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    It appears I have qualified to return on Sunday. My first major comp to get anywhere in the five years I've been shooting. It was a very good shoot and is a stunning ground. I was waining towards the end and lost 3 targets each on the last two stands which was very frustrating as I shot the middle section I thought really well for me. It was the highlight of my day to get 3 of the driven and come away with 7/8 on that stand. Anyone who knows me will understand how I feel about driven.
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    eeny meeny miney mo , thats a good score in you go hahaha
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    really don't like the Sunday super final format . top gun over the shoot wins end of .
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    Nope, it's just with trap you are used to hardly ever missing.
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    Is our sport not getting a tad silly nowadays? Comments about having to have the reactions and eyesight of a 17 year old fighter pilot. 9 lens set of Pilla's at a cost of circa £1,000 plus . £11,000 Gun then fly to Italy or Portugal to have a stock made at God knows how much ? Pay 40p per clay that actually cost 10p , then a week later pay 40p again to shoot at the ones we missed last week , then a week later shoot at the same unshot rainwashed clays which are now tan rather than orange ? Then to add insult to injury a chap is allowed to shoot without glasses , clearly against the rules , whilst the rest of us find that Pilla actually are not as good as we were told , because we cannot actually see the clays??????????
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    A variety of targets should be set to give "something for everybody"....i only use colours against contrasting backgrouns Sian & Donna will confirm this........ Never set a edge on target, never met anyone who goes to a clay shoot to miss them, its all about getting the right balance for the majority !!! Simples !!!.......see you all Sunday
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    If you have a Miroku MK38 choked 3/4 & Full may I offer the following advice . Get another brand of gun , preferably multichoked . Try a Kemen , or a Perazzi , if you have no success with them instantly do not waste time , get a Beretta or if you are totally mad a Krieghoff . Once you have learned this life lesson sell all of them , and shoot the MK38 3/4 & Full , if you learn to shoot it you can sell it later , top barrell unused.
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    Exceptional event very well run and nothing silly but some good strong birds in places. I thought 114 about all was there on sporting but not sure what's happening on sportrap scores, I think 96-7 to win. Well done Hodnet .
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    This topic is just another issue that may be thought of as a problem in our sport. Why not have birds only ? If someone feels that they just want to enjoy the experience , but have no chance of winning a cash prize , why should they contribute to the prize fund? If a novice or friend is having a bad day why is it wrong to coach or assist them? Because that is the rules , and we the competitors make the rules by our conduct., if we didn't cause problems or issues we wouldn't need rules to make us conform. Noticable that dress code has gone out of the window ! In a perfect World our sport would attract major financial sponsorship , resulting in large cash prizes . Remember , we are a minority sport , using Guns , and we may all be wierdo's . Until we publicise the fact we are not , we will struggle. We need to promote our sport to the masses , it is enjoyable and can be enjoyed by ALL the family, and Wife and children can easily beat Dad on a level playing field , you don't get that fairness in many sports .
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    Another great day with Southdown reg scoring 86 which I'm very pleased about because between stands 3-11 I dropped only three birds which included some good straights on birds I'm not too fluid on, unfortunately dropped 4 birds on stands 1 and 12 , the saving grace being that it was the same bird each time meaning lack of knowledge rather than mental block etc, - then went to Horne with friends around 1.30 and managed 3rd in AA with 91 despite dropping the last two pairs off the platform , shot the rest pretty well even if they're not world class targets. 500 reg in 2 days is the most I've done . Oh what it must be like to be either sponsored or idle rich.
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    Drove down to Bath, Stew Keen asleep all way en-route 😄 so a pleasant journey south to shoot Meadowcroft, was & felt a bit chilly, autumn has arrived it seems. Bit quiet, many of the locals trekking to Podimore to shoot the regions InterCounties Sporting, Big smile at booking in as I had a 2nd place prize to pick up😊 That was very soon wiped off as dropped 7 on first two stands 😞 Plodded on through, did manage two straights amongst the losses, Stew however was shooting very well and found a welcome return to his "usual" form a good 88, and this old codger 76 which I was chuffed with, more so in seeing it was leading C when i left 😊 Think 91 was at this point high gun, mind you a fair few scores still to come in
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    Well there are challenges and then there are challenges. It's all very well challenging yourself by shooting 70yd midis, 60 yard battues or crossers with a ½ second window, but why not challenge yourself to hit all the clays within 35yds and at least half of the longer ones? If you can achieve that regularly you'll be in AA before you know it.
