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    Morning all Having seen a few at various shoots I've decided to start making bespoke gun and hospitality boxes in my joinery workshop. We've now made the first demo/prototype as per the attached which is a solid oak double drawer made to fit my Discovery, with a quilted leather top to match the car's leather. I'm going to start gently marketing/putting the word shortly out but if anyone's got any comments or interest drop me a line! Cheers
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    Gunsite today, always good day when ground owner points out that you’ve a little brown envelope to pick up from a recent shoot, say recent it was from May, rocked up before 11 was entry number 115 would imagine very near 200 at end of day. It was a lot chillier than home so coat between stands was needed. Brief cup of tea before one and all fell silent for Remembrance. Was on Tod but was lucky enough to bump into and shoot the course with young Joe Hemmings, a very good shot the chap is, mind you lord knows what he made of my efforts. Bumped into a good many chums, Mr & the in pain but always smiling Mrs Hoskins inc. Shoot wise apart from again having a mega brain fart on two stands of both l-r targets I had a most pleasant day ( did take thick end of three hours to shoot it ) and think, despite two very poor stands did finish well enough that one managed to put a 7 in front which is most welcome. Martin Myers 96 (I think) was HG when I left but there looked to be a lot of very good shots still on course.
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    Stay at home for me today, the mrs is looking for another car and we’ll be trawling around all the dealers comparing each and every one.... I’m SO looking forward to it....😫
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    I don’t subscribe to theses type of shoots being a waste of time quite the opposite. It wouldn’t be enough me though I would admit but definitely makes a nice change occasionally.
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    Lazy bones, I like to walk the course to the top 😀 It’s a lovely ground and very friendly owners. I’ve only been twice. Back in the day when it was more exclusive you had to be a member and they would do some shoots open to everyone every so often and it was packed with people coming to shoot.
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    You might like these: https://www.sunglassesforsport.com/item/matrix-4-4-lens-interchangeable-set/
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    I see what you mean now! Look at images 2 and 3 for the RE Rangers, they show a much more minimal nose piece which is what threw me slightly. Might be wroth investigating more to see what all three lenses look like!
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    That still looks like it has quite a 'busy' bridge area. You could look at the RE Ranger Phantom set: https://www.rxsport.co.uk/products/RE-Ranger-Phantom-Sunglasses-%2d-Matte-Black-{47}-RangerRed-Flash-%2b-HD-Medium-%2b-Dark-Purple.html
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    Was only smiling because I saw you. Owls yesterday missing the rain, Gunsite and Westfield today. Don’t think I did any of them justice and they were all good. Still shooting with Lola.
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    I think 70mm is a standard chamber for competition trap guns as the max length of cartridge case is 70mm... after firing.
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    Why is it unusual and why would it matter either way ? I had one for a while and couldn’t tell you its chamber length if my life depended on it.
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    Nah... it’s ok. It’s how we met!
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    Too old to really care about it. 😲
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    Most clay shooters prefer 32", 99% of the top ones use them.