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    I too was at Churchill’s and the weather was lovely I thought for this time of year. Only one stand for me that caused me to wince as I came off with 4/8 and that was stand 10. Simo pair managed to miss 3 of the closer bird and one of the further. I was too high and in front I think. Driven was my last stand, surprisingly only missed 2. Had three stands today where I missed the last bird! Finished on an 88.
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    Weight of gun, weight of ejecta, speed of ejecta dictates recoil - nothing you do to a gun regarding its rib, receiver girth or barrel internal dimensions will change the basic laws of physics. Yes of course we have other variables such as the undoubted benefits from having it fitted or at least tuned to recoil correctly (big subject in itself) for your physique etc, as well as other precautions such as a half decent recoil pad but these fall into a secondary category, the third and final category is to investigate whether you'd benefit from mechanical recoil reducers, these don't reduce actual recoil but spread the pulse over a longer (albeit rapid) time span but they make a significant difference. Always grin and move on when you read about chokes profiles made to reduce recoil or special steel used that will do likewise or over boring etc, etc, if you want to reduce recoil you need first appraise the weight of your gun and speed/charge of your shells. You will never make a poor initial combo recoil sensibly with fit alone.
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    First visit to Hornet today, Stew driving, for a change. In a squad of 8, old codger & Stew plus Emma Nelson, Paul Cooper, John Wells and others I rather poorly have forgot the name of. I was first up and with kness aknocking a straight 8 😊 others all seemed to be “on it” every stand, me I upped my game I feel, well I did until dropping 12/24 on last three stands, ended on a pleasing 75, first 7 something score with new gun so 👍 bunny. Stew 94, high gun when left Matt Hance 97
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    It depends very much on the actual gun itself, the name/brand is fairly unknown here but as Bebo mentioned they're currently being quietly but steadily promoted. I have handled one or two of the new models and they seem fairly Perazzi like if a tad less classy in places, I have little doubt they will shoot well enough. Once we know the exact spec of the one you've been offered as well as its condition and likely wear/use then we can make a guesstimate as to its value but I doubt £1700 is too far off the right price point, I have been tempted by them before when they seemingly retailed for less than £3k new but the then importer was hopeless.
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    Had a plum job near so was lucky enough to plan a trip to The Oxfordshire Shooting School for their mid-week 50 target Reg which itself was welcome break from the bitter cold. Met up with old mucker Stew Keen and after a brief de-frosting (Chipping Norton always feels an overcoat colder than the rest of the county), out we went. Few things, the shooting on offer is a 50 target sporting & a 25 target Sportrap,, £30 comp entry for both, so fairly normal, the ground does have restrictions placed upon it cartridge wise, FIBRE only ground, lucky for me Stew bought 250 FBlacks prior to meeting up. Clubhouse is large / small enough, large enough for who was there today, small enough to be nice and warm, and toilet facilities are without doubt the plushest Ive used, been in some good hotels that fall below these! We were lucky enough to be taken round as just a pair, it was cold and I did feel that if it were a 6 shooter squad or a 100 target shoot that cold would have got into us, a few tricky targets and a blustery wind apart it was a nice day out in the country, Stew 45 was high gun when we left, my efforts hampered by using my old MK38 as P is having some stock adjustments, and yes I did notice the different feel straight away, also forgot to put in contacts so shot for the first time in 18 moths in prescription glasses, still enjoyed our afternoon out. Our efforts on the Sportrap, Stew (21 ex 25) looked as if what he knew he was doing, whereas i (15 ex 25) got a tad confused, think i need more practice at it. Overall aware not to everyones, I for one would go back
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    Meadowcroft, old codger, bunter & Stew Keen, bright sunny day, tad wet undetfoot due to some very heavy rain saturday but didnot really need wellies, Stew & Bunter started straight out the blocks whereas I dropped 10 in two stands 😐 we bumbled around what was a pretty stiff layout I thought, in hindsight not one of the 13 stands did I ever think were a nailed on straight card filler, we all wobbled Stew 81 in AA Bunter 68 in A and this old codger still finding hus feet with the new gun 67 in C, think Rich King leading when we left, they are a sunday night posting up of scores on facebook ground so will update later. Good layout, no it was a very good layout, beautiful sunny November sunday, nice chaps out and about, top day all round
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    A lovely day at EJC today in the sun, feeling almost warm at times. A great course I thought, just right. Still not at my best, miles from the prizes with 88 but enjoyed it.
