away for the weekend. This weekend coming I've decided to try something completely new, Helice. I'm excited to try it, but not excited to spend all day shooting 25 targets! I'm hoping that we'll be able to get away in time to make last card at Honesberie!
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    I had 25 shots with a demo gun that had an adjustable comb. The wood and fit and finish was unbelievable for what they are charging. The trigger pulls were crisp and the weight at a guess was probably 8 pound plus. It handled beautifully and with the comb set up for me the recoil was negligible, I generally don't feel recoil so you would have to find out for yourself. Overall it was quite impressive.
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    Yeah I’ve been getting out a couple of times a week, probably getting through 250/300 in a session on average. Mainly Bisley, Churchill and Dartford. For some reason am intrigued by OT now. First time round could hardly hit any which makes the challenge all the more interesting. I find the repetition quite meditative.
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    Well I enjoyed my shoots Four Counties and Westfield. I thought I was shooting well at four Counties apart from one really bad stand which could be seen as an easier one where I scored 2/8. I simply couldn’t see the two orange targets well enough. My score though suggests otherwise 😂. On to Westfield again very enjoyable, had a go on the pool shoot first which again was very good. One stand just completely ruined me a close in green and a low quartering White where I scored 2/10 again I just couldn’t pick them up. Happy though with my teal and driven, nothing wrong with those today.
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    There is an elegant solution to this ear growth problem ruining your electronic in ear device purchase. Take a small skin graft from ones backside and genetic engineering scientists could reverse engineer the skin cells back into stem cells and then recode the dna to be cartridge and make a new set of ears to fit your plugs. The whole job will only cost about £3/4m and as a bonus it might even work and maybe no side effects if you’re lucky
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    Bloomin Eck...........................could have sworn I was at yer funeral 2 months ago ?? 🤔 ips and I were saying what a decent sort of guy you were..............come to think of it, it couldn't have been YOUR funeral ☺️
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    Having worked in the music industry, and having sold these sort of things for musicians to wear, I refer to back to my earlier point that unless something's changed with anatomy in the last 20 years, ears grow and these won't last forever as they will only fit perfectly for a certain amount of time. If in any doubt, look at all the proper old men with massive lugs out there! 😏 http://themedicinejournal.com/articles/do-your-ears-and-nose-continue-to-grow-as-you-age/
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    I Keep a box in my Bag for long stuff but I'm to scared to use them because of the price.😀
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    Since you've asked the question, my personal view is that the standard 692 is overpriced for what it is and the huge extra chunk for the Black is just way over the top. Others might not agree with me. 🤔
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    I've re-read what you wrote and I understand it better now, if the shells (or the choke for that matter) are printing 80% inside 24" then it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that it must be something approaching 90%+ inside 30" (which is used as the standard comparison). Not saying the figures are optimistic but if they truly are performing at that level then it's the absolute tightest I've heard or read about, ever, 75% inside 30" is about the maximum that's generally thought to be possible using the very best of everything. I personally find regular Full choke performance unusable at ordinary ranges even with cheap shells, these must be nearasdamit like bullets at 25 yards ! Will get me some and try, you never know maybe those 65 yard Teal will get easier.
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    In all fairness Full choke is supposed to give 70% inside 30" at 40 yards anyway.
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    I patterned them. Very disappointing. Only slightly larger spread than other shells for a lot more money. Good marketing, that's all IMO.