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    I think what you're missing here is that, as I mentioned earlier, the majority aren't big fish in any size of pond and don't have any realistic expectations to ever be one. Most people reach a level after a few years and stop improving, regardless of how often they shoot or how tough the targets are. For every keen classification warrior who wants to be challenged in order to climb the rankings, there are dozens of older shooters or those who've taken on new responsibilities like children, mortgages etc. who are firmly lodged in C, B or A and don't want to be relentlessly kicked by 12 tough stands. Apart from the fact that I personally fit exactly that profile, I can also say that when on reffing duty I get to talk to many shooters in the Glos, Wilts, Oxon, Devon and Avon region and the only time I hear criticism of Gunsite, Coley's, or Churchill's as being ego boosting vanity shoots is from people who never seem to shoot there.
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    could be the fact that once that becomes the norm , surely it becomes less of a challenge , and like skeet and DTL the miss one and go home , may well prevail ?? got no problem with any top shooter putting in big score , but if he or she is on 99 and the following pack are all 98's 97s 96s it may well have been he or she had a bit of luck and the others may have not ....( bouncing rabbit , slow pull, the off line targets , flight line due to gusts of wind etc ) why have we bred a majority of shooters pre fixed on scores rather than enjoying challenging targets ? why does anyone want to be AAA when they are at A class level ??? bemuses me , prizes at most majors favour A-B-C ? me I would want to stay where I was competitive , and attend shoots that kept me there ? no point shooting 90's to fall apart at the bigger prized shoots ??
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    Westfield got hammered the other day. Too hard they said. Maybe . Some distance and lots of spring but every single clay was perfectly visible.Hard clays yes . But unfair. No. For instance stand 1 had a mega battue . Loads of spring but you could see the thing all the along its flight. Missed first 1 behind killed the rest. Adjustment made cos you could see it. Black clay , grey sky. Honesberie very similar target . Orange clay .grey sky . Didn't touch one. Just for me impossible to judge distance and speed. Felt robbed to be honest. Maybe some purplemaxorangeultrahd pilla's would have helped. Or maybe just a correct colour of clays would make it fair for all. Jasper.
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    Well it's all over and Although I started well I really didn't shoot to my own level and I seem to have been knocked a target on the last stand and it really wasn't that difficult to count them I only shot 2 of them! It was an experience. I did question my sanity driving 3 hrs to shoot 75 targets badly and then having to drive 4 hrs back but it had to be done. Bonus seeing my brother and his family turn up to support me though. I'm going to forget today and remember Friday instead.
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    Thank you all for the positive comments, yes we do try and personally I love setting targets that tease and please , good to see so many friends from all over the Country and hopefully enjoying themselves .Really looking forward to Sunday , totally new mini course that will tease please and intrigue, then an entertainment final , so the winner and all the prize winners will have earned their spurs.
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    Leave it as it is but changing coach might help.
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    Bit late this week due to work commitments but here you go the Beretta DT11: https://youtu.be/_wvz36zgWH4
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    Those of you with a memory ( not many ?) may remember Growl tried hard to organise an event , but found he was wasting his time . This has gone round and round on this thread alone without making any progress at all. Informal gathering , at EJ Churchill , 100 Sporting any midweek shoot , any weekend shoot , job jobbed .
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    Anyone interested in safety glasses for shooting should try B&Q for £65 you get a Flymo included. I'm sorry I just cannot buy or wear Pilla glasses on priciple , we hung Dick Turpin for similar crimes.
