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    So then, turned up at Orston at about 6pm. They had the full range there for me to look at and the Ascent Stocked Invictus 7 with flat rib. Nick Hendrick set it up and it felt like mine from the off. Shot the pool shoot next to the clubhouse with some deliberately thumpy shells and I was pleasantly surprised. Recoil was non existent, the shot sequence crisp and short. The gun at 8lbs 5ozs is almost 10ozs lighter than my Browning Pro Trap, but the gun was steady. First 2 targets I was on the edge of the pattern but adjusting to the new gun I battered the rest. Changing to my Superbs, the gun was sweet to shoot with trigger pulls light and outstanding, like my perazzi. The half chokes broke the long birds with aplomb and I felt like I could shoot this all day. Lovely gun. Great triggers, Light in my hands but steadier on the long birds than my Perazzi. For me, I'd have to have a stock made. The Ascent monte carlo adjustable did the trick and for Clay's in that guise is excellent. But I want it for game as well and a flat 35mm/35mm stock is what I'd have personally. For Clay's, if you like a trappy sporter, have a look. Its a cracking gun, with great looks, great triggers (Browning take heed), with great patterns and removes recoil. I love it! A simple call to them and they made that gun up for me and waited until 6pm for me to turn up. I for one can't fault them. Thanks Cesar Guerini!
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    Chatsworth Country Fair yesterday, shot the sport trap (11/25). My first time shooting anything other than Skeet, and I'm still a newbie (shooting 5 months), and I really enjoyed it even shooting as a lone gun the others in the squad were friendly enough Slowly finding some confidence to try new things.
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    My mate was at owls at 3pm and said he would send me a photo of the scores screen. I was now down in about 13th on 92! Behind my mate. Much sweating scrabbling and texting before it got corrected. Then I was enlightened.. they had fiddled the scores screen just to take the wind-up photo for me. 🤣. I need new friends.
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    Owls too - 81. Really happy with that after taking the gun back to scratch. A reg PB for me actually. Nice to see @Will Hewland and @Sian.
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    After reading this thread.......once again its all about being bold in the face of confrontation !! Many who have shot my evenys know only too well that i run a tight ship & not one of my refs are there to engage in any form of conflict, they call me & i will deal with it.shame that many shoot operators dont support the refs for the good of the sport & its many honest competitors. I have a 100 esp reg on sept 22 at Nuthampstead & am pleased to confirm that all 13 refs INC a releif are all qualified cpsa esp refs........just saying 😎
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    Phil said you had food poisoning, hope you are feeling better xxx Southdown today and I did the driving again. Very hot and sticky. A couple of goes to start on the pool shoot and then onto Sportrap which I’m happy to say I did well on. Felt more like my old self and apart from a couple of adjusted mounts, overall I seemed comfortable. Joint ladies with a 90 and Greater London Ladies as well. Then the sporting, joint ladies on 81 just one irritating bush for me 😂.
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    cheating is cheating and should not be acceptable in any form or in any sport......not only is it unfair to the people competing its also attempting to fool yourself into thinking you're better at something than you actually are and if you feel the need to cheat then that sport clearly isn't for you....take up knitting or something instead. abusing or intimidating anyone in any setting, sport or not is totally unacceptable. your parents should have taught you from a very young age the difference between right and wrong and if you can't play nicely then don't play at all
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    Just checked the scores for AGL yesterday. Well shot Mr Hewland, joint high gun 🏆
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    Nope, went for the national lottery instead.
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    Yes and it's a completely arbitrary (read pointless) "test" in any case since the hinge pin is not necessarily the centre of all guns in any case. It's how it feels and sits in the hands whilst held at the address position, preferably with only one or two pairs left to go because that's when you really begin to notice poor "balance".
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    One of my biggest regrets was getting suckered into changing my B525 after a year for a “better” gun. If I could go back in time I would have adjusted the stock weight, fitted a nice and slightly longer butt pad (the new 525 ones are good now I think) and stuck with it for at least a few years more. I would have saved a fortune and progressed faster.
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    Will, I’ll be the first to admit that the shoot today shot a little harder than we intended. Not everyone gets it right all time! As for “common sense business plan” - I Don’t think we are struggling for entries? Our “course setter ego” must’ve beaten you 🤔 Josh
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    not really good enough system considering its the British ! well shot though .
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    AGL today. Mixed bag of targets. A sim pair battue and looper was just poor target setting, whilst a battue on report low fast crosser in the grouse butt were just genuinely challenging (was pleased with 5 from 8 on that one). Only other target I really struggled on was the quartering away rabbit. Finished on 77, with four honestly soft targets dropped could easily have been an 80+ day.
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    Martin Myers, multiple champion includingnlast year, only did 77 shoots in the last 9 months. His lay off was a Tuesday morning. 😆
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    Cheers for that Hamster. They are only 14 miles away from where I work currently. I'll call them, and go and see them. A face to face is always good to get a clear point across. E-mails, Texts and chats can all be ignored. A jolly Geordie stood in front of you with determined enthusiasm, definitley cannot!!!!!!
