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    My favourite gun shop is Greenfields in Salisbury. I've always had very good service, their prices are competitive and they have lots of stock. Last time I was there I could park in the road just outside for £1. Unfortunately they're 70 miles away, but I'll go for bigger purchases because they've always wanted my business - unlike my nearest big dealer who tend to be pretty offhand unless you're looking to spend £10K plus.
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    Owls with 4 friends from Kent and most stands involved a lot of waiting, one or two breakdowns along the way so took 4+ hours to complete, I'm not complaining though as I really enjoyed the huge variety and didn't suffer the simmo fest too much 😊 You had to be really focused on your tempo and tackling the first bird(s) without rushing was a must, really really happy with my 95 which was joint 1st as we were leaving at 2.45, that 99 from Mighty Myers was rude. 😝 😎
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    Don't jump to conclusions. My original prescription in my left eye was -6.5 and my right eye -5.5 with an astigmatism in both eyes, my lenses were extremely thick and large framed shooting glasses exacerbated that. My current prescription is -1.25 in both eyes quite a significant difference to what I started out with. I can legally drive with uncorrected vision as I pass the driving test requirement. The prescription I now have fine tunes my sight. The laser surgery has transformed my life and my shooting and I consider it money well spent. In the not too distant future I will require surgery for cataracts and I will have no hesitation in having plastic lenses implanted. The types of laser surgery and the quality and precision of the equipment used has come on leaps and bounds since I had my eye treated.
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    In the UK Improved Modified is indeed .030" or 3/4. However, most guns are designed for the US market and they define IM as .025" because their idea of Full is .030". Over here we'd reckon that .025" is 5/8 or Light Improved Mod. In any language Light Mod is .015", aka 3/8. It's all bonkers as the only thing that matters is the patterns they throw, not how they're marked or what they measure.
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    Light Mod is just under Half I believe which is itself the same as Mod or should be, not convinced Browning do a 5/8 as standard issue with their guns, the fact that Teague do is because they're an aftermarket supplier with provisions for those wanting half increment jumps. As with all things "choke" what they say on the tin and what they throw will almost certainly be two different things.
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    Southdown for us too, a good day for me. Took a long time getting round for us, just busy and a few slow reffing stands - newish refs I think. Had to leave sporting after 2.5 hrs or so to rush to Sportrap at 2.30 then rushed back to complete my last three stands 8, 5 and 6. No time even to pee as light was going and dropped 2 on stand 8 and 2 on stand 6 which really could have been straights. Anyhow 105/120 for sporting and 85/100 for Sportrap.
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    Imagine you have a three foot long stick. Looking at it when it’s 10 yards away or 40 yards away I can still see it’s 3 feet long. But yes, we all have our own ways of seeing things. As long as it’s consistent, it’s fine. Although I think seeing lead in terms of inches from the actual muzzle is awkward as it may make you actually focus on the gun, which isn’t ideal.
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    Interesting 150 bird all round today at eriswell. 25 sportrap 25 skeet 24 double rise 24 skeet doubles 25 DTL and 27 super sporting. Shame about the rain but I enjoyed it and finished on 137
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    AGL. Not troubling the score boards yet but nice to put another face to the name and meet Will. I got a 6 where he got a 1, and got a straight where bebo missed her bunnies. So i'm the champion. Oh no. 56. Bang on Average. Pleased to get a few straights on 1, 12, and 14, but there is so much more i need to learn/practise. However.....when I learn to shoot that low stuff....you guys watch out.
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    greenfields,salisbury, knowledgeable and very good customer service, very good cartridge prices and do have a actual gunsmith .highly recomended.👍👍
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    88 at barrow today. My sort of round quite a bit of fast close stuff. And I purposely left the looping targets to shoot them dropping as I've been struggling with anything dropping lately and no problems with them today.
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    The way home? Only if you live in Rotterdam.
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    So glad I decided against the long drive and went for a fun shoot with friends and family at Kingscote instead. Four and a half hours is too long.
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    Owls for us too. Arrived and out just after 10am and finished about 2.15pm. There were some queues along the way but unfortunately we got stuck on our last but one stand, stand 1 which had a breakdown so waited nearly an hour to fix and our turn. Thank god a straight! It was a long day but the weather was great and I just took the time to socialise more than I usually get time too do and I scored the most delicious apple puff from Fred the ref. Once he shot that stand Tony went as fast as his crippled back would allow back to Pam to beg for the last fried breakfast of the day at 1.59pm and I am glad she took pity because he was so hungry we may well have seen a grown man cry. I enjoyed the shoot and I was pleased to stay somewhat focused and timing for my sims wasn’t bad. The only irritation which I caused myself was missing three orange right to left on the Skeet range. Just stupid. Anyhow ended on 84/100.
