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    Today at Meadowcroft I witnessed the most blatant form of cheating that I have ever seen in some 30 years of shooting. stand 4 consisted of an orange left to right quartering target approximately 15 to 20 m in front ,followed by a fast black target ( duck )over your left shoulder . This one shooter who is a contributor to this forum and an A class shot, hit the first three pairs in spectacular fashion, for the final pair he called pull and due to the wind pushing the bird some 2m lower he missed it. He broke the gun and called no bird and bullied the female referee into giving him the target again which he then proceeded to kill along with the report target, giving him 8 out of 8. I proceeded to say bird lost second to count, there were numerous other shooters behind including one veteran England sporting and fitasc shooter who also said target lost second to count. The shooter continues to bully the scorer who then gives him the target again. when he walked off I said in front of everybody that he cheated and bullied the scorer, his reply absolutely f all. Now you know who you are and if cheating is the way you think you can win, then you are a sad b’stard
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    Don't know what to say really but I personally think these kinds of shoots are put on when the course setter listens to the "shoots are too easy"/"wantmesomebigtargets" crowd. It should always be about balance, something for everyone and nothing that's presented to cause or force misses. My local ground has always had a good reputation for its mix of different types of birds as well as balance, it has always been a hard place to crawl past 90 but lately if you recall I've been somewhat critical of them both here and on FB when on more than one occasion in the last six months or so they have cranked things up to punishment levels on more than 2-3 stands. I hate to name names but even George has shot sub 90 there once or twice, last week we got a notification that they plan to reduce their weekly comps to two per month, when I enquired as to why I was told (they're just not getting the entries) 😦 now it could all be coincidence of course but the place has a log cabin, zero parking issues, at least 4 permanent towers, gun shop, gunsmith, alcohol, restaurant, flush loos and at least 30 years worth of shooting clientele from all over ! Call me a cynic but methinks people don't all want "big" targets 😚 most just want a challenge without the humiliation. You ever noticed how Horne is always crammed full despite being roundly criticised constantly about its "easy" targets. Gonna have a word and see if they'll let me do the course once or twice, what's there to lose ?
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    Longridge yesterday... managed a 95 for joint High Gun
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    Anyone else at Bisley today for the Surrey Police 100? Over the moon about hitting 82, highest ever tally and first time shooting above 80 at all, but was aware that apart from a few stands it didn't appear to be the most taxing shoot in the world. Was great fun though, and that's the main thing. I left about 1:45 I they said high gun was 96 but only about 6 people had shot over 90.
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    This shoot was like the stuff you put on roses. And definitely not quality..
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    Looking for something to shoot this week? The Pro One Challenge starts this Thursday 1st August at Barbury Shooting School 120 ESP Open Payout to 6th in Class (AAA, AA, A, B & C) Payout to 4th in Categories (VET, LDY, JNR) Spaces available on all 4 days - book in now!
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    My condolences Sian. Shot AGL this afternoon on our way to a cottage we've rented for a couple of days as a base for visiting the game fair. I think it's commendable how they've been making the effort to vary the shooting positions for their Reg shoots. Really enjoyed this one. Straighted all the sim pairs, which is amazing as they are usually my bogey. Only hit one of those battues, but got all of the low pink that accompanied it. My run of decent form continued and I finished on 83.
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    The only way you could win money is to stop shooting altogether. The top 2-3 shooters in the country could make enough out of clay winnings not to have to work but the wages would be similar to driving a taxi and prolly even less dependable, the only decent living to be had is in coaching. Eager souls ready to pay their hard earned to buy skills, tasty hourly rates, no money back guarantee and a bit like your Turkish takeaways when it comes to books. 😜 🐑
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    Sometimes you just have to suck it and see.
