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    Evening all,just a quick post to remind that we are holding the second memorial shoot for the much missed Pete Dennett. The shoot will be at Gunsite S,G,next Sunday 30th Sept. The shoot is 100 English sporting open. Entries 10-1.00pm. All welcome,any questions,please drop me a line,or give me a call. Thanks,Sean (07979 874887)
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    Glad you enjoyed it! It does drain you as you have to really concentrate. But that was a good score for your first go. I shot sporttrap at Owls Lodge on Tuesday and it was really windy. On my sim pairs I decided to play the law of averages as they were so wind affected and go for the easier target first then if I had time go for second, hopefully guaranteeing myself 50% rather than 2 losses! It worked as I ended up 2nd in ladies/C class, beating a few good shots as well. I never watch the others shoot, I’m always thinking about my next pair/sim pair and trying to work out how to approach it etc. Keep it up and enjoy.
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    Well that was enjoyable! Certainly felt very different to ESP, had to concentrate hard and even then got caught out a few times. Had 2 decent layouts and 2 poorer ones, ended up on 74. As always kicking myself for some of the misses, which included more of the singles than I'd hoped! Good squad, all quality shooters but found if I watched them, I then didn't prepare for my targets correctly. Cheers for the tips everyone, certainly was more prepared than I would have otherwise been.
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    Thanks for the replies. It's a shame it stopped. It was a good talking point and even though I didn't get chance go, it was good to follow and seemed to cause a buzz. The sort of thing we need to get to the level of Golf & Tennis in the public consciousness.
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    It’s harder than sporting but fun. Not the singles, (full use of gun) or even the doubles but the sim pairs, omg, in the wind today it was difficult, but if you’ve never shot it before it’s always the sim pairs that get you as you don’t get to see them obviously and you think you’ve chosen the correct way round to shoot them, then find out you were wrong 😂. First 2 layouts were so wind affected everything was dropping and I must admit I find it hard to get “under” targets, especially if it’s the second target. Third and fourth layouts not so wind affected but some long targets mixed in with some closer stuff. Shot those two well so can’t complain too much apart from we had sooooo many “no birds” that it did affect us. I think Phil had 6 in a row and it just plays with your mind. Owls Lodge is hard enough without the wind!!
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    I'm ashamed to admit I have never shot sport trap. Must make the effort to some time.
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    Owls Lodge for sport trap today. A tricky shoot made even trickier by the wind, especially on first two layouts but very enjoyable.
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    And I will take any driven I possibly can as a crosser, my nemesis. 😝