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    I think you're wrong to avoid the DT10 Bill. Its a better gun than lots of them out there, they sold thousands for goodness sake. Be careful where you go to buy one, stick to the more reputable retailers and you will be fine. The naysayers on here don't shoot one and would like to convert everyone else to their favourite brand so make your own mind up.
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    Was finally time to grab the bull by the horns and get out and try some proper sporting. All a bit new to me! So I went along to the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club shoot at Sporting Targets, Risely today. Some crazy targets that everyone struggled with and a few that annoyed me as they should have been gimmes, but I missed. It was also extremely windy. However I had a lot of fun! While 32/75 isn't going to set the world alight, I am happy with it for the first attempt. I think it placed me 4th in the group today (about 50 in total). I'm totally hooked now... There's no turning back!
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    I shot a 91 at the weekend using these. But I did have to aim off every shot to allow for the deformed pellets.
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    Beretta 692 review this week all:
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    You recall Caterham Hamid? I remember my mate coming back from the loo there and saying “That was a bit rural, I’ve just queued up behind two badgers”.
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    Like A J Smith said! The worst cartridge in the World is more consistent than the best shot in the World!
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    Went sunday, shoot was spoil by 6 stands throwing clays thru the sun, one i walked away, just too bright, I agree with all the comments above about the upkeep etc but this is the second time in a month one of our group has had the day spoilt by this problem, its not like they lacking space and potential direction to avoid this, That sun thing. been passing there for thousands of years. After raising this with staff the three of us wont return till at least april.
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    AGL for me too today, loving this weather. There were two teal out there today, the lower one I hit 2 of the 4, my first stand out. The higher teal at the bottom missed the first and smashed the rest - after I missed the first one I tried a completely different technique going up the left of it, and then cut across slightly and it worked! Only one bird drove me insane the stand at the end of the path where the driven were (which I managed well today). The first on edge target which I found impossible to see clearly and never got. Finished on an 80/100. It’s missing 1 or 2 on a stand for no good reason and that leaves nothing when you find one you just don’t get. Vince’s stand all going so well and last looper just stopped my gun!!! WHY??
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    A few months ago and again following the cartridge review in a magazine which stated the shot was recovered/recycled I have opened up a 24g/7.5, 28g/7.5, a 28g/8 and a Flash 24g/7.5. As Jasper noted the shot in all looked fine to me, the only complaint is... I wasted four cartridges just to look at the shot! 😆
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    Thanks for all your comments I have purchased a dt10 on Friday and am having it fitted to me the gun is in mint condition.
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    Finally decided on a used DT11 Sporting, 30” barrels.
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    Good review Lloyd and you make the point quite well that whilst the 692 is competent it isn't special and fails to be distinctive. Also, thanks to the well documented problems, I think it has tested the brand loyalty concept to the limit. Quite a few people "used to own one", but overall it hasn't achieved anywhere near the popularity or sales volume of it's predecessor.
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    With the price of cartridges its probably cheaper to change the gun.
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    Valley View was a great course, a bit tricky in the wind. Some big queues in places so I walked the course twice! Missed a couple of silly ones, a few tough ones, but had a nightmare on an orange teal, which I never touched. Couldn’t make myself experiment enough to find it so ruined a potentially great card. Happy with 91 considering..
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    Went to Valley View for the first time. It was busy early doors. Got my card at 10:05 and was #83. A decent round of targets. Nothing extreme but only 1-2 gimme stands. Only questionable target was the edgy orange L-R on stand 6 on an orangey brown background. Many people were struggling to pick it up. I got 3 but also found it hard to spot. I started poorly but managed to pick myself up and straight my last stand even after a 20 minute wait on it to finish on 80. After my recent scores that was most welcome. Seemed to be a lot of midi’s - it felt like every other stand had one. 2 3/4 hrs to get around. Next time I will go later. The ref on stand 12 was spot on. Calling misses, quickly calling no birds and always naming the next shooter. Needless to say his stand ran smoothly with very little queueing so I thanked him for a job well done!
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    I’m knackered and I have done something to my shoulder but at the back under the shoulder blade so I’m miserable. I had a tiring weekend. Out the door 6.45 am to take part in the Intercounties Fitasc which I enjoyed - two good layouts and 2 bad score wise but I learned something from it and I got to shoot a particularly bad hoop again and did absolutely fine having realised the error I made. It poured with rain the first layout and was breezier than I expected. It reminded me of what will come winter time. We then moved on to Dartford for floodlit Sportrap but we were not on until 9pm so very tired and cold but I mustered a bit of determination. I am glad I tried it but not sure I would do it regularly as it was extremely odd having no baring on lead or even really where your barrels were at times. I was really aware of the smoke that comes out of your gun and this sometimes messed with taking the second shot. I have to say though I hit some very good Simo pairs. Finished on a 64 which I was happy enough with. Home a time midnight. Today was Westonwood - lost 6 on my last stand which was up on the platform. That bar is simply too high for me unless I lean over up on one foot and it pissed me off. Driven there also took a few from me. Horne two very bad stands for me both involving teal, everything else I did fairly well the usual one or two away but those two stands wrecked my card and me finished on a 78. I think I’ll go to my grave with “She never conquered teal or driven”.
