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    This topic brings back memories of around 20+ years ago, when i was involved in the running of a shooting ground. We had a club gun, a Miroku 3800 Trap, with Monte Carlo stock and 3/4 and Full cokes. That gun fitted me (and an awful lot of other people) very well. To settle an argument regarding Trap guns, cartridges and chokes, I shot our 'Compak' layout and straighted it. The following week I shot the skeet layout, scoring a 23. Cartridges, well a real mixture of 21 through to 28 gram in assorted shot sizes 9's to 6's (we had a cartridge bucket that people threw their junk cartridges in !). Nothing magic, just a gun that fitted well and the confidence in it, to shoot at anything. The same gun, in the hands of a good DTL man (who shall remain nameless !) did 100 straight one Sunday morning whilst his 'K' gun was back with Mr. Rhone, for the 3rd. time. We gave £350 for the Miroku and it was as loose as a bag of spanners when we bought it. No new springs, firing pins or anything else during it's 17 years or so with us. Thousands of cartridges (too many to count) and the only modification was my removing the varnish from the wood and oil finishing it. If you have faith in the gun, the rest is between yer ears !
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    Having shot twice in the week, I was a complete mong and went to Southdown where it was windy and cold and I was cold and stiff and really wished I had stayed in bed. 😔
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    Us too, we've made a decision that if we get up in the morning and it's wet/snowing/freezing cold then we are not shooting. All last year we went shooting in atrocious conditions, shot well below par and regretted it. Sat around my lovely wood burner all day, made some lovely chicken and leek pies for the freezer and and am lovely and warm! 😘
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    4Cs for us too. Lazy start so just one shoot today. We parked in the field and as it was so busy had a few goes on the pool shoot first. Jumped around a bit to try to avoid queues but inevitable on most stands. Stand 11 was my last stand and dropped 1 which I was pleased with. Dropped 3 on the stand (8?) at the other end of the car park, apparently my core was to blame 😝 so that was my worst stand. 87 to finish. I enjoyed it too.
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    Left work an hour early yesterday which is pretty much unheard of for me, went to bed, ached all over this morning so couldn't go shooting, still wheezy and out of sorts. I'd swap places with the snowflakes in a heart beat. 😂 ⛅ ❄️
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    I love the way people jump on others comments when it clearly said ‘tongue in cheek’ 😬. The PC police are out in force, stay safe everyone 👮‍♂️
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    As some of you know I don't normally use much choke regularly using cylinder skeet and 1/4 the tightest choke I use is 1/2 and I've never seen a target that 1/2 won't break well. Three weeks ago I purchased a Beretta 682x trap 32" choked 3/4 and full ( I wanted a black action gun) with the intention of either opening it up or getting it teagued. I've shot three sporting's with it hitting 78. 84 and 78 and the scores have surprised me I expected lower. I haven't seen any drop in targets over 25 yards but a noticeable drop in close stuff especially rabbit's. So in conclusion I don't think tight chokes gain me anything.
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    Mr Teague may well advise you to do exactly that. He did a 3800 Trap for me years ago, 12 thou in one barrel and 16 in the other.
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    Makes perfect sense, people who say tight fixed chokes never cost them targets are wrong.
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    Only bright side as I had two free pool shoot vouchers and a free sporting shoot voucher that had survived being washed and I had enough winnings to collect that it paid for a sporting and two Sportrap with change left over so at least I didn’t pay for my misery as such.
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    Managed to get a few hours off work this morning so headed up to AGL. Skipped stands 1 & 2 as queues and did them last so managed to get around in 1hr. Very mild indeed - so much so that I was too warm half way around and my glasses steamed up a little. Should have removed a layer. Anyway nice course - nothing horrendous. Been struggling to get in the 80’s recently so was happy to finish on 88 but as always looks back at the silly ones you dropped.
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    I would say to get used to the gun etc the best bet to start with is something without excessive recoil,saw a young girl shooting a field type gun(light) trying for the first time, gun was kicking and jumping terrible,speaking to her dad they were using black gold...she bruised her cheek really bad, so not a good introduction for her thats for sure.
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    The truth is that any £180 - £200 a thousand mid range cartridge will do the job for you . The place I buy my cartridges stocks Eley and Expess . It’s so convenient to buy from there as I can pull my car up 3 feet from the magazine door. For that reason alone I’ve not tried much else for 20 years. Most of this year I’ve been using Olympic Blues, 28gm 7.5 . Reliable , clean burning , break anything I’m likely to encounter.
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    I've always said ignore the bread and butter shooter at your peril, tis they who pays the bills.
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    Leave it as is.........................just change yer name to Dusty ! ☺️
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    So shot the MK38 today for the first time - absolutely lovely piece of kit. It's set up in my best guess configuration (comb height, make-shift spacer added, original trap pad) but was a pleasure to shoot on my local grounds sporting layout. Looking forward to Tuesday, travelling up to see Mr Teague to have it properly fitted. Proper sporting pad, spacer added and filed in. Once that's done I can finally get back onto the reg scene as it's been a frustrating few weeks away from it.
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    Having shot twice in the week, I looked at the cold and wind today and ducked it.. no regrets. ☺️
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    You had a good day. That only felt steady because you’re on form. 88 should be in the money in A. Well shot.
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    I suspect because they don't go off with a bloody great bang and crash and they don't knock you about like some of the other rubbish being recommended on here
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    Check that the barrel selector moves from over to under . Some of then came with a pin fitted inside to fix it as trap shooters always fire bottom first . If it is fixed it’s not a problem it’s a two minute job to remove it . I’m sure you’ll be shooting it a bit before you play with the chokes , so just enjoy showboating for a while when everything you hit turns into vapour 🤣. Great choice, good lateral thinking,
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    Save yourself 500 quid and just get it regulated to 3/8 and 3/8
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    So, update.. I went cheap and purposeful. Bought a single owner MK38 trap (grade 1) in 32" barrels with factory adjustable system. In original condition. The wood is, well, a grade 1 but mechanically everything is spot on. Grand total of £900. Quite different to the £3600 I was nearly going to spend! Even going Teague with x4 chokes would only bring me up to shy of £1500. Thanks all for your input - glad I floated it on here before acting.
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    Northampton today another great round. I hit 84 with my new gun.
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    Many a true word. David and his old man, Doug, have their own way of running a shooting school and gun shop. Once you've been "Douged" you never quite forget the experience. 😮