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    Are you a native English speaker? And YOU should well know that sporting thingies have no place in this section! For Shame!
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    The "glorious Wessex countryside" is in Sussex I think.
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    As we left home it started snowing. Southdown first Sportrap and Sporting. Let’s just say today was gale force and rain and so it was quite challenging. When Tony has difficulty standing up and keeping control of his barrels then I have no chance. I laughed my way through both. Then went to Horne where it was snowing but wasn’t settling. Got there about 2 pm and we were the last to get in as they were closing entries an hour early. Some really hard to see Targets there. Home now and cooking a roast.
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    Was planning to do Gunsite but instead I'm indoors posting this. I'm not bothered about the weather but It's 45 miles, much of it on country roads and those muppets who drive at 12mph just because they've seen a snowflake drive me nuts.
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    no iam doing a stock for someone else. one of them german guns.
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    Not going anywhere this Sunday, weather is forecast to be sh*te and bitterly cold. so folks it’s by the fireside for me glass of red in hand waiting for the roast to cook..... luvly jubbly
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    Owls Lodge today, was. ❄️ -3 when l left home and a near tropical 🌞 day and +2 at Owls 😄 trying out some new contact lenses and only 2nd shoot out with the recently tweaked MissP, car park looked full, ground not so, started on stand 1 and after a brief chat with Fred a rare straight, yes one or two a bit chippy, on my tod today and hopped around the stands, had a disaster on two simo stands and also on a pair of green crossers, green a colour that Ive always struggled with mind, shot a report pair of rabbits very well ( thats what the very kind scorer said so its 😊 ) and straighted last stand to finish on 74 which is 😊 for this old codger, Owls has in the past “tore me a new one” in crude terms so Im doubly 😊 to, in my little world shot well. Looked to be getting busy, I left at noon(ish) and sorry other than C class I didnt look at scores, Id imagine FB will show all later And indeed they are, Jon Kendall 97 my 74 - third in C as one of the three 76’s went birds, thems the breaks 😊
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    What makes you think they make one !
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    Ah! Silly of me, of course, to have not recognized that right off. Seems as tho I faintly recall a pic someone posted of an older model with Lo-Tek edited into the action side. Sorta made me more resigned to having only the old stuff knowing there were others suffering as well.
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    Thanks guys going to stick to the usual suspects Beretta/Browning they will be easier to sell or part ex when the time comes
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    Late trip to WestonWood, met up and shot with Joe Hale, Zea, Sean Foley & Mrs Dannille Brown, I only picked the P gun up from its fitting session on friday and a dozen or so practice clays apart our first outing since. Our merry band trotted around reasonsbly quickly, no 4 hour shoot today 😊 Joe apart, (the boy did shoot very very well), the rest of us had a bit of a roller coaster across the stands with 😊 and ☹️ By all, me a few too many ☹️ as ones brain farted far too often, Weather held so a good December afternoon spent with good chums who in the main shot well, Joe 90+, Zea 72, Old Codger 67, Sean 78 and Dannielle Brown 74 Sorry dont know HG scores, am off to bang head against the masonry then clean MissP 😊
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    I have never heard of them. I’m no gun geek, but if I haven’t then neither will many others, so just tricky to sell it in the future? That’s why it is discounted now. London Olympics are not sporting disciplines, so is it a trap or skeet gun? Are you a Sporting shooter? Never lose sight of buying the right gun for its intended use. And of course, regardless of everything else, you need a gun that fits about right, so that’s the main thing. Does it? If you are a newbie you won’t be able to tell. Beware the bloke who wants to sell it telling you that it does.. I would stay away. Get a a good used Beretta or Browning. You will want to change guns after a year anyway..
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    Trip up to Greenfields at Sturry with the OH this morning. I never score well at this ground and it's a bit of a bogey for me, so was quite pleased with a 73. I've scored higher elsewhere, but this is a PB for a Reg shot at this ground for me. Felt like there were a few more out there as there were several stands where I was bang on the targets then took my foot of the gas a bit a dropped a few. Got round fairly quickly so we dropped in to Willow Farm on the journey back. I only missed 2 clays out of the first four stands, but then the concentration lapsed a bit and I finished on a 55 from 70.
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    Heard the same about the owner!
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    You could start a watch dorks thread in off topic discussions... I am sure you would get some takers.