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    Shot Greenfields reg today and what a cracking layout too, good few long crossers, long loopers, long quartering droppers and a very clever long slow Teal. The odd bird was being blanked by good shooters despite being inside 50 yards and easily visible. I shot well but suffered two 7's one of which was on the last stand of left slant Teal followed by fast high long crosser, minced the first 3 pairs only to have the buttoner let the next Teal up virtually before I'd called which I managed to hit but the surprise took its toll on the crosser , in hindsight I should have glanced back and made her realise but alas on the final pair I suppose trying to rectify the previous pair she only goes and gives me a sloooooww pull , these things happen and in reality I am experienced enough to not have succumbed but hey 88 was still a good shout on that lot.
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    Also a visitor today, in my twilight years work is luckliy not my master more a partner, shot the course late in the afternoon with Joe Hale, a few q’s so we drifted past rather than hopped past a few stands, had a mare on the platform, bit of a bogey really as I cant remember ever feeling confident shooting in that part of the ground, and again later on a simo pair with a distant black rabbit hurtling r-l into a dark background & bank, those apart had a very pleasant afternoon, generally in steerage class the scores appeared on the low side, my 67 with the new gun is a 😊 happy me, Joe 87, shot most stands very very well only to have a brain fart or two. Lovely ground, nice people and a good course, cant ask for more Steve Lovatt 96, very big hand 👏👏
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    Young Doug is in hot form with a MK38 Trap gun
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    This is what I found in a 24 grm load.looks ok to me.
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    Oh I think it’s very important to have a look at all the shooting disciplines. Then, it’s bloody obvious Sporting is the only one! 😆 You do have to set your learning curve expectations to years rather than months though.
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    First competition for over a month due to a combination of holiday and not having a gun. Braved the winds and went over to Westfield. Quiet car park which meant a quick round which was a good thing in the wind! Managed to card 83 which eclipsed my previous best score at the ground of 74. HG was ‘only’ 92 when I left so interested to see what the final scores look like!
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    Well I've just experimented on my wife. (Stop it! I know what you're thinking...) She's dyslexic and can't tell left from right and I can now confirm that she doesn't have a dominant eye. It's quite weird because whichever eye she keeps open seems to expect the closed eye to be dominant. We should all be thankful that she's never wanted to take up clay shooting.
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    For quality, you have to travel !!!
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    As usual, worth watching. Your delivery seems to be improving too Lloyd.
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    Coming soon to Eriswell will be 100 ESP Reg & 100 STR Reg all on the same day, maybe worth travelling another few extra miles & shoot 2 comps in one day !!.....just saying
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    I went for the first time in a few weeks last Wednesday took one look at the sport trap laughed and shot two rounds of skeet then went home . The two people who shot the sport trap in front of me shot 5 and 7 ex 25 .never did I see the E bird . Just don't understand why they set the bar so high on a Wednesday's when there is nothing to win I think the top score was about 18 for the day . A good business man would set it so some one who shoots it comes off wanting to have another go ! not wanting to swap there pride and joy gun for a set of golf clubs and never shoot again .
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    Went Sunday to shoot Sport Trap. 3rd Layout targets behind the bank coming from the sun. Load of B*****ks. Like Orston......but if they don't think about the sun I won't shoot there anymore. Waste of money and shells the last 2 layouts. I pay to shoot....not to win. But I can't shoot what I can't see. Silly really. Thats the 3rd shoot I've been to there in the last 6 weeks and I've had to shoot into the sun. But that 3rd layout was ridiculous.
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    There is accommodation available for couples in the area,you just have to leave your car keys in a bowl when you check in.👬👭
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    What's the saying " form is temporary class is permanent" He's been doing this for getting on 40 years.
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    For starters that is a WAY slow machine and you best be having LOTS of spare time. And as Garwood mentions the economic benefits are likely nil or in the negative #'s. Over a couple decades, OK more, I've loaded maybe a couple million carts on really fast progressive machines. Component prices are now to the point here that it costs me about $0.01/shot to shoot new carts vs/ reloads. I quit loading a bit over a year ago and have not missed it for heartbeat. Consider the costs and time expenditures carefully
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    Ground looks great never shot there only on the estate. Do you get bonus points for the helicopter on stand 8?
