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    I think we have all been lulled into a false sense of security over the last few years and people become far too worries about their averages. The best shots in their class will always rise to the top and it encourages the majority to progress and get better, to improve their techniques and to challenge themselves. Look at Steve Lovatts reputation, strong targets but getting regularly 200 guns on reg shoots... Bring it on!!! Let's move the sport forward... Train harder and get better boys and girls!!
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    last day coming up today i never saw that 116 coming brilliant , so i could have made it harder then ??? mr deershooter you obviously know sweet fa about setting up clay shoots especially major ones , firstly though yes you are quite right about done to a price but the fee the cpsa pay us is £35 inc vat as for not putting much thought in you are clueless , i spent £4500 on lifts to get height to the ground , most for this price would have just chucked them off the floor , its taken two weeks work to get the event to a starting point, up at 5 am in the morning travelling 2 hrs there and getting back at 9 pm , so dont give me the bollox about time and effort as for averages you dont know me because if you did you would know i dont give a flying f**k about them , good targets are more important , so you couldnt hit them , well i suggest lessons or back to normal club sunday shoots i have had great feedback on this from everyone beginners to world champions this is 15 stands of good quality and if you are not on the ball it will punish you big style , it is after all the oldest and most respected championship in the uk, or used to be anyway steve
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    Right - anyway, I didn't court or ask for publicity from the CPSA or anyone for the ShootClay Cup. I didn't pay one penny for advertising, and I didn't ask anyone to write or talk about the Cup. Deliberately. It was a calculated risk for the event. The reason I took this route was that I believed that with a good product (the shoot, the prizes, the organisation), I would be able to reach my targets using the channels I've built - the forum, the main site, social networking - without paying for unnecessary advertising, publicity etc I was able to plough more back into the prize fund. I set myself a target that would allow me to pay out as I wanted, and make a small amount to put into next year. Profit was minimal for this first edition, next year I will push harder - I have some great ideas to improve and I'm already having some preliminary conversations with sponsors from in and out of the industry. I also wanted to prove that I could do this as a personal challenge... I have never run an event like this before, and whilst I understand business process (way more than computers btw), it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about something new - I have a massive list of things that did not work as I wanted them to, and a growing list of things that will improve next year. So - if the CPSA didn't cover it, that's their loss (in my opinion), hopefully they will reconsider next year as I intend the ShootClay Cup to be a regular fixture on the calendar - as well as the other events I have plans and ideas for. I would love them to sell my shoots without me asking for it, but they have their own commercial imperative that they need to manage better, without mine. Finally - the most satisfying thing is the number of people that have said they enjoyed the shoot, and would come again. Some of that feedback has come from people who's opinion I really value in clay shooting, who have been there and done it and worn out most of the t-shirts. But, I also had feedback from people I have never met before, who wanted to try a comp for the first time and enjoyed the atmosphere of something different. I honestly, would trade every penny of profit for those reactions. I'm not going to get rich from clay shooting, but I am a bit richer with friends than I was before the weekend.
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    Short and sweet. Brilliant set of targets, not too hard at all. Only one bird I looked at and thought "crikey, what do I do with that" (looping away midi on 4). And I only missed 1 there. Worst stand was my second stand where I missed. 3 sitters through being half awake, rest just the odd one away but had to work hard. Just as it should be. Best British for years.
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    my son harry shot his first masters today and shot a very good 134 so well done harry
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    Message from Shaun Miller Since Greg and I took over Southdown we've continually reinvested in the business, with a view to making the ground one of the best places to shoot in the country. So the last thing we want to do is give anyone a bad experience and we acknowledge that the FITASC competition was not what it could have been. Since Shaun Peckham's unexpected departure we've been looking to recruit/partner with an experienced target setter and I'm sure you'll all agree it takes time to find good skills. So here's three bits of good news........ Firstly we've managed to recruit the services of the internationally renowned Graham Brown who has agreed to set the targets for not only the FITASC GB Selection Shoot (29-30th March) but also the CPSA English Open (23rd-25th May). As many of you will know Graham has been building courses since the early 90's in both this country and abroad. We are also delighted to announce that the FSP GB Selection Shoot will consist of a total of 6 independent layouts that will be shot over the two days, using the best that can be offered of the Lane and Valley. Transport will be available to the Valley layouts kindly supplied by our transport sponsors Gatwick Mitsubishi. For those of you staying over in the area for the weekend why not come along to the party in the evening, relax and listen to the band. The second bit of good news is that we are pleased to be able to announce that Bob Clarke, who is well known and respected in the shooting industry and famous for the Beretta World Sporting Championship targets, will be setting courses for us throughout the year at all our other important championships and events. Bob will start by setting the course for the last of the Southdown Winter Series FITASC (15-16th March). The third bit of good news is that as a concession to anyone who shot either the Jan or Feb Winter Series FITASC comps, we'd like to offer you a £10 discount off this event. As always we welcome your feedback and as some of you have said in this thread, it's not just the good stuff, praise that helps us get it right. We are committed to getting it right and hope to see you again soon.
