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    I heard that if you buy a new Beretta nowadays you can get a Tom Tom or Garmin thrown in. Some one needs to help Beretta because they have certainly lost their way . They now have a vast range of choices , but nearly every model has issues . How many versions of a DT11 are there??????? Caesars seem to be the best choice value for money at the moment , especially for the numpties who change guns twice (at least ) a year . Best gun , value for money ? Miroku MK38. End of discussion .
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    First off.....i didnt shoot this shoot BUT ive studied the scores throughout the classes & TBH.....Nick got it spot on !!! Every class was won within the current averages which is the whole reason for having them !!!........... Too many shooters from B&C class want to shoot A/AA class scores without doing the apprenticeship !!! All it does is lead them lower class shooters to the slaughter on better & bigger events, there is a saying...if you want to become a better shot then shoot harder testing targets!! C class winning on 90 is doing nothing for the shooter...........NOT that i know how to set a shoot !!.....
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    The biggest problem I find with the younger refs is that they often don't appreciate that a clay can still be a no bird even if it comes out intact. I had to explain to a ref yesterday that when the battue flew 15 feet lower than usual and below the hedge line before hitting the ground 50 feet earlier than usual, it's totally different from what it should be and therefore a no bird should be called.
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    Aw shucks.. Just decided to have a break from this site (but would be rude not to answer you). Various reasons. I did also have a really good run of shoots recently and it would have seemed a bit much to come on and crow about it. Don’t worry, it’s all over, the last three have been very shabby. As I’m writing, may as well mention I did Honesberie today. Very damp under foot, didn’t take boots, so spent most of it avoiding mud. An excellent shoot, but definitely a toughie. Nick Hollick says he didn’t want it straighted again, so I blame Richard Faulds! Anyway only 83 today and I was reminded that once its tough it makes me miss for other reasons. Too many times I missed a pair on a stand that I was doing well on. Sheer over-trying. Anyway, see many of you about the shoots. I too plan Owls and AGL this week.
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    Oh, I absolutely love shooting and first to admit I'm a massively average shot at best, but I can't justify going out more than once a week, normally more like once a fortnight, as I have a young family to help support so never even entertaining I'll be up with the Hamsters & Wills of the world, but that's fine with me. I'll slowly plod along making little inroads here & there as I learn to shoot better, more efficiently, and more accurately from what's put in front of me, but nearly all the people I've shot alongside in the last 18 months of doing this have been lovely and very encouraging. So as expensive as it can be, it's a very pleasant sport to be involved in. 😊 Yeah, and the one after the driven was a pig too!
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    AGL today. Definitely don't think it was overall as tough as last month, but there were still three or four tricky stands. I was going pretty well until Stand 12. Tricky sim pair of left to right crossers. The further out target would have been testing even if it had been a report pair. Managed to drop 6 on that one, finishing on 79.
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    Wow wow wow, what a superb video from a time served gunsmith who understands and can articulate what sets one gun apart from another - mechanically that is but still a superb start. I have in the past been very vocal and critical of self appointed gun testers (including some paid ones in the magazines) over their assertion that they are in a position to give meaningful or valuable advice. Swinging a gun and declaring it to handle well 🙄 is nothing more that passing the time, a bit like watching Blind Date for a few minutes, as you do. Their only distinguishing factor between themselves and a random shooter of equal ( average to even mediocre) shooting, presenting or technical ability is often the camera and nothing else ! Boy am I gonna ruffle feathers. Plenty of people had already remarked : dunno the 694 just seems better made than the 692/682/etc, but now we know why and that’s because we listened to and watched someone worth listening to. I personally only have time for those who know more than me, I’m talking tests not idle chat here. Now will I rush out and change from my 682e to a 694 ? No, not yet, I think as good as it is there are one or two aspect that could be further improved, the woodwork front and rear needs tweaking and I firmly believe Beretta have repeated the same mistake they did with the first DT11’s, namely that barrels are a tad on the porky side, in time I think we will see a lightened version perhaps with carbon rib appear on the scene.
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    Did my first registered on Sunday with the 694 (only the second time I’d shot it) at Garlands set up by Steve Lovatt. It is very easy to drive, recoil is smooth and it behaved impeccably. Went around with 3/8 and 5/8 and finished on 86. I might swap the pad over for the slightly longer one that came with it....just feels a tad short for me. I’d strongly recommend trying one if you can. Just beware if you do buy one everyone will spot it and want to try it....mine did about 150 shots on the 100 layout!
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    And of course the whole point of paying in for competition is that you have to shoot well above your own average to win anything, otherwise we might as well use the fiver to buy those numbered tickets with a quick draw at the end of the shoot ! The above is the reason why almost all winning scores are above the cut-offs. It is certainly why C's and B's are won with scores well above their supposed cut-offs, shooters improve all the time not to mention have a mega day.
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    Garlands today...reasonable 86 with the new 694. More gun time needed.
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    Meadowcroft today, this after I had a pleasant afternoon at Coleys on the saturday where I bumped into a chum and we, having looked at forecast decided to go to Markham early doors. Been a good while since last here and there have been noticeable improvements to ground, new buildings and laid aggregate paths, so no ankle deep mud baths despite the heavy overnight rain. Enjoyed the shoot, started, as is my way very well but after a handful of stands a few wobbles then the car crash, its the between ears bit so no hope really, and oh yes I could / should have done better then that's how most of us always feel, course was 13 stands all scorers where attentive, all very observant as did have one or three very small chippy hits, due to wobbles etc, mid 60s & chum Stew Keen shot well for an 88 just a few behind then HG Richard King 94 (I think) but there was still a fair few scores to come in. In short went out shot with more smiles than frowns saw a fair few friendly faces, sunny day too so what's not to like! Owls thursday, and if all goes well/to plan A will be at AGL friday, might see some of you at either.