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    Got to say I think the Rio plas wads are great I have only shot about 500 though mainly down to there being no supplier nearby. The price down here is good too at about €45 per flat I love my Clever cartridges but if I could get the Rio's I would probably change to them for they are €10 a flat cheaper and the results are, for me anyway, just as good.
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    Never had an issue with the plastic or fibre just the lack of local availability 😊
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    AGL was a great course I thought, against a clear blue sky. Only one or two easy stands with the rest being a decent test, but nothing horrible. Just back off holiday, where I didn’t think about shooting at all, as my last shoot was really bad.. Much better today. 3 silly misses but was leading on 94 when I left. I think there is a 97 for somebody having a good day..
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    A nice sunny morning at AGL. Hit a 4 on the grouse butt (struggled on the R-L low crosser until I took it later) and dropped another 4 on stand 8 (that edgy midi crosser). Other that was pretty happy and straighted the last 3 stands to end up on 85 which was nice after some of my recent scores. The M1 was a mess on the way home.
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    In short good luck Sian & MrsJasper both in a very competitive ladies group Doug, C class???
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    I have to agree with Will , it is important to try all the disciplines, I used to shoot DTL and all trap disciplines until one day I walked into Ray Probert's gunshop in Rugeley. Ray then told me Trap was an old man's sport , so as a twenty four year old I changed to Sporting, 48 years later I am still poor at Sporting and now useless at Trap . Good job I have a future. Nice to see the referee in your photograph at Sporting Targets wearing safety glasses . He must have bloody good eyesight with eyes up there.
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    Thanks I now have a starting point for my next attempt - not sure when that will be, but getting a baseline is good. Thanks Liz a lot more practice and some good coaching will help me on the types of targets I'm struggling with. You shot extremely well today too!
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    You did fabulously. A 75 bird course that was won on 49 and you got 32, that's impressive. I expect to see you take the rosette in 2018! It was a very decent course. Proper C class registered stuff.
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    Horne for me and I didn't shoot well in the wind. Finished on a 64. Stand 2 and the platform were the low points, with lots of other mediocre bits as well. Buttoners didn't help me today either. One decided to release before I'd called and the other waited about 3 seconds and I'd lifted my head. Stupidly I just shot, I should have stopped and made them go again.
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    Agreed Liz, there have been so many advancements in testing but it's getting it that is the difficulty. Also many advancements in how children can learn and adapt with having dyslexia but again money spent on the right equipment will be limited by budgets. Intellect is far different to academic achievement but academic achievement can be brought on with the right interventions and early help is by far the best route. Many adults at the top of their game are dyslexic. just wanted to add for those who think there is no hope - simply changing a font or the colour of the paper or the type can help enormously in some cases.
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    I tried the rio target load very impressed with kills and soft recoil .
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    I think you can probably pick any of the big names and they've all had issues at some point.
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    A recent magazine article explained the business model. They use reclaimed shot, hence the deformed pellets you see above. Personally for the sake of a couple ££ per registered shoot I’d rather use something more consistent.
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    Gents, I shot with Mark on Sunday and he is a safe, sensible gun. Great choice for a first shoot, you'll enjoy it. It's a shame I cannot come along with you but I'm working that day I can attest to Will Hewland being a very friendly and approachable chap; he is a ground ambassador for EJC so i'm sure is delighted to hear that you're going there for your first comp. Whilst I've never met Hamster face to face his reputation proceeds him and I expect him to be equally as friendly and helpful as the aforementioned, Mr. Hewland. Once you've been you need to make sure you post here: http://www.shootclayforum.com/index.php?/topic/17227-sporting-shoots-where-and-how-did-it-go/ so we can all hear about it
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    I am sorry I can't be there unfortunately but I am seeing it as the end of the actual ground rather than the end of what we are used to getting there because you will be carrying on setting targets at Eriswell and who knows what else you may get up to, so as long as you continue that will be the start of a new chapter. Hope it goes well.
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    There's a fair chance I'll be there with a friend or two around 10-11.00, you're more than welcome to come round with us.
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    lars 100 serious competitors is probably not far off uk. OT is a very niche discipline in most countries. as you have found out hanging on the target or analysis of the shot during the shot is fatal. You need a well established gun mount and pre shot routine, nothing must change EVER hit or miss pre shot routine MUST remain unchanged throughout the comp. Trying stuff is for practice sessions. it is my opinion that the one single factor that will increase trap scores is absolute focus on the next target and nothing I repeat nothing else. If pre shot routine and gun mount can be carried out without conscious thought the mind is free to focus totally on the target. To be more precise not the target as a whole but THE FRONT EDGE (leading edge) the mind is so focused on this specific area that the subconscious pulls the trigger. If gun fit is correct, gun mount and pre shot routine can be carried out without thought and focus is on leading edge the target WILL break. Deviate from this in or allow the conscious brain to take over and you will miss. fast trap cannot be shot in the same way as any other discipline.