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    Yes they do is the correct answer but in practice these colours seem only to empty the vast majority of shooters pockets of money. There are exceptions but by and large you will rarely see anyone changing lens either at the beginning, middle or end of a shoot regardless of light, cloud or sun conditions, people buy these packs then stand in the garden for 5 minutes and decide which one they're gonna run with, that's the honest reality regardless of the science behind it.
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    Course setters should be reminded that we are not all 17 with the reaction time of a fighter pilot. And not everyone has a 57 lens set of pilla's in their bag. Jasper.
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    The very best course setters can put on shoots that are won on 94-95 and B and C class shooters still come away happy.
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    I believe Mr. Hamster has the answer. To the OP - how many lost targets do you feel are due to the chokes you are using? Do you have any reason to suspect that 1/2 choke will somehow alter that? inquiring minds, etc
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    So if I've understood correctly the consensus is that he should either definitely buy the Perazzi or definitely not buy the Perazzi, and either way he should either use grease or never use grease (but oil). Sound about right ?
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    Really don't get why people get so upset over putting a fiver into the prize fund,they may travel a couple of hundred miles,stay overnight,spend more on cartridges but resolutely refuse to pay less than 10% of the entry fee and maybe 1% of the outing more to do something they actually want to do on principal? And for this they may get to miss out on the best shoot of the year? Life is to short...
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    If I am scoring/Reffing at any discipline, I will stop the next shooter and ask the support group to shut up or 'go away' If they choose to move away at Sporting, I decline to show them a target when it is their turn to shoot, in my book they should have taken more notice instead of having a meaningless conversation !
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    IPS, With respect have you ever shot a decent set of sporting targets? I find on the odd occasion where I go to some "small friendly" shoot, the course setting is very poor. A mix of easy rubbish, then some stupid stuff with poor opportunity to see or shoot it. None of it is rewarding. If you went somewhere that holds a good registered shoot, I doubt you would get anywhere near the 74% you are hitting, probably more like 50%, but you would come away thinking that was good, I will improve if I keep doing this.. (74% is a decent B class sporting average in registered). And to answer your question directly, although I only refer to registered sporting events, no usually it's not too hard because the enormous pool of talented shooters out there are hitting 95+ all over the place. If you back it off, there will be a 5 way shoot off from 100 straight everywhere. Agreed, beginners seem overwhelmed but what can you do when everybody has to shoot the same course, it's a compromise.
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    Shot Highwaymans on Sunday Messy 82 verses a HG of 91 left me one away from the prizes. It was stiff but that is why we went. Shot Keghole on Monday again need to be less messy. Shot 106/120 for no where near the prizes. Very steady course 116 HG. I would have been satisfied at 110. Shot 87.33 over the last four shoots so pleased with that progress 86/93/82/88.33
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    Possibly. It did not help they were selling cartridges there and people claiming previous prizes. Wasn't too bad a wait in all honesty. It was a stiff course but then wasn't it a county champs? I just had an off day. Today was much better at Horne. The wife must be a good luck charm as tagged along. Stand 4 I dropped 6 and the rest I dropped one here and there to finish on an 86. Only took an hour to get around and that was with queues up the top as for some reason everyone likes to shoot Horne top down even as they walk past loads of empty stands. Bumped into Will shooting solo.
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    As before "tis tough" one was told, Stuart Rudling 89 high gun, think Swindon Samaritians have called in sll staff
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    The oldest Perazzi in the safe here is 1972. Has about a bazillion rounds thru it. The others range up to 1984 and have all been well used. The key is that they have all been well cared for too. I'm sure there are dolts who can wear one to the point that it is beyond use but persons like that should be euthanized. As for the stocks - there is nothing inherently weak/bad about Perazzi stocks. They DO however many times suffer from poor fitting and as a consequence voice their unhappiness. I've repaired a number of those and then taken the time to fit them properly and the "problem" disappears. The only real problem with pre-owned Perazzis are some of the pre-owners from what I've seen all JMO of course
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    Have you shot one? I looked longingly at them for years. Then tried one. A silver pigeon with extra recoil..
