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    Sorry, but that is completely missing the point and it's not just a problem at Westfield. Both as a ref and when shooting I repeatedly hear the same complaint about several grounds and whilst it's difficult for the shooters it can also be very challenging to score targets when they're flying across the sun, especially after several hours of it. I understand there's a lot consider when setting courses but south facing stands will always have the potential to be problematic on sunny days so in my opinion it should be up there along with safety, front and centre in the mind of the target setter.
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    This is always a very difficult one but there are definitely situations where it is known the sun will very much hinder seeing certain targets on certain grounds. There are also grounds that have choice to change things during lower winter sun months. At the end of the day the person who really suffers is the ref because whilst we shooters may blind ourselves for a short period of time and get very frustrated, the poor ref actually has to look at the same things over and over again. Even the darkest of glasses do not always compensate for certain situations.
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    If a ground truly doesn't have an alternative but to throw clays directly into the sun then it isn't suitable for English Sporting or similar disciplines, also as far as I'm aware the sun is present all year round.
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    My point being, that at this particular ground there should not be a problem with setting targets that could be affected by the sun; I could count 7 areas today that were not used & in the past have been used for stands, and back then, regardless of time of day, or time of year you had fair targets that were visible throughout your entry time. I understand that at some smaller grounds you'll inevitably get one or two sun affected targets due to the lack of space, but there's really no need at this ground. There's plenty of space to make it a fair shoot for all of your entries regardless. As I said, if this is not the case then limit your entry times.
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    Dunno if mine falls into that category, but I picked up a 2015 built b525 (so the new Sporter One model) about 2-3 months ago for under a grand which when I tested out at AGL I asked the guy in the gun shop to have a browse over and he said it had barely been used, confirming what the shop selling had said, and I'm over the moon with it and at that price: 32", multichoke, and a handy factory case, all in great nick. I buy my cartridges at William Evans and can heartily recommend their gunshop for advice. Before I bought mine, they had alll the usual suspects in their shop (albeit some of them grade 3-5 so out of my wallet size!), but I was just browsing and got chatting, and they were happy for me to compare fit and feel a few of the ones I was looking at. Their main gunsmith even gave me advice on what I might want to do with stock length, etc. and he was spot on. Hence my continued custom there! I was relatively open to what I was after and took my time, so I'll say if you look around you can find guns for well under your budget, but it does help to know what you roughly want first and possibly be patient. I didn't feel the need to spend more, even when I definitely could have.
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    Potters certainly don't tie you down to using a particular ground if using a demo gun. They let me take one Friday to Monday so i could test it out properly. IMO Potters is one of, if not, the best shops in the south east. The professionalism of Jake and Dionne in the gun room is second to none.
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    The guns being moved on would've been my 32" MK38 G5 trap gun and 30" MK38 G5 sporter. Well the old saying "never say never" rings true. The above two have gone and a pristine DT10 2008 32" trap gun now resides in my cabinet along side my MX8, 682 Gold and A1.
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    Mate of mine had invited me round to shoot a charity shoot near Sittingbourne at a village called Wormshill which turned out to be a lovely few hours spent among farming folk. I had forgotten quite how rural parts of Kent can be as the last couple of miles were through extremely narrow single car tracks and as I was taking a newbie out with me as well following in his transit 😳 it meant we both had to reverse a couple of times to let oncoming trucks through. It was like I'd stepped back in time with what turned out to be a 25 bird felt wad only 3 stand affair, bless them the organisation left a little to be desired with no scorers or trappers or pens to be seen but that was part of the charm, I literally ended up operating the manual trap on one stand πŸ˜‚ that definitely brought back memories. The stands were pretty much all throwing into the sun so my 22 was leading when I left so every chance I might end up with some lovely silverware. πŸ˜‚
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    As has been mentioned by a few others even the very darkest tints can't quite allow you to look directly at the sun, the job for course setters isn't straight forward hence when I have previously answered questions on the subject I have admitted there are limits to what can be done. The point here though is that the setter should be aware of potential problems throughout the year, I have personally had registered scores very badly affected because it was obvious no care whatsoever was taken with regards to several stands. The minimum one expects on problem stands is that the targets height is taken into account, throwing a pair of Teal for instance is bordering on mental incapacity. It IS possible to minimise this problem and unless we mention it on social media the target setters may not even know about it.
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    I get your point but as far as I'm concerned the comments in this thread are referencing grounds that do have an alternative. And it's not just a winter problem either.
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    Throw above the low winter sun? Don't think there is somewhere i haven't been that couldn't with a bit of thought avoid it. Meadowcroft 21st for the sporting the last 2 stands facing South were impossible even with 10ED's ...could have just gone a bit further down the bottom field facing the other way? I know its not always easy but sometimes it appears no thought has been given at all! I have heard it said the the sun wasn't there when we set the targets hardly an excuse as the sun has been doing the same thing for several million years!