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    ... I'm having to field PM's from members who want to delete their accounts because of the behaviour of a few on here - too much bickering, too many arguments, too many rants, too many trolling posts. To be honest ShootClay - today is another day where I feel like closing the forum and directing my efforts elsewhere... these days are becoming too frequent. I continue to run ShootClay at a net-loss to myself, not financially - but in time and effort. If people cannot respect the rules that I ask for on the site the that time and effort is wasted. Please stop now. Thanks Matt
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    Sounds like it was a shoot to make people think. I have always said there is no point in setting courses that are soft. The top shots will always rise to the top but it's no good beating everyone else up on the way around (as proved in Dubai in my opinion). I always aim to set the course so there is a good variety, something for everyone and that the targets can bee seen. I hate shooting edge on crossers and so I don't put them on. The skill of the target setter is to make the shooter think. Take them out of their comfort zone and hope that even the best shots out on the course are going to find something that is a challenge but it's amazing how sometimes a 'top shot' can get one target very wrong then a C class come up and nail it first time. Competitions are our business, I hope after 10 years of setting at least one new 100 bird course from scratch every week I know what I'm doing! We get good entries but I think it has as much to do with the changing layouts and the way we do things as it does the toughness of the course. Very often classes are won with scores much higher than the average but I always look to see what the pack average is in the class to decide if I got right or not. One or two getting amazing scores in their class just shows me they need to move up, not that I've set an easy shoot. It's very true that at the moment there are a lot of top shooters out there and new comers to the sport are finding it easier to get the help and training they need to move through the classes. We've got coaches that are great for getting young shots and new shots out of club shoots and into registered competitions quickly (that's definitely boosting entries around all grounds) and we've got competition coaches that can elevate lower class shooters to the giddy heights too and plenty of different personalities to suit different shooters which again, is great. We even have mental coaches for our mental game and so much kit to make it as technical as we want - it's fantastic! I think my job as course setter is to keep things fresh and make sure our competitors keep scratching their heads AND jumping for joy, both show it's always a learning curve. When the shoot isn't worth a review, fair chance it hasn't got anyone excited enough to tell others. Richard and Tanya have 2 pages going on here so something tells me they made a lot of people think and that I missed a good shoot! Typical! But hopefully you'll enjoy the fruits of my labours at the weekend. Steve
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    Thanks for all the support today and the kind compliments and pressies! A lovely day to end on. Ollie Baker blasted it with 112, not surprising really when you think its where he learned to shoot, quite fitting. Over 200 shot today and ate their way through a mountain of food, I sometimes wonder if thats all most people come to the ground for. So thats the end of it. I wonder how the gap will be filled? Time will tell. We've had some great times and made some good friends. No doubt our paths will cross again before too long. Thank you again. Ian
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    I had some feedback that the forum rules looked 'a bit heavy' – so I'm revising them today (12th Sept) in the hope that they reflect me a little more. If you want to save time, you can just read the words in bold. Please respect other members of the forum and treat people as you would like to be treated. I do not expect you to agree with everything posted – but I do ask you to behave respectfully to everyone on the forum. Please do not advertise your site, or links to your site without my permission – I'm not a charity, but I also believe the internet is big enough for everyone – so I'm happy to carry links that are something more than just spam. Talk to me – I'm happy to help if you are cool in reverse. If you want your website to be included in our links section please e-mail with details of your site and a url. I like a bit of banter as much as the next person – but please keep the language sensible (so that we can encourage the next generation of shooters to be involved) – racist, sexist, homophobic and offensive comments are not cool – and will be deleted in a puff of smoke. Please – don't be a chump – nothing illegal or unsafe that will cause a knock on my door Finally – if you have any questions – email me at forumadmin@shootclay.co.uk – I am a human and happy to talk about anything on the site. And finally, finally – have fun, don't get wound up – it is just the internet after all.
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    We've just passed an important milestone on ShootClay Forum - not 'Nics funniest ever post' - although that is a date that will live on in my diary... Only slightly more importantly - we've ticked past 2000 members: Congrats to Jack Wilson - who I guess is from Canada by his email address! Welcome aboard!
