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    Spent yesterday scoring at JBD Sporting's 100 Registered ESP, it was as ever a marvel to see such variety and good targets being squeezed into such an implausibly compact area, nice to bump into Schmokin and Natasha Vadasz who shot on our squad. Lots of very good local shooters there with a decent entry because it was good Friday, it was won on 96 which was about spot on as even very close simple looking stuff was being missed by excellent shooters. If you're anywhere near this place you ought to try one of James's reg shoots, perfect if you don't like walking much but want good targets.
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    Gloucester All round County Championship at Brookbank 24 skeet 24 single barrell 21 ABT 21 Sporting...ouch 90... Third in county to Matt Panter who won a shoot off with Rob wise!
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    Yep English 7. F line loaded with continental sizes and TT1 with English sizes just to confuse everyone. I use the blues for everything . Skeet sometimes. 😁 . Really don't worry about the half size difference. Just shoot em. Best value cartridge around at the mo. Imo. Top components, hard shot, value price. Nothing else comes close. Jasper
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    Shot the FITASC at AGL yesterday Was pleasantly surprised. Good targets great use of space. Real difference between pegs. Still learning my new stuff so happy enough.
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    EJC STR was a bad start to the Easter parade for me. Good course, lovely weather. Short version. Shot like a tit. Longer version, featuring mitigation.. Started well on first two layouts which were closer targets. 23 and 22. Second two layouts in much more open ground with longer targets. Disastrous 16 and 18. Realised too late that I was way in front of all the long stuff, which is what I do when I haven’t shot for a few weeks. Spent this week full-on at work and never thought about shooting, so created same rusty mindset. Shot a couple of targets after I finished and smashed them by cutting back a chunk. Just out of calibration! Oh well, glad I found that today before all the sporting shoots coming up this weekend. Restraint..