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    Here's a vid by Rich Cole who runs an official warranty service and repair centre for Beretta.
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    Seems to be a bit of a failure of understanding of statistics here (as well as being factually incorrect). There is a big difference between average and maximum. If you look at the results for that shoot: Class Winner Average AAA 93 89.6 AA 92 84.1 A 91 77.7 B 85 69.6 C 81 59.4 You'll see for A, AA and AAA that the winning scores were all very similar and above the range for that band (apart from AAA obviously as it has no upper limit), which is what you would expect - to get an average you have some high scores and some low scores. The averages fall within the cut-off ranges - but are at the bottom end of those, which would indicate it was slightly on the hard side (otherwise it'd be nearer the middle of the ranges). For B class the picture is slightly different. Whilst the winning scores are above the cut-off ranges, the average score would see you in the top of C. Again, indicative that the shoot was slightly on the hard side.
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    You miss my point. Setters should not set shoots to take into account the excellence of the top 1% like Mr Faulds with a disregard for whoever else may turn up. Which is the impression I got when Nick says he didn't want the shoot straighted again . This shoot had nothing to do with averages or anything else in shooting. Just a desire not to have the layout straighted again by the best shooter in the country. 🤔. If you go back on this thread a few weeks. You will see normal shooters saying that the balance was spot on. And you are correct . You weren't there. Jasper
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    That's the thing I love about shooting just as you think " I've got this sorted" mediocrity comes back and bites you in the ass.
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    I particularly appreciated the white one against the clouds NOT. Fitasc yesterday as Southdown shot as bad as I could have I think. Garlands very enjoyable but I was sloppy and then Honesberie again sloppy. I think I’ve finally reached saturation point but like a crack addict I can’t seem to stop myself. Going to try really hard not to shoot Owls or AGL.
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    Been there today shooting a registered sporting, if they leave the same target set up you will have a great time. Some very testing clays today.
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    Meadowcroft also but my day didn't start well. 1st the ATM at J Sainsbury took my card and didn't give me any cash, then the A46 was closed south of M4 junction and it took 35 minutes to do the 2 mile diversion and then I managed to rip a fingernail hurrying to get my kit out of the boot. Funny course I thought. Pretty soft mostly, one or two eyesight tests and some slower targets quite wind affected, but only a couple of stands were gimmes, the rest needed respect otherwise targets could leak away from you. (Guilty your honour!). Stand 1 spoilt my card since it was very hard to pick up the A bird early as it was in the sky and really should have either been set lower or loaded with orange clays rather than white. Being forced to shoot the A bird very late meant it was tough to make a good move on the B bird. Poor target setting IMO.
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    South Wales 2000 for me today after the rugby. Pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t the usual 70 yd edge on crossers or clays screaming from the trap layouts. keep this up and you’ll get more entries as word spreads that you’ve finally listened to shooters.......
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    Nothing like a new gun - hope it shoots well for you. p.s. That's a nice sofa. We have a very similar one which is about 15 years old now and just getting run in nicely.
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    Owls today, left Warwick at around noon, it rained then hammered it down all the way along M40 & A34 only to stop before 3, lucky us judging by the drowned rats from the earlier rotation. Thought it was a good shoot, we started on St5 a l-r then r-l which were a bit quick for me and I lost the first 5 before I awoke, as always had peaks & troughs ( as always its the l-r targets that I really struggle on) though overall I felt that Id shot this course better than some I have of late, not many big scores in a half a dozen in the 90s at most but cant remember who was HG, all told a good day on the clay. Work has raised its head so my planned 7 hour round trip to drive, tea, loo, shoot, tea, loo, drive, loo, drive to AGL wont be happening, good luck to all that do.
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    Rule number 1 - target setters are inherently perfect and never ever wrong. Rule number 2 - C class shooters want to shoot AA scores and kid themselves. Reality check 1 - yes they do. Reality check 2 - C class shooters CAN'T get into AA by shooting one or two AA scores, the whole point about the classification system is that it is an AVERAGE. Quite what it is about this that people repeatedly get wrong is well and truly beyond me, and besides, what do you care who shoots what and who is or isn't kidding themselves. People shoot clays for a thousand different reasons, the only score(s) that matters is your AVERAGE.
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    My score didn’t reflect the severity of the shoot but rather my lack of attention and the will to want to do well which I’m suffering from at the moment. I just don’t care basically and Shooting has lost its appeal. That’s my own demon but it is what it is. You would not have been impressed with the White chondel or battue (I get confused) in the field, I bet that played Merry hell with old eyes. If it had been say pink it would have been a very good bird. I don’t know who went comp or birds only but first past the post in C class got 81 - great and he obviously enjoyed the targets because if you look at his other scores that’s his best by a long shot for a good while. My point is it wasn’t set to keep us all real because he’s an example of someone who got it very right on the day and there’s lots of examples of people who didn’t for a lot of different reasons. All the top scores in class if you go by CPSA averages were above average so a simple conclusion would be it was easier but It’s not always the reason. I thought the shoot was good in terms of targets albeit a few colour/backgrounds always piss me off but that’s not just Honesberie. I like Honesberie and Nick that’s why I go. This really wasn’t the hardest of shoots I’ve shot there.
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    Honesberie. So beat up the b and c to preserve yours and your grounds ego. Not a good business plan I would suggest. And the refs STILL need work. Been saying that for years now. So maybe don't spend so much time worrying who's shoots what at the ground ( straights ) and concentrate on training a bit more. And refs in dark sunglasses. On an overcast dull day on orange rabbits in green grass at range . Not a good plan for seeing the chips we all rely on. DOH. Jasper.
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    Would have loved to met up today but just made plans and on my way elsewhere. Hope you have a good day there