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    I think you just maybe taking the whole choke thing a bit far. Instead, forget about bloomin chokes and concentrate more on your shooting. If it helps in any way, I had a full set of extended Briley chokes for my Miroku (Inv plus) for some 10 years. I only used the 2 I/C chokes in all of that time. They were the extended type, for ease of removal for cleaning purposes. I was not really worried about the colour (I think it was silver) because I never saw the chokes when I was shooting the thing ! I have recently bought a 525 20 bore. That has a full set of Browning chokes (flush variety) all in silver. I needed an extra I/C as there was only 1 supplied with the gun. After hours of wanted ads and searching, (you can not afford to do that for too long at my age !) I contacted Chris Potter guns who supplied a Briley I/C flush choke in silver for £24. It was delivered the next day and has been in the gun since August. So, I have 1 Browning, I/C flush choke in silver and 1 Briley I/C flush choke also in er...silver. I can honestly say that using my usual cartridges in either plastic or fibre wads, I am unable to tell the difference between either choke, judged on the breaks. I am also at a loss to say which choke is in which barrel. I am game shooting with the gun on Saturday and using my usual 25 gram 6's fibre wads, the chokes will remain the same. My Browning 725 has a full set of DS chokes, all fitted with pretty gold ring things.(on each end too). Again they are extended and I have bought an extra I/C choke. The remaining chokes stay at home and are, as yet, unused. My Beretta 303 is also fitted with an extended Briley I/C choke, that too is er......silver (I think). I have found it pays to keep things simple, get into a routine and STICK to it ! Good luck in sorting out your choke dilemma.
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    Little confusion on numbers for Compak Sporting Its 6 traps per layout (numbered A-F) 5 Shooting stands (numbered 1-5) 6 Shooters per squad (‘spare’ shooter waits behind stand 1) And to confirm There are the three compulsory trap trajectories, but all targets must cross the fly over zone (35-40M x 25M rectangle) at some point Full use of gun on singles Only one shot at each target in doubles Layout menu will be one of the 40 predefined options If shooting line system, everyone starts on stand 1, going in 1st cage once previous shooter has moved to stand 2. Regards Leigh
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    That cut off date is end April 2019? Every clasd looked tough, see D was won on 96
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    My happiest days Shooting were when I reached then50%. After that I just got greedy.
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    Does anyone know enough about chokes to know if I was to get a second pair of Mod and/or Imp Cyl Invector Plus chokes for my B525 so I could have the same in both barrels, is there only one type/make of choke that will look the same as the one that my gun came with? Only asking as I can't find one sole source of info which suggests 'yes, you buy this type which is direct from Browning so it'll exactly match your existing and there are no others available' cos there seems to be a bit of choice out there (keep seeing the name Briley crop up?) I wouldn't want chrome coloured ones, which seem the easier type to get, rather one that matched the existing, so I read about blue chokes (I know about the blue black colour coming from the processed protection) which actually look black but if I was to get what is classed as a blue colour choke, would it be the same as I alreday have or different depending on where it came from? Hope that makes sense... didn't think it would be this hard just getting a second copy of what I have?! (Yes, I know it's all in the head, just be nice to start off with a matching pair so I DON'T have that thing in my head wondering if it's me or I simply picked the wrong chamber on the selector... top or bottom makes no difference if they're the same, and loads of people on here seem to pair up 1/2 & 1/2 or 3/8 & 3/8, etc. anyway) p.s. From what I can make out, I believe, and that's a stretch, that the Browning model code for them is 1130773 & 1130783, but I'm definitely not putting the mortgage on that being correct! 😄
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    Note in your shooting glasses box..."don't overdo it" 😉
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    Just a word of caution Browning Invector + have a different take on what they consider choke constriction should be compared to most aftermarket choke manufacturers. Chokes have been measured in two ways for a long time. The first way is pellet count in a circle at a set distance, and the physical constriction is matched to that but this varies widely depending on cartridge used . The second and how Briley and most aftermarket choke manufactures market them is a percentage constriction of their interpretation of the average bore size. IC is always 0.010 constriction of the average bore size for them regardless for a 12 Bore. What does this mean, well in the case of my Browning invector + chokes my aftermarket Brileys were physically tighter than standard Browning ones, ¼ was nearly a ½ and ½ was nearly ¾. Browning go for 0.005" constriction for their Inv+ IC - 1/4 choke which is very open where as Briley, for example, go for 0.010" in line with what I would expect for an aftermarket choke IC- 1/4 choke. I doubt you would get any aftermarket choke manufacturer producing a 1/4 choke at 0.005" constriction so for Browning invector + it does seem to be a problem to get like for like just by using the designation written on the side. Beretta’s on the other hand seem to be more inline with Briley's or other aftermarket makes thinking on choke constriction. So just be mindful if you buy a Briley or aftermarket ¼ or ½ it wouldn't be the same physical constriction as the original invector +. It is not that one is better than the other just different, but if you like how your OME invector + patterns don't expect the same results from aftermarket as they are physically tighter.