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    You get the rough with the smooth in this game and it is always ref specific some good, some bad. I shot a true pair where a song bird came into view momentarily distracting me, I managed to hit the pair and miss the song bird. After breaking my gun, the ref said if you had missed that I’d have given you a baulk which I thought was good refereeing. The polar opposite was a lad who I know actually attended a CPSA referee’s course the day before at the club in question. The clay was fired from floor height with plenty of spring straight in front rising smashing into trees, a pretty rubbish target with no time to shoot it. The fist issue was people shooting just as the clay hit the tree and the argument that ensued. Therefore, I set up to shoot it early, first 2 killed no argument. Then the on the 3rd the clay never came near my hold point let alone my kill point, it went left and down smashing into the floor. Now here is the thing, my exact words where “was that a no bird?” and instead he must have heard something about me questioning his parentage, I guess due to the number of complaints about shooting it in the tree had got his back up. However, his response was an aggressive tirade of how he’s was a qualified ref I should know the rules, it was wind affected. Now if he was polite, I wouldn’t have bitten and responded but my take on it was we were shooting in woods and no leaves or branches were being blown about, my hold point was about 5ft off the ground and the target never made that height, it went left and down, however, the 2nd report target a lot higher was unaffected. The wind rule in my opinion is to cover a target that is being consistently altered, you can quite clearly see the target is being altered, maybe not every one but at least a few. In my case the 5 shooters before me had the same regular target, I had 3 of them and the shooter behind had all 4. Out of 27 times that I saw the clay thrown only 1 was irregular. Therefore, regardless of wind or not this should be covered under the no bird rule of i) The target zigzags, or its initial speed is insufficient or if its trajectory is irregular. The fact there was no sodding wind just made it worse. I can’t stand bullying, but I’m a stocky 6ft 2” bloke and have been told I can be intimidating when I don’t actually mean to be, therefore I always bear that in mind when in a dispute, stand back be polite etc. but I don’t think I shouldn’t be able question peoples decision just because of my size. And yes I did reply to the aforementioned referee in the same manner he replied to me so anyone catching the tail end would probably think I was a dick. To be fair to him he stuck to his guns and to be fair to me I just said my piece with no intention of re shooting just more miffed at how he had spoken to me so had to respond. Referees aren’t gods and they do get it wrong, just as us shooters do and cordial discussions are always the best resolution. I’ve also seen Good refereeing on this where he said the target is wind affected be warned, if it is too bad I’ll call a no bird, but be ready for anything and unless I call it the target stands. As I knew where I stood before I shot I had no complaints.
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    Totally agree with you Hamid, but if you had missed it , would you have bullied the ref into giving it to you again ? I don’t, for one second think you would have, that is the difference. It’s the bullying and refusal to accept the scores decision that gets me. We are all human and we all make mistakes. In fitasc, if a shooter has a query when in the hoop, he raises his/her hand and asks the ref , not shout at them.
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    check out Lloyd Patterson's reviews on the summit accent
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    “..just one irritating bush for me ” you can get creams for that !
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    Went to Widdington, I don’t think we have been for 2 years and lovely to meet Martinj. We also got caught in the corner with Martinj. It’s a shame really because it’s a good ground and the targets are good but the breakdown spoils it and it seems always to be that corner. The stand after the corner was my worst, two incomers but I messed them up completely and lost 5. We paired that shoot with Longridge which we shot with Brett and James Hand, enjoyable company and shoot. Just one awful stand for me - driven and right to left - 5 pairs. Only got one driven and dropped 2 of the second birds in frustration scored 4 and that hurt my score. Afterwards Brett took me back to the driven and gave me a way of shoot it as a one eyed shooter and I got a few so just need to try that way. As we weren’t that far away we went across the border into Wales to see my parents and then drove home. I did all the driving today as well.
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    To quote @Wonko the Sane "It's been my experience. . ." that such people as this do not believe they ever err in their ways and the problem is entirely the misconception of others. It also often goes that such people will claim themselves to be a "gentleman" (or lady); while any gentleman I have ever known would do no such thing. These "gentlemen" assume the so called title in order to fulfill a need to project to others a spurious sense of decency. Often in my observations to charm some other person they wish to take advantage of. Their true colours of course revealed by how they treat others from whom they have less to profit by. A true gentleman is kind and courteous to all, of any standing. He does this simply because it is correct, not for glory or profit or advantage and he would make mention of his deeds or claim to be better than any other for it. A sort of "fly below the radar" chap, if you will.
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    That's not normal. I've tried about 3 and none of them had that problem. The F16 is a pretty decent gun to shoot and fully competitive with anything else around it's price point.
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    You can have a 10k Krieghoff and still be mediocre. Speaking from personal experience here.