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    I would say that most guns need very little in the way of servicing,regular cleaning and whip the stock off occasionally for a little light lubrication and cleaning if necessary is all that is needed i have never had a gun fail. Then again if you have a Kreighoff it probably knows its own way back to Alan Rhone😏
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    Just could not keep the rain off my glasses, was like looking at 20 clays at once 😂
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    Evening all,just a quick post to remind that we are holding the second memorial shoot for the much missed Pete Dennett. The shoot will be at Gunsite S,G,next Sunday 30th Sept. The shoot is 100 English sporting open. Entries 10-1.00pm. All welcome,any questions,please drop me a line,or give me a call. Thanks,Sean (07979 874887)
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    I guess you must get a service book with a K gun...not to long before all the spaces are filled😂
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    An enjoyable day for me also at EJC in good company even though I have the worst cold I have had in years. Not too shabby, driven was my worst stand missing 3. Started down on the Skeet range. 83 for me.
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    EJC also, happy gang of four Glos boys & a lass, went st1-4 leapfrogged big q at St5 St6-12 returned to St5 after finding a ref. EJC does indeed look very smart these days, the staff seem a lot happier too, my last few visits (early 2018) they looked a bit jaded almost un interested. Overall enjoyed my day out, bar a couple of stands one shot better, no much better than of late, helped Im sure by the company, ended on a welcome 71, WillyH 74, ZeaP 76 👏, SeanF 77 & JoeH 91 we all had more 😊 than 🙁 today, all told a grand day out
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    I too have a Miroku but an MK38. I’ve had it for soooo many years I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it wasn’t a fortune. It’s been completely reliable and has never broken down unlike my hubbies 2 Perazzi’s which have now been sold. I’m only 4’11” but I’ve a 30” and it balances beautifully. Just had it choked which has been a great advantage as I’m now shooting a bit of Skeet etc. I wouldn’t change it at all, love it. Hubby has said he would buy me a Parcours if I want but I ❤️ my Miroku. You won’t go far wrong with what you’ve brought. All you need now is to practice with it, get the feel of it and enjoy your shooting and know that when you miss it’s not the guns fault! Enjoy.
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    Had a lovely day out at Southdown, pool shoot first followed by Compak. Note to self, watch the squad in front because they don’t show you the targets 😂. Second layout therefore took me by surprise. Finished on 90/100. Joint first in Ladies and Greater London Lady. Stopped for a bite to eat and then onto Sporting. Lost 9 targets on two stands of 4 pairs! one orange quartering from left just found so difficult to keep on and missed all four. Enjoyed it finished on 76/100.
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    Shot the Lylvale Express Masters at AGL yesterday. Nice weather and a good fun day out. Decent course with nothing too testing or devious, but enough stuff to catch you out if not paying attention. Nice system of limited entries. Shot 10% above my average with a 102 followed by a 22 on the sportrap. Realistically I would expect Mr Faulds or similar to be putting in a 117 ish and 25 straight on the sportrap. Good day out and very enjoyable courses.
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    I haven't an issue with the targets although you do get the same ones that go through the sun there but that could be a lot of grounds. My issue was the way in which the owner spoke to us and basically told us to f+ck off and shoot skeet. He is known for this behaviour but still lots go there and put up with it. Even the girl in the office apologised for and I quote "the way he is"! There was an issue with the ref (that is a very loose term in this case) knowing where the target was coming from which made a huge difference and when Tony pointed it out to the ref (Tony is never ever rude) he obviously went back to his boss and gave him what can only be described as a "tale". Anyhow I don't need to travel over 2 hrs for abuse. Got all sorts of carp from the owner about not having to tell you where the targets were coming from which is fine but when all your other refs are it makes a mockery out of his argument. Didn't argue with him at all, did not engage at all just left the ground never to return.
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    Does the K80 require flossing too, Jan ?
