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    Been up to Greenwood gunsmiths today to collect my old 682 Gold e. Some years ago I took some bad advice on gun fit, so much so that I put my beloved Beretta in the cabinet and just left it. Shot the next few years with a multitude of different guns as one does. So at the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to resurrect the old gun, and decided to go to Tim Greenwood, now based near Market Drayton. I had already decided roughly what I wanted so made an appointment and started the process. First off is what Tim calls the "Blue Peter stage" for obvious reasons. Bits of tape and foam....and off you go for trials. The next stage when you are happy that the fit is some where near is to take it back to have the stock work started to "in the white" stage. While it is at this stage you can go back to have as many tweaks made as you like, until it fits. When you are totally happy that everything is as you want it the the final finishing can be done. The work, and craftsmanship is absolutely fantastic, although the process may not be the quickest, the best things come to those that wait. Thanks to Tim and Laura for doing such a great job.
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    Unless there's two Paul Freeman's it looks like I've qualified for the final.
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    ...But how many people new this was going to be in place before they entered. This may well be OK in non registered shoots or opens, but this is the British Open, probably the biggest title shoot in the UK, other than when the Worlds are held here. British shooting is seriously losing the plot in my opinion.
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    Just back from shooting the sporting. I really enjoyed the round, several targets were made easier by shooting quickly so it suited me.finished on 96
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    Im fully expecting the Open to be an appropriate challenge, so Ive tweaked my setup. I can’t see anything specific in the CPSA rule book about this not being allowed?
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    Shot it yesterday. Despite a bad score from some poor shooting later on I really enjoyed it. 15 stands of 8 which keeps you moving. Not a lot of big distance stuff but a lot of tricky/deceptive angles. Two stands on the big platform were interesting. We had to wait as one chap couldn’t go up due to a fear of heights and then another bloke in the squad played up as he was allowed to shoot it from the ground. I was too busy laughing then shot a 3 on the first (stand 5) up there. Lesson learned! Managed to straight the next but had two more bad stands of 3 further on which were inexplicable and completely buggered the round, but good fun all the same. Been doing comps since May, had a good run of mid 80’s in the summer then the wheels have fallen off this month! Anyway, thought it was well set and testing. Best of luck to those there this week!
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    Scores are on my site
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    I don't have a problem with qualifying days as such, but do have an issue with people that can finish outside of the CLASS quota for that day. They can then qualify in CATEGORY for finals day, and then come back and win a CLASS medal. How can this happen, they were not good enough on the day to qualify to shoot for that medal, only for the category they qualified for surely. In fact they shouldn't be allowed to take anything from the CLASS pot, medals or cash. I would personally still like to see it first past the post wins.
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    My DT11 exhibited incredibly low recoil, but I just put that down to it weighing 17lbs.
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    Sign at the bottom saying "Free box of Titanium Strike" for successful climbers would have sorted things a treat.
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    I think there would have been an answer to this to suit everybody. Put the pool shoot on the scaffold so that it was optional. People would then have the choice to go up there to shoot, people who struggled could have multiple goes to try and master a tricky target presentation. It would then have still been an attraction for the occasion without causing distress and confusion to some.
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    Must say as much as I think the decision to allow "heightist" shooters the option of shooting them from the ground is the right one, it does surely mean that only those who tackle it from the correct spot can have scores count towards qualification..........which in turn means you're testing vertigo.
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    Not entered to shoot this, but following on here and FB. The question is... How can you have stands 5/6 up on a high scaffolding, and then have an option to shoot at ground level, thus having different targets? Reading between the lines there is an option, but not everyone is aware of this. Some saying if you take the ground level option, then you automatically revert to birds only losing the competition fee. If this is the case how much more shambolic can British shooting become.
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    Just got back too, really enjoyed it but finished on a disappointing 84 having missed some really dumb ones that I shouldn’t have. Great course, good mix and some big leads needed so I’m not complaining -however Stand 5 totally threw me.....I can be a bit iffy with heights at the best of times but when the rest of my squad headed up I thought I’d ‘man up’ and give it a go. All was ok until it was my turn to shoot, but bending forward to shoot the targets really made me feel quite ill...I ended up trying to lean forward and backwards at the same time - consequently I dropped 7 of the 8. I do genuinely applaud and appreciate creativity in course setting and on the whole I thought today’s course was fabulous, but not everyone is a fan of heights and I do wonder how ‘inclusive’ that type of stand is based on my own experience. Having said that I was given the option of shooting Stand 6 from the ground which I did......just should have done that with Stand 5 instead blindly heading up the stairs. A great shoot, super reffing, very well and smoothly run (like clockwork) and it’s given me plenty to think about and hopefully work on over the winter
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    I think averages should be banned then we can get back to shooting for enjoyment instead of worrying about losing 0.001 of a percent and crying the shoot was to hard! You see i may say shoots are hard but i don't GAF about classes and averages This is pointed at nobobdy and everybody so anybody please don't play the snowflake and get personally offended.
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    Tim used to be based in Pembury near Tunbridge Wells. He did a similar fitting for my sister-in-law on her 686 Evo five years ago, with a full Monte Carlo stock requiring a big wedge of wood inserted. He made a fantastic job of it.
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    The breakdown of prize money and places was emailed out to all competitors proir to the event
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    I killed the first two pairs on that sim stand and only hit out one out of the next three pairs.
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    That's a little like asking what's your favourite diet cola, it's all subjective. Absolute recoil is measurable, you can make a jig that provides solid data as to how much a gun with a given weight moves backwards (and its barrels upwards) with a given shell and shot load - it can even be made sophisticated enough to either fire the gun with an electric pulse or at least take the trigger poundage into account as well. What you can't do is to then assume that that translates into "felt" or perceived recoil for everyone, fast recoil pulse cartridges for instance can "feel" soft even if in absolute terms a slower shell registers lower actual recoil on a jig.
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    Yes , a good point Tip top and both barrels, but just like Brexit , lets keep adding targets until we get the result we want. Shoot the competition on any day that you can , and highest score wins , job done. Keeps the cost down and possibly would be for the good of the sport . Lots of people now struggling with the economy.
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    Here’s a idea. Let’s remove the words Perazzi and Back from the title of this thread.
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    If I want to see some people grinning, plus a dog, I’ll go to the pub. This is a major sporting event! 😖
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    The CPSA are maddening on social media. Lots of photos of shooters (wow) and the clubhouse. Picture of a dog. Some referees. Who gives a toss! Where is the live leaderboard or even occasional updates. FFS.
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    I see that field every time i go, just because its green and flat and doesnt mean its parking, Is it designated as such? it doesnt indicate it on the layout plan sent out by the CPSA.