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    I brought this subject up a few years ago now when a very poorly set number of stands at Southdown cost me a decent score on a promising card and at the time was given all sorts of lectures about technique 😏 or how I should consider the suns position when planning my day πŸ˜‡ but slowly it is becoming clear that this is something that grounds are really going to have to work harder at in order to keep things fair. There are a number of things that can be done to combat it ranging from keeping targets low, opening up new stands or having the foresight to situate the stand underneath a handy tall bush or tree. The absolute minimum they should do is not throw pairs of Teal directly into it. πŸ˜’
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    Chilly today at Southdown. Sportrap and then sporting with two goes on the pool shoot. Enjoyed both shoots felt happy with my shooting although a couple of silly misses like the close slow floppy dinner plate 3 of which I missed! Did well on my battues today and there were a few. Joint first in Ladies for Sportrap and first in Ladies for Sporting I think. Four good shoots this week following a couple of weeks disappointments so balance is restored.
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    Feeling privileged to have shot Owls Lodge yesterday followed by AGL today, rather shabby 4x8 missed on stand 10 at the former meant I ended up on a fairly mediocre 88, started AGL incredibly well considering I had never been there before, just one miss out of the first 8 stands which included some fairly nasty and easily missable ones but as Will says there were also a fair few "club" targets. The self inflicted comedy of errors started on the tricky fur & feather stand where I walked off with a 9 only to be told by the scorer that she considered one of my pairs to have been irregular so had to walk back and shoot one more pair again only to promptly drop both πŸ˜‚ 😝, no matter I thought if I keep my head in gear I can still get a decent score so off I went and straighted 11 and 12 as well and feeling chuffed wiv me "97" handed the card in to the staff in the office only to be told oh no you haven't shot stand 9 yet 😲 . Back I went spending 10 minutes to try and find the stand and hoping for "club" targets only to be met with quite a tricky combination and with my head spaced out I then dropped another FOUR birds. 😜 Oh well, in all fairness I'd have taken the 93 all day long and thanks to Will going "Targets Only" I might even luck into a free entry for next time. πŸ˜‚ As for the ground itself, what a lovely piece of ground and so much going for it, unfortunately being new to the layout I made a silly error and walked down one of the "no go" paths and had to apologise to the ref and shooters who greeted me with sideways looks, entirely my fault BUT some of these signs can be missed if your angle of approach to the junction is in some way obscured, far better surely to place some obvious sewelling to actually prevent entry.
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    Well after the horrid Sunday shooting I have had two very pleasant shoots. Yesterday Owls in good company and shooting well and quite consistently. Finished on an 86 but stupidly lost four on my last stand which was 12 with the left to right low quartering and bunny. Today thought was going to,have to shoot alone but bumped into a shooting pal I haven’t seen in ages so went round together. He’s very calm (Army) which is good for me and keeps me in check. Shot well but thought We had finished - sim pair orange crosser and rabbit getting them all, was feeling very good and then realised we had left out stand 3. Got there did not reset myself thought they would be okay and consequently missed 3 on wha was one of the easer stands. Finished on 83 and really could have kicked myself. Still a very pleasant morning spent.
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    Drove me to distraction on Sunday. Chondels were my favourite stand only got four mind. I really do not know how to temper myself when faced with so many sim pairs stands of 5 pairs one after the other.
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    Jasper has a valid point, in fact it perfectly demonstrates why people buy brand new Hyundai Tucson instead of a used 2 yr old one owner Land Cruiser minter.
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    With the winter sun lower in the sky, grounds need to really consider this. Westfield was OK first thing, just nearly a problem once or twice.
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    Being a typical ex military man, I got my Miroku home from the Gunnie and striped it down to the 3 main parts and then extracted the ejectors for a full clean and lube..... it was much cleaner by the time I had finished with it and considering it came from a gun shop I was surprised to see that there was such a lack of attention to detail. I have not taken the stock from the action yet as I have only owned the gun for 2 weeks and only shot it in one session but I honestly don't think I would fear it providing I take it gently and with a bit of care.
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    I did four counties. Not that impressed really. The usual 3 stands of sim aways. Plus the nasty visual test in the woods. Some good targets for sure, but nail in the coffin was a 50 yard sim pair of chondels which screwed everybody up. HG was 87. I should have been close to that but 82 was it.
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    There are some guns that obviously should be left to specialists. K80's for example were designed by tweakers, the same sort who write code with as many useless personal roundabouts as possible. Stripping them should go likely to another tweaker delighted by the pile of bits and pieces resulting from the disassembly. And I have to admit that the Beretta fixed trigger guns are a righteous PITA to strip but not even on the same page as a K80. Perazzis, naturally, as a consequence of actually being designed as a pure competition gun suffers none of those afflictions.
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    Not surprising you couldn't stop yourself then
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    No rose tinted glasses here. I shoot a Krieghoff Parcours but my Beretta 682E is the only β€œkeeper” in my cabinet. The newbie was asking advice on Beretta shotguns. I offered him advice. You offered to sell him a gun. Just saying...