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    I would think there to be an additional fee for that considering the usual expectations. I've been around things mechanical and guns my entire life. I have no reservations about dealing with almost any maint issue but there are some things that require special tools and are infrequent enough that I don't bother - like maybe fitting barrels and replacing locking bars sort of things. Guns are not that complicated and for the reasonably experienced mechanically inclined person I would suspect they pose no great challenge. Of course a self assessment of one's talents and/or skills may be optimistic. I've often seen some some work that clearly testifies to that optimism
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    Clean/oil it once or twice a month, get things replaced when they show signs of wear (which could literally take years), pay attention to signs of looseness and ask for advice. Guns are not like cars that need an oil change every 10k miles etc,.
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    There is the odd thing that I wIll do , for example the firing pins on a Miroku /B525 , a doddle to change or polish up . Stripping the ejectors out of most guns , usually easy and really cleaning not servicing , However you have to ask yourself beyond perhaps pulling the stock off of your gun if you have been out in the pouring rain, what servicing does the gun need ? If it ever needed a new part fitting , I’d leave it to a gunsmith . When I bought a second hand Miroku I had the gun stripped down to bits cleaned and reassembled I think it was around £65 or £ 70 On top of that was the cost of new springs , but I supplied an Imported JP spring and pin kit . Just having the springs and pins changed is about £35 plus parts,, which will cost more than the labour ps in 42 years I’ve had two Miroku firing pins fail , and Miroku ejector break . I did have my lightweight K80 fully serviced 10 years ago but the big bag of bits I got back looked as good as new .
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    Get a Parcours. I love mine. Got to go in for a service soon and I'm dreading being parted from it.
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    Was surprised that at the AGL LE masters sportrap we were given super comps to shoot, I would have thought they would have been pushing some of the more budget lines for the sportrap. What i was more amazed about was how the super comps has changed. 20 years ago they were a super smooth killing machine, these were fierce! Mate of mine shot 120 black golds on the sporting, i shot all velocity plus, neither are renowned for being soft and we both commented on how the super comps were punchy and uncomfortable, how can they mess up so badly what was an outstanding cartridge.
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    I hadn't shot Greenfields for three weeks so braved the heavy, constant rain as the alternative of watching telly and not getting wet didn't appeal. I've had this light Regatta jacket for years and never quite got round to giving it a decent test and to be fair despite being a cheapie it did keep most of the rain out, having said that I'm now on the lookout for a serious top and bottom wet weather outfit. The micro fibre cloth I took to wipe the gun down between stands was useless after 2 stands, you could literally wring it out 😆 ended up with 88 which wasn't too bad.
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    Well that was enjoyable! Certainly felt very different to ESP, had to concentrate hard and even then got caught out a few times. Had 2 decent layouts and 2 poorer ones, ended up on 74. As always kicking myself for some of the misses, which included more of the singles than I'd hoped! Good squad, all quality shooters but found if I watched them, I then didn't prepare for my targets correctly. Cheers for the tips everyone, certainly was more prepared than I would have otherwise been.
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    Outstanding guns and excellent build quality, you won't lose much on it when you trade it in down the line. Very good guns for the money and will give years of service. You may want to look at an after market butt pad if it still has the black smooth one, they aren't very forgiving. A very good choice indeed, enjoy.
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    Hi Will When I set this I noticed the branch and meant to trim it but completley forgot. Apologies. Bob
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    We had individual cards named and cpsa number if you have one and always have at Owls. Didn’t you have the young chap, were you in Britta’s squad. If so, I saw your cards because he was looking to see if I was in that squad.
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    Understand why you don't want to shoot there again then. Squaded shoot last week was fine, no problems and as the weather was poxy I didn't have to worry about targets going through the sun. Lots of crossers and loopers and three rabbits. Hardly any targets you had to shoot straight at and a few that needed a fairly big lead. Not a single teal or direct going away target in the entire round (apart from one overhead) - made a nice change for someone who's closest Reg shoot is Horne!
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    Thanks for the replies. It's a shame it stopped. It was a good talking point and even though I didn't get chance go, it was good to follow and seemed to cause a buzz. The sort of thing we need to get to the level of Golf & Tennis in the public consciousness.
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    And I will take any driven I possibly can as a crosser, my nemesis. 😝