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    Amazing work! B class now! I also went. Terrible journey with m25 buggered at J11 Tricky one, Richard King leading on 93 at 1.30. Still finding my way with new specs. 86. Shot some of it well and dropped some close soppy ones (that looked closer than they were with new prescription).
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    I would concur completely with Phil on this. Laser surgery transformed my life too and still does. I needed a cataract operation as a follow on for the detached retina job on just my left eye. I am fortunate that my right eye is my master eye. I have always had problems with the left side of my face after a minor stroke, my left eye is 'drooped' in appearance, hence the Grandkids calling me 'Isiah' (as in 1 eye's higher than t'other !). When I had my first eye 'lasered', the left one, I was told they would NOT get it perfect. But, when I went back some 12 months later, to have the other eye done, they had new equipment which they said would have got the left eye perfect. They did offer to re-do the left eye, which I declined, it is near enough for me. When I see the eyesight of some of the guys that I shoot with, especially the ones that NEED to wear glasses, I realize how fortunate I am.
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    Varifocals absolutely horrible for me and the likes of Ed Lyons advise against them for shooting; just use distance prescription. I use bifocals in everyday use and have just received three new pairs for my recent latest prescription. Today I used a brown tinted pair for shooting. Very good of course. Clays are clear and you can read the score card. I’ve now ordered another pair in yellow.
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    I have shot both. and both the F16 and the 690 series guns have had some issues with reliability, they are both relatively new to market. I assume you like relatively light guns as both of these are light / fast guns, and if it were my money I would go for the F16, in fact it was my money and I did buy one. Twice. I sold my 30" a while back as it was too quick, and recently picked up a 32" which I think is brilliant. If you are open to something a little heavier have a look at a 725 ProSport. I think there is little out there to beat it in terms of value for money.
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    I've shot both, briefly. The 692 balanced and moved well but it took me 2 pairs before I could pull the very heavy trigger and on the one I tried the chequering was very sharp and uncomfortable. Apart from that yes, it shot quite well for me. I gather the latest ones have reverted from the troublesome switchable ejectors to traditional ones which is good move. The F16 had no weights added and at 8lb 3oz was a little heavier than the 692 and exactly the weight I like. I thought it was a super gun with much better triggers than the 692 and although the logo seems to wear off quickly and I wouldn't call it good looking, if it had to be one of those two I'd pick the F16. p.s. I never pay much mind to the opinions of gunsmiths and dealers because more often than not there's an agenda.
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    I see quite a lot of rib. Was chatting with Woody on here recently about sight pictures. For a teal that he blots out to kill I see it fully above the bead. I never lose sight of right to left crossers, they are always above the barrel, whereas he needs to lift his head off the stock to get a clear view of them. The place I find personally it disadvantages me is on long floaty crows. I often over-compensate and end up shooting underneath them.
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    Tim did some work for me a few years ago. He bent the stock UP and adjusted the grip and then customised a recoil pad to fit my shoulder. The gun fits me beautifully. It’s a 20 bore so I don’t use it much. But every time I pick it up it makes me smile as it fits so well. i agree about most factory sporting stocks being too low. I can’t see the rib on Berettas or an m k38 Sporter that I picked recently. An Mk38 trap is fine ! My current game/Sporter gun has a stock that was set up ( for sporting) by an international class trap shooter. All I had to do was lengthen the stock and now I can see plenty of rib. I think the drop at heel is about 46mm and there isn’t much gradient on the comb so the face measurement is high too.
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    Game of two halfs above the top pattern is well left of centre and the bottom a little right ... so my conclusion is that is the reason why the 3/4 is showing a better count the full choke is missing a lot of pellets to the left that should have been on the paper
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    This coming Sunday sees something a little different t Westfield A 100 bird Long range clay shoot , if you’ve ever wanted to have a go at a 60 yard crosser or a proper big battue here’s your chance mite not a registered shoot just a bit of fun , £150 HG shot in classes with a rentry cost of £25 with all scores to count its shot over 12 stands with shooting starting at 10am with last entry at 2pm postcode GL54 3BX
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    Another interesting observation is that when you see new custom stocks being made from scratch or adapted to suit for existing guns, the comb is almost invariably raised 😐I've always maintained that most new guns combs are too low even for people who don't particularly need or want a higher one. Getting the grip area fine tuned, the pitch perfect, the length optimised and the cast spot on is one thing but why on earth can't makers just admit their combs are too low for no logical reason.