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    Visited the Home International as Driver for Ed and Support and Caddy for Lainy. Arrived on Friday for a practise. Nice little 50 over six stands for £10 Stayed in the Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle County Down (nice choice SCTA) The Saturday bought the competition day. Shot over 14 stands What a cracking estate, layout and set of targets. I was Lainy's support, caddy and general target discusser which I may add I really enjoyed. The teams were squadded and very well organised The scoring system is something that should be adopted throughout squadded majors. Each stand has the squad card for the stand and only the stand. Its marked and removed by a runner back to scoring office. Excellent way of scoring, no cards are carried by the squad saves all the faffing about. The course was split morning the afternoon. The targets were great I would have loved to have a go at them. Nothing impossible great use of the sky. Speed distance and angle used to make the shooter concentrate but not to deceive. http://www.ucpsa.com/ucpsa/images/resultscollateral/Sporting/Ballyduggan/Sporting%20HCIT1.pdf Lorraine shot a 32 in the morning, dropping a few but it was the 'harder' of the two layouts in my view. In the afternoon she shot really well scoring 40/50 to end on 72/100 4th overall Lady Scotland Ladies 2nd to England by a clay. I was so pleased for her she has had a few tough scores and worked really hard to bring it back. Ed S helped her with some pointers on Fridays practise but it was mainly my excellent bag carrying skills.
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    Lots of work to do yet - and more details to come but:
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    i think selection shoots are not only about the top few ,they are about all that attends to make these events economic to hold and put on , otherwise you would have the " top " 100 shooters paying an entry fee of around £80 and theres enough discussion now when we apply a £2 levy !!!! i personnally cant see why a selection shoot needs to be any different to a well set up sunday shoot , at weston wood yesterday 97 won it 95 second then down to 93 and 91 but the big point is every class and ability enjoyed it so just remember we are a game of all mixed ability and experience playing altogether nicely . richards 95 does stand out as something special and big well dones ,but i assure everyone that if the trailing pack would of all been on 90 or there abouts they wouldve all been happier . i hear way too much off all the billy big bolloxes about making them all harder , but truth is they dont want it , really .its all about good combinations and enjoyment
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    Definitely don't think it should be limited to A or AA shots- the more the merrier, and gives everyone a good chance at experience, plus the chance to see how they measure up against the top levels. All I'd say is that it should be set with an eye on the objective, which is to select the most competent team. That was certainly the softest shoot I have seen for some years, and have no interest in averages, scores or rankings if I'm honest. Yes I want to be on the England team, but I also do the shoots expecting a decent challenge. If every Sunday shoot was like that I would do something else!
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    Had a a great day today! Things just came together for me! Got a win in C class just! Even shot the driven targets as driven. Some great targets to shoot at and I didn't really que anywhere. Got through the White Gold Challenge, it was touch and go with four shoot offs to get in to the final. Don't think I have any nails left. I can relax now for a few weeks! .
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    Shot the 200 at Hepworth hall today With Shootlcay members Nicky T and Mark Jones. Joined by Paul and John from way up north. Food tent and trade stands for those in a spending frame of mind. Well organised entry run by Rose who controlled the squads well. We were second away but moved to first to accommodate for a tardy Mr Digweed. We went out on the Red course first. Nothing impossible on this course. Well set targets that were hitable Concentration was required as silly ones and twos could slip past you. I shot 73/100 here leaving maybe five out based on my ability. The best stand (enjoyability wise) was a sim pair off the tower Standard and Midi well set to seem crossing. Hour lunch break was nice plenty of time do amble about eat shop etc. Then onto the black course. Again nothing massive all needed head on shooting. Many sim pairs needed work on which to take first. I shot 71/100 here. Last three stands took 13 of the losses. Hey ho. Need to work harder. Tough last stand. Really enjoy the "big" day. Great shooting with The Squad. Enjoy if you are going.
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    Just tested out the slow motion camera on the new iPhone 7, not too bad. Don't forget to like and subscribe
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    I was up in north Wales today seeing my parents in Ruthin so felt it would be rude not to squeeze in a quick sporting round at Fauxdegla's facility. I was really impressed by the venue; after seeing mainly negative posts (granted from a few years ago) when I searched for information I wanted to show some pictures and my experience of the ground. 100 Sporting Round = £25 with both Fibre and Plastic wads allowed. Firstly, what a breathtaking area to be based in. I really do love this part of North Wales as I have done a lot of mountain biking here. On to the stand layouts... 1: Away in front O/R L-R High Incomer 2: L-R Rabbit O/R R-L Looper 3: R-L Quartering Away O/R R-L Quartering Away 4: L-R High Crosser O/R L-R High Crosser 5: Overhead O/R Overhead 6: Mini Away O/R L-R Crosser 7: R-L Looper O/R R-L Looper 8: R-L Crosser O/R R-L Crosser 9: High Teal O/R L-R High Looper 10: L-R Crosser O/R R-L Crosser 11: Overhead Driven O/R R-L High Crosser Stands 9 and 11 really tripped me up. Very testing targets that are really (for a beginner) far out. The rest of the layout was nice and friendly with a few tricky birds. Lovely scenery and promatic traps mean even billy no mates can have a nice wander round: After the sporting round I tried my hand at a round of Skeet, after one of the groundsman having to explain to me what I am meant to do. It seemed fun, I hit 23 of the 25. Beginners luck maybe? Or no pressure from other shooters around? After the sporting and skeet rounds I grabbed a bite to eat in the cafe which was very reasonably priced and tasty food. Beans on toast, which made a nice change from the standard sausage and egg rolls! A very enjoyable mornings shooting and a cracking facility. No idea what this DTL business is though, but there seemed to be some serious people shooting that....