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    Westfield, Glos county shoot also, always struggled here, shot with Nick Portlock & Kev Childs, we went st12-st1, despite them being simos had a storming start and finish but struggled in the middle some a case of trying too hard, some getting it wrong and few were where I was just found out. Was for me a better shoot than a fair few Ive been too recently, I could see the clays from launch to hit / terra firma scorers all attentive which is alwats good. Oh yes a few no birds but far fewer than Ive had of late. Not a score for me, a dropper, easily a dropper. HG when left was Phil Smith 95, Nick was leading county shoot on 91, only four 9+ out of near 100 cards when I left, another “stiff” shoot in that respect. Already looking for next shoot
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    I took 3 squads round and didn't hear any positive feedback at all. It varied from "We'll just have to grin a bear it as it'll be better next month" to "Thank the lord there's a 10% rule". Like Wynno I also shoot and I've been doing it long enough to know that short window targets and those that fall into trees in less than 1 second aren't challenging and nor are 70 yard chandelles, they're simply unfair. I've know that ground for almost 20 years and it's well capable of really good presentations with it's varied terrain. Ultimately, the reg shooters are customers and shoots should be set up to be attractive to the majority. We all get used to missing hittable targets - it's why we keep shooting - but no one likes getting beaten up by the course setter.
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    Hamid the target he missed was many metres in the air, and when a six and a half foot guy stands over a short female ref and demands that the target be given again in my book that constitutes bullying...... now I’m a short arsed git but I know what’s fair and not and ALL THE SHOOTERS behind said exactly the same this man CHEATED. I have no idea if he won any money in his class or not, and to be sure that’s immaterial , the very fact that he used intimidation is despicable. Now a lot of you know me as a FITASC ref and I do give the shooter the benefit of the doubt, but I stand up for the ref in any situation, perhaps more shooters should take a proactive stance in support of the refs, after all without them you’d be reduced to playing tiddlywinks. Will, in your heart of hearts would you cheat just to be top dog ?
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    Owls Lodge today, the Bruce Faulds memorial shoot. Nice weather, but a bit breezy so had to stay awake on clay variance in places. I thought it was a very good course. No dead easy stands at all, more a decent test all round, with two or three stands to really push you. Trickiest stand for many people; the two teals; proper ones where the traps are a good way in front of you and the clays go away at around 30-40 degrees. The first was tricky enough but the second was fast and shot at a good 60+ yards I would say. These were my weak point previously, but with my stock sorted it’s less of a mystery now. Happy with 7/8 on there (and the one I missed I clearly went above, no mystery..). 95 was leading when I left at 2.30 so happy with 92, although I missed two soppy clays at the far end, behind! Being too careful.. 😫 Anyway, some form has generally returned to coincide with the stock alteration.
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    They go one better than rare in France.. Bleu , essentially a peice of meat lightly seared in a really hot pan for about 30 secs a side, which I really love... good vet would have the animal back on its feet in no time
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    Was struggling a bit to be consistent a few months back, went to see Ed S and he almost immediately picked up that I was getting lazy and holding too far out on targets. Meant I was having to rush the shot to kill the bird where I wanted. A day of working on that and over the following few months Reg scores have typically been half a dozen higher than in the couple of months before that. So yes, hold points are very important. Had a blip last weekend, but that wasn't hold related it was another common problem. Trying too hard and holding onto targets too long / slowing the gun as a result. Happens to me when I've had a poor stand and the confidence gets knocked.
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    A great course at College Farm today. Fairly firm, very few easy stands. My only comment is that there were a few stands that were tough with two hard targets but overall mix was good. My biggest issue was with the heavy rain that just wouldn’t quit. Until 10 seconds after I finished of course.. I had a very good first 7 stands, then found one I really didn’t gel with, a long crosser that I thought I must be offline with but just needed huge lead. Hit the last one. A few more away on the subsequent tougher stands and rounded off with 2 losses on the last stand which wasn’t a real toughie, more me just trying too hard to get a good score. Finished on 91.
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    Well I went to Gunsite and Westfield and enjoyed both. Started really badly at Westfield on stand 1 driven and big fat zero. Onto stand 2 and missed 5. At this point I’m thinking why am I even here. Carried on did okay just missed the odd one until stand 11 where I missed 5 which to be fair given the sky had been grey suddenly the sun came out and I struggled. Anyway I lost 18 of my 24 misses on those three stands finishing on 76. As said Gunsite I found enjoyable but it took us 3 hrs to get around. I dropped some really silly ones there I still don’t feel completely right with my gun but I’m going to leave as is for a while. If in a while I’m not making progress I’m going to wrap it around a tree.
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    Did exactly the same thing at Honesberie this morning. Chucked away at least 10 soft targets on the second half of the course (as well as missing lots of the tough ones). Really effed off with myself.
