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    I too was at Churchill’s and the weather was lovely I thought for this time of year. Only one stand for me that caused me to wince as I came off with 4/8 and that was stand 10. Simo pair managed to miss 3 of the closer bird and one of the further. I was too high and in front I think. Driven was my last stand, surprisingly only missed 2. Had three stands today where I missed the last bird! Finished on an 88.
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    A lovely day at EJC today in the sun, feeling almost warm at times. A great course I thought, just right. Still not at my best, miles from the prizes with 88 but enjoyed it.
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    Are you a native English speaker? And YOU should well know that sporting thingies have no place in this section! For Shame!
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    The "glorious Wessex countryside" is in Sussex I think.
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    As we left home it started snowing. Southdown first Sportrap and Sporting. Let’s just say today was gale force and rain and so it was quite challenging. When Tony has difficulty standing up and keeping control of his barrels then I have no chance. I laughed my way through both. Then went to Horne where it was snowing but wasn’t settling. Got there about 2 pm and we were the last to get in as they were closing entries an hour early. Some really hard to see Targets there. Home now and cooking a roast.
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    Was planning to do Gunsite but instead I'm indoors posting this. I'm not bothered about the weather but It's 45 miles, much of it on country roads and those muppets who drive at 12mph just because they've seen a snowflake drive me nuts.
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    no iam doing a stock for someone else. one of them german guns.
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    Not going anywhere this Sunday, weather is forecast to be sh*te and bitterly cold. so folks it’s by the fireside for me glass of red in hand waiting for the roast to cook..... luvly jubbly
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    Owls Lodge today, was. ❄️ -3 when l left home and a near tropical 🌞 day and +2 at Owls 😄 trying out some new contact lenses and only 2nd shoot out with the recently tweaked MissP, car park looked full, ground not so, started on stand 1 and after a brief chat with Fred a rare straight, yes one or two a bit chippy, on my tod today and hopped around the stands, had a disaster on two simo stands and also on a pair of green crossers, green a colour that Ive always struggled with mind, shot a report pair of rabbits very well ( thats what the very kind scorer said so its 😊 ) and straighted last stand to finish on 74 which is 😊 for this old codger, Owls has in the past “tore me a new one” in crude terms so Im doubly 😊 to, in my little world shot well. Looked to be getting busy, I left at noon(ish) and sorry other than C class I didnt look at scores, Id imagine FB will show all later And indeed they are, Jon Kendall 97 my 74 - third in C as one of the three 76’s went birds, thems the breaks 😊
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    We booked in as we left the shoot this year!! Booked in for Tuesday morning.
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    Had a bit of a layoff recently (by accident). I just knew first shoot back wouldn’t be great and it wasn’t.. I did STR at Owls Lodge and immediately missed 6 on first layout. Usual issue, can’t see myself pushing in front, or maybe I can, but too much lead seems right when I’m rusty. 🤯 Then got too careful and the next one wasn’t great either. Improved a bit from there, but damage done.. Anyway, three shoots this week (like busses) so hopefully less rusty tomorrow at College Farm.
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    This is the TRAP section - you can't ask a sporting question here.
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    Cannot wait, booked in already. BEST competition of the year in my opinion.
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    Gun cleaning guide this week:
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    Make sure you keep the original pad to put back on the gun when you sell it.
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    Nothing local so was going to grange farm but just seen its cancelled so will be cutting firewood
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    Travelled to Owls from Wales and shot the 100 ESP, finished on 79.
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    Oh you poor silly daft buggers...... just think tomorrow when your feet are cold and your wellies leak, when you can’t pull the trigger because your fingers are frozen, when that drop of snot at the end of your nose is threatening to turn into an icecle and the snow causes miles of tailbacks on the roads. I’ll be warm and dry....... am I a wuss...... you betcha
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    Oh, sorry, entries 9am to 2pm Rich.
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    I'd love to but the music police get touchy
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    weston wood 112m churchills 119m so nothing in it for me.
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    Just back from Churchills. Think I was the very last card out at entry # 143. Started pretty well and then made the fatal mistake of totting my score up and seeing that I was on for a 90 with 2 stands to go. Subsequently I tried too hard on Stand 11 which was not a tough stand but was holding on trying to make doubly sure of the kill and ended up dropping 3. Walked to 12 to find it was a simo of driven which is my bogey bird although have been getting better. A few steps back today as managed to drop another 5 finishing on an 82. Would normally be happy with that if you offered it to me but to drop almost as many on the last 2 stands as I did the rest of the course was very frustrating..