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    Just wanted to mention my old mate Geoff Farmer who shot a 94 there yesterday. He has only a thumb on his right hand, so has ingeniously rigged up an electro- mechanical system on his gun allowing him to push a button (away from him) instead of a trigger. It is electronic, so that it ignores the second button push that comes from recoil, for a split second. But basically he has overcome a seemingly impossible problem and the score yesterday was excellent.
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    What I pick up from a shoot is fairly meaningless to me. If it was money based and I wanted £150 that much I'd do 2 hours more work..! For me, specifically on an England qualifier, it should be about the targets. And no, it should not be set up to cater for club shooters as this is one of the few shoots per year that has the specific purpose of finding the best shots. That course did not do it. They could have replaced 2-3 of the bird that were a bit of a wasted of a clay and put a separator bird on, and it would have been closer to the mark. We should be able to toughen these shoots up without fear of people moaning. They can shoot club level registered birds the other 51 weeks a year.
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    I arrived to find police investigating the break in last night of the club-house. What a pain for RF and co. not massive losses but plenty of damage and inconvenience (including prize monies from previous shoots). Anyway, the shoot. Richard took myself and Clayclouter around, with another chap at 11.15. The wind was whipping up, making targets pretty wavy and shooters shiver. RF explained that the course was softened up to make up for the wind and accordingly nothing was nasty, although some tricky angles were there. I really made a pigs of this shoot. Despite the wind it should have been 5 -10 clays above the average score, depending on individual experience. I finished on 83 but half my misses were inexcusable really. I hung on to crossers; missing in front as they slowed and waved. On one stand I made myself get on with it and hit them all. I waited around a bit after shooting and saw MANY from here. Teepee had put in a stonking 85 for B (pb for him?) but various others were kicking themselves like me.. The sun emerged and the wind dropped as I was leaving, which likely helped a touch for afternoon shooters (a theory I am clinging to). Steve Scott Smith on 97 late on was still superb. Well done him!
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    Thanks for all the lovely comments boys and girls... Glad you're all enjoying our reg shoots... Weather permitting we will be back to the usual "nothing under 40 yards rule" (only joking
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    Filmed a bit more at Westfield on Sunday
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    As Jeremy stated it was a cracking day out with a top squad and good to meet Mark and his high rib DT10 The two courses (of thirteen stands apiece, all four pairs unless otherwise stated) were spot on! We started on red which was comprised of the following: 1. L-R incomer o/r R-L blaze quartering away 2. R-L low white crosser o/r L-R blaze Battue 3. Low incomer on the right o/r L-R high midi crosser 4. L-R climbing target o/r blaze teal 5. R-L climbing target o/r rabbit 6. L-R close blaze crosser o/r overhead 7. Going away blaze from the right o/r white low looping incomer over water 8. Sim pair of R-L off tower, one std one midi 9. L-R quartering away o/r R-L blaze quartering in 10. Sim pair of double trap birds, one blaze one black 11. R-L rabbit o/r L-R midi off tower 12. R-L Battue o/r R-L off tower 13. L-R blaze curling crosser o/r white going away (2 pairs) I shot an 83 on the above, enjoyed a good hour or so for lunch then on the black course: 1. R-L climber o/r blaze teal 2. L-R quartering incomer o/r R-L quartering away 3. Cannot recall! 4. Blaze teal o/r R-L climbing crosser 5. Sim pair fast R-L rabbit and L-R quartering away 6. L-R white crosse o/r R-L curling crosser 7. Driven midi o/r L-R climbing crosser 8. Low white going away from the right o/r L-R fast rabbit 9. Sim pair of blaze Battue and looping midi 10. R-L looper o/r L-R crosser 11. Edge on looper going away o/r R-L crosser 12. High looper from the right o/r L-R low fast crosser into water 13. Four singles full use of gun. I shot a 79 on the above to finish on a combined total of 162. Yet again another great course and well worth the £75 entry fee. Good luck to any other ShootClayers going this week :)