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    I thought it was full use of the gun on singles, but you must shoot at both targets on pairs, no double barrel at only one of the targets. Maybe wrong, as I don't shoot any discipline with the "fitasc premium" attached.
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    Same rules apply, mid period 300 targets to ask / get a temporary classification or await end period where min 100 targets (after adj if 100 is made up of sub 100 target shoots) will be used to class you. You did, as youve never shot it before go T/O I take it?
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    Good start, I have only started myself this year and have been shooting 100 sporting. My first outing was a 48 then got to the mid to high 50's (which I was really pleased with), recently I have got into the 60's with my best being a 67 and 69. I have done this shooting on my own (my wife is my button pusher) although now I feel that I will require a lesson to progress further. Although it is not always progression you will have some weeks that go backwards, the main thing is to enjoy it, including the frustration.😊
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    Thank you to all who came today and below are the results: High gun - M. Myers 98 AA/ 1st N. Portlock 96 2nd C. Childerhouse 95 3rd J. Morris 94 Joint 4th R. J. King and A. Ellis 93 A/ Joint 1st A. Head, A. Bovingdon, M. Fry 90 Joint 4th R. Mellish, S. Okeefe, B. Kinch 89 B/ 1st N. Vincent 85 Joint 2nd J. Morgan, L. King 82 4th A. Evans Joint 5th J. Stott, C. Turvey, C. Russell 80 C/ 1st N. Chambers 82 2nd A. Hiscock 81 3rd R. Honour 78 Joint 4th I. Clack, A. Stratton Vets/ 1st J. D. Pool 93 2nd A. Pratt 91 Ladies/ 1st S. Hoskins 85 2nd J. Galland 75 Junior/ 1st D. Carpenter 84
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    Good shoot today Sean, glad to have done well today 💥
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    First time out of the training stand and shooting on the ground properly. Boy what a difference....... my paltry 23/50 may to some look poor, but I felt over the moon with it, just under 50% and I am very happy indeed. Some head scratchers, but on the whole I really enjoyed the morning out at Chalky Hill. I still have some much to learn and shooting on my own probably did not help either. No matter, I will be back and enjoying a new sport.
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    First time I've ever seen anyone trying to cuddle their gun at the same time they are shooting with it 😉
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    Another great video , well done Ben keep them coming
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    they are a decent cartridge but others are just as good for far less money
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    Here it is https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/miroku/over-under/12-gauge/mk38-grade-5-fixed-choke-sporter-181101171950634
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    They’re some utterly stunning weapons. Beautiful.
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    It's between your legs OLD boy
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    Mine must be small too, I have spent the last 10 hours trying to find my CLICK !
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    Hey, I have one too ! THAT, is just the 'bullmanure' that Italian or German gun owners bandy about !
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    Martyn I couldn’t be happier with it, also it doesn’t have the normal rubber butt pad they put on the Sporter but the hard plastic pad which for me is a big bonus as it doesn’t drag on mount.
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    If you modify it from standard spec. be prepared for a shock when you decide to move it on.
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    Oh no!! I think I've got a small dick!!! 😮🤣
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    specsavers gave Tony the wrong prescription not once but twice!!