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    I have lowered the adjustable stock and brought the adjustable part more in towards my face also using a spare butt pad we took the toe off. It was supposed to help me with what was a good mount which recently has been all over the place. Weight loss has not been kind to my Shooting. When I got to Moaner stand today I had Sean Bramley watch me whilst I missed the right to left bird, not a particularly taxing bird but I kept missing it. He put the adjustable stock back up high again and it helped. I think the rest of the shoot was doomed really because once I get beyond a certain amount missed I’m done trying. I also,shot alone which I hate. My confidence is shot at the moment so I’m questioning everything. My bead snapped off a few weeks back and now the end of my gun looks weird to me as well but the metal screw bit is still in there so I can’t replace it. So many things upsetting me at the mo.
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    I've long said the only easy bird is the one you hit, there are two broad reasons for "easy" birds being missed, the first as you describe is not taking them seriously enough and omitting the correct set up and mental re-set but I reckon another reason (at least for the close ones) is a practical/ballistic one, quite simply the pattern hasn't had time to open up to its "optimum". Makes me laugh when some people think "big" targets are by definition harder than close ones 😏 consistently hitting a crosser at 50 yards where the pattern has opened up to its advantageous best can be much easier (technically) than hitting a slow quartering away rabbit at 15 yards or fast crosser at 20.
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    Lovely to see you Rich. Two days on the trot at EJC for me. Shot the Fitasc there yesterday which I enjoyed. Today the sporting I lost 10 clays on two stands, the first was at moaner where you had the r/l orange and left away going right pink. I was going fine then a very pale orange appeared and after that I missed everything on that stand. My own fault but it pisses me off, premier ground and you get a sunbaked clay! I also lost four unforgivably on a steady stand after moaner. The one near the grouse butt I missed one. The one up the scaffolding missed 1 stupid blue, stupid colour. The rest were just here and there. We started in the middle section, two straights then two lost in the bomb hole which again was me just not being steady with the crow. 78 I think, definitely should have done better.
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    Good planning / luck meant able to get to two mid week shoots, Oxfordshire yesterday, now its a tight ground and 100 was always a squeeze, 10 stands of 10 gave little room for error, and certainly not the size of errors I made, it was though a most pleasant day out on a friendly ground with a very "cheap" £36 comp entry! EJChurchill today, a crack of dawn work start / goodly finish meant able to be there for before 11, did not seem busy, more a gentle walk around the stands (went st1-9, 11-10-12) had a steady start, odd brain fart yes, quite a pleasing 7/8 off the platform an incoming white & near invisible going away blue, wheels & cart off on st5 a r-l pacy orange & ditto l-r green, say pacy as the were just a blur to these eyes, it was worse on st6 a rising orange r-l into the white cloud and a pink l-r doing same, just blurs to this old un, 3/18 across the two stands, a loss of 15 targets. Last 6 stands, which I thought had a decent challenge or three dropped just the odd one / two, finished with a 7 in front that did not at all look likely after st5 & 6 horror showing.Did see the gals in Sian & Jane looking spendid as always. HG was 85 when I handed card in at 12.30, left after a coffee & chin wag it was showing a 97 and a 95, however it did look like many struggled today so maybe my old mince pies are, on all these coloured clays not quite the handicap I think they are.
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    Good to see you at AGL Sian, sorry it wasn’t a happier day for you. It was a good course, very varied with plenty of new stands. No totally easy stand. A sensible challenge everywhere. A long battue was perhaps the biggest worry (hit 2 missed 2). I was using my Perazzi for the first time in 3 years really, so I started badly mainly thinking about it before settling in. I missed a couple of simple aways near the end because it responds differently on quick stuff, but finished feeling I could shoot it. Ended up on 85, having tossed 5 away on first few stands.. Enjoyed the shoot.
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    I went to AGL early today and just about to go out when I received a call telling me my longest standing friend had passed last night and had been found this morning. I don’t know the details as yet, it certainly wasn’t expected although she had not been healthy for a while. She’d had her knee done several months ago and due to being overweight and that physical problem she had been bent over and walking with a stick for a while.she was only 52. I felt shell shocked and unable to cry and I went shooting. Shooting for me is a way of escaping sometimes I did well except for the on report driven dropping 7 and the simo teal (they like to call them going away) losing 6. Odds and sods around lost but a hopeless score of 73. No matter I don’t care today. By the time I got finished I was ready to cry and I did. I had known her for 42 years, we went to school together and for the past 23 years worked together. She was a daily part of my life .