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    I should probably start a new thread for this, but it’s Sporting I suppose.. I shot the RBSS Royal Flush today. No, that is not Harry and Meghan's new toilet, but the latest event at Royal Berks. Five x 20 target sequences. If you’ve shot other events at RBSS you will recognise the Grouse section and The High Tower. The other three are new; the odd one for me (as a non game shooter) being the walk-up. I enjoyed it and as is the way of these events, I feel I can improve on my 78 next time. I started really well and was only 7 away after the Grouse and two partridge layouts, but was poor on the walk up and Tower. I’m certain I can find another 6 or 8 between the two again.
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    A very enjoyable shoot at AGL. Three stands lost me ten targets, 3 driven and one of the second targets in frustration 😤, three of the battue next door and another stand but can’t remember what the bird was now. The other ten were just were your everyday got to miss something on a stand! A first pair missed down the bottom on the first stand you got to - very annoying. The company was very good also. Then popped up to Andy Castles for a quick 150 Targets as I made good time getting back.
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    I've thought about doing that sort of thing for a while - just need to find some interesting topics and some time!
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    For quality, you have to travel !!!
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    Coming soon to Eriswell will be 100 ESP Reg & 100 STR Reg all on the same day, maybe worth travelling another few extra miles & shoot 2 comps in one day !!.....just saying
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    We booked in as we left the shoot this year!! Booked in for Tuesday morning.
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    Had a bit of a layoff recently (by accident). I just knew first shoot back wouldn’t be great and it wasn’t.. I did STR at Owls Lodge and immediately missed 6 on first layout. Usual issue, can’t see myself pushing in front, or maybe I can, but too much lead seems right when I’m rusty. 🤯 Then got too careful and the next one wasn’t great either. Improved a bit from there, but damage done.. Anyway, three shoots this week (like busses) so hopefully less rusty tomorrow at College Farm.
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    Make sure you keep the original pad to put back on the gun when you sell it.
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    Travelled to Owls from Wales and shot the 100 ESP, finished on 79.
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    Christmas theme, does this mean staff wearing elf / santas helpers outfits, looking forward to seeing Will in his bright red Father Christmas suit, oh and he can keep the mistletoe out of sight 😊😅
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    great write up geordieboy it's funny how we all find recoil different I've never shot officials but everyone said they are softer but I shoot pistons and fblacks and I've always found the fblacks not as smooth as the pistons but still not a deal breaker.👍
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    i believe arron Harvey shoots one , very well too ! not seen many about though .
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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. As I can't go shooting today, I will pester you with some thoughts. As I wrote in my introduction I'm a VERY new shotgun shooter. Im brought up on automatic weapons (either magazine or belt fed) and been shooting them for 25 years.. In that world I'm a shooting instructor, and also a close quarter shooting instructor (hitting a5 size paper targets within a second with rifle in relaxed position and standing with side to target ranges between up to 40 meters in different inviroments). Well I started shooting shotgun, and first month I was out with a colleague and shootings a typical Danish shooting for Hunters. Quartering left and right, straight away and straight in. Shoot the single, true pairs and single... And so on. In August I said to my self, I'd better get up the grounds where the Olympic Trap guys are, I'm a member of that club after all (in order to get my SGC, which only takes about 2 weeks in Denmark if you an average citizen). I came up there and started shooting. First round of 25, I hit 14 and was actually quite pleased with that. So was the rest of the clubs members that had scrutinly watched me. Well even though some of them are older gentlemen now, 2 of them have participated in the Olympics, medal winners in European championship (back in the 80 and 90) and one became 22 in this year's WC in Moscow. So quite apt people. And one of those guys have been old school gunsmith since 73. (you know proper gunsmith, can also make stocks from scratch and so on) As I had bought a Turkish ATA arms SP Trap (my rationale was actually quite good reviews by English shotgun journalists, and if I didn't like shooting not a big loss), as that was what I could afford at the time. After the first round the former olympian/gunsmith pulled me aside. "Let's look at that gun,mount it for me!" Did as I was told. 1 your stance is wrong, you have to be more upright, you chase the clay to much".. So we changed that. 2 mount it again.. And then he adjusted the comb with cast of and hight. Of you go again and shoot a new round.. Well it was a 11 and I was gutted. But luckily I knew I had changed 3 parameters and it will affect my shooting. After a good month now, and after roughly 18 rounds of 25 I'm doing 17 (well last 8 rounds have been 17 with only two dips in those 8 rounds). So what have I learned as newcomer to trap. The Danish trap community is very small (sub 100 on competitors level). They are tremendously friendly people, but also fierce competitors. Join a club where there is some one that can give you sound advice (and willing to). Gunfit is essential. Find your preferred size chokes(the ones that came with the gun, not aftermarket) and forget about them after that.(spend your money on clays and shells instead ) Don't fuzz about ammunition, find one that's to your liking and affordable (better to shoot 2000 shots than 500). Use the 24 grams, you will not do better with 28, you just get more money out if pocket and more recoil. It's a seat of the pants type of shooting (never ever aim/think, then it's out of reach and the buzzer sounds). Find out where your misses are. And try to analyse why (I have highest missed percentage on the 5 straight aways, which they apperently aren't .) Find a way to calm down before the call. (mine is see the clay, and set up a road block. That's what I say to my self every time before I call) It's a mental game, it's a game against your self and your brain. If you can win that battle you can win matches (in the competition I was shanghaied into, which I enjoyed tremendously, I made two big brain mistakes. 1. I knew I was doing good, having 3 targets left. I looked at the scoreboard and saw if I hit the last 3 I could get, the for me, magic 20. Well I just punched 6 holes in the sky). The 2. miistake I was doing the first day was: first round was 17,second 17. I was actually doing good I thought and I want to do it better. Well focused then on doing good, instead of one clay at a time.. Bam I did 13. And to all you rutine trap shooters a bit of advice. Embrace the newcomers. Let them have the time when you shoot in a squad, and give them advice while shooting (have one not shooting in the squad stand behind and tell them where the miss is in relation to the the clay). It can be annoying for the other shooters (so keep a low voice). But it's frustrating for a new shooter not knowing where the miss is. So routined shooters need to accept it. Hold back on the friendly fluffy rabbits/snobbery over equipment. Better to have a shooter with low entry equipment, than not having any shooter at all isn't it? Actually one of the guys in my club borrowed mine (sub 1000£ new) and did 24. So I know, unfortunately, I can't blame the gun. Don't overload the newcomers with information, it will result in brain overload. Pick one or two to fucus on. If newcomers break etiquette, tell them politely. (leaving peg to early, not unloading from 5 to 1 and so on). And if they cough or otherwise incendently release the clay, give them a repeat and tell them what would happen in a competition, same as a second barrel misfire. After the round explain it so they get to know the rules. Can be useful when they either have to ref or shoot competitive. Out of curiosity how much do you pay for a round of 25? In my club it's 3,5£ and the price for a 1000 shots is between 130 and 150£ at the dealers (typically low tier Kent/Eley or Cleaver T1 24 gr 7) Admin, if this is in the wrong forum please move it (I was in doubt if it was trap or newcomers). Lars Reason for edit: Minor spelling and grammar mistakes.
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    Seamaster pro. Top watch by the way. had mine 15 years. still my favorite. Oh, gun forum, I nearly forgot. Good review as usual. Damon
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    Its a Seamaster Pro.
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    I NEARLY tossed my iPhone in the rubbish at the services on Friday.. instead of my burrito wrapper
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    I had a really bad day today went to Southdown and shot badly. But even worse was that I had to fish my car keys out of a dustbin after accidentally throwing them away with some rubbish.
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    I too hate the damned things and they were proper ones! It was my last stand and I had to really compose myself and do it all carefully, no attacking, which kills me. I was very pleased to hit five of the first six. Then got excited and missed last pair. 😤😖
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    great reviews , I bought a Caesar summit ascent and thought your review on the cg invictus ascent ticked all the boxes .
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    Hah, cheers Matt. This is without a doubt a more commercial project. Normal service will resume shortly
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    No I got an 89 at Churchill’s when I was in C. I remember it because I was the only C amid a sea of AA and A shooters on the first page of the scores 😂. I just felt very calm and focused today, makes such a difference.
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    Do you think we could persuade them to get rid of the cemented in card posts that are directly in front of you. I shot a sportrap there a good few months back and there was a very low going away bird like OT or UT and I was hindered by the poster make them lower at least.
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    Morning, and sorry for the delay guys. This weeks review is the Perazzi MXS. https://youtu.be/lVF4o5qXkpQ
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    The black version is far nicer yes. (Id still save £2k and go Blaser though..)
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    vids are superb , but your music is a bit iffy . can we have some 70s stuff for us old uns ! bowie, reed, kinks, roxy , etc