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    use foam plugs AND ear defenders 👍
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    I think in many cases people call targets Extreme/Stupid when they just cannot hit them through poor technique or misreading them and then repeating the mistake for every pair. I just admit that it is my mistake generally then watching somebody murder them and realise where i went wrong. A favourite example is when somebody doesn't realise it is a midi and thinks the 30m bird is 50m and then gives it way to much and still believes they are behind it,i have learnt to ask the ref if i am not sure! My worst target scenario is a simo pair where the target you need/want to shoot first appears last,damn pesky course setters (stand one Kreighoff blue course i think?)
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    Registered sporting is a commercial operation and business rules dictate they should concentrate on providing a product to suit the greatest number of customers.This means concentrating on the overwhelming majority who are rarely competitive in their class, hardly ever win a prize and who are mostly competing against either themselves or a few others at a similar level. Even though many of them will never get to A never mind AAA, they've paid the same for the right to be there and they don't want to go home wishing they'd spent their £££ somewhere else because the targets were set for the top 10%. Working as a ref I've seen too many fed up shooters at ordinary Sunday shoots moaning that they've been beaten up by the course setter.
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    The fact is, the difficulty roughly affects all shooters as a similar percentage increase in losses. So at a tough shoot where people are missing 75% more than normal, it means the top guys miss 7 instead of their usual 4. (96 becomes 93). This also means that the person who usually misses 20 will miss 35. (80 becomes 65). Not scientific, but it's the sort of effect that course setters need to remember.
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    Only one of the shoots I did on Sunday was registered assumptions assumptions. I do agree though with the gist of your post, it's all getting a bit silly. Some setters are seemingly trying to compete with one another in seeing who can set the most unhittable target or the least straightable stand. One place I don't often go to but which usually offers a balanced round had two stands with a fast dropping pair with questionable window, that's not clever or testing it's merely robbing those who can't see or move like lightning.
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    Gunsite today bit windy, no wet stuff though felt autumnal, shot it with brother, aka Billy Bunter, started steady, dropped two bouncy bunnies hit a rich patch only to fall apart like a cheap watch dropping 9/16 targets, Billy 73 Old Codger 78 which not only gives me family bragging rights on the drive home might even be a C class place High gun when left was J Heargan 94, though some AA AAA superstars still out there Work beckons and busy week ahead, might have to wait until next week to shoot again, Ill be at Meadowcroft please fo say hello, Im the one with the grey hair Billy has no hair 😄
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    I actually can ignore yappers and I always whisper if I am near someone shooting, I don't need to be their excuse for missing 😂😂😂😂
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    Bit of both really, They were CLEVER and I was STUPID !
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    IPS,the problem is that there is a lot of crap sporting targets out there! Yes the top shooters can hit them but the B and C shooters suffer! These are the guys who make up the majority of your shoot! Pee them off at your peril!
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    Sportrap at Barbury, it was both Glos & Wilts County Champs, weather was wet & cold and had affected entries, ours at 2pm was last one of day so nowhere near full, personally i was tidy enough on two layouts, excelled on one and dire on one, managed to missread the menu board / simos three or four times, more down to not shooting sportrap often, my last sportrap shoot was here 12 months ago and in political speak Ive made significant improvement 😄 Stuart Rudling 92 high gun I believe, good shoot, good ground, good company, horrible weather
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    You see the space, the space is personal to you. To be consistent you need to repeat this on each shot, I find that I can do this best by seeing the space. Swing through how you shoot it IMO is not consistent enough. A minor change in the pace of your swing and you've missed it. You will have good days when it's working but you'll also have bad day's when it's not. I see the space on small lead pictures in clays, bigger gaps I change to feet but I have no real idea if what I think is 4 feet is actually that. I picture it and repeat it. I try to shoot both pull away and swing through in this way.
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    Just to be clear, I'm not anti the prize money concept. I just think at the BO this year, its rough that you have to be in the top 4% of your class to win anything and unless you're in the top 2% it won't even be enough to cover your cost of competing. The fact that it has cost me tens of thousands over the years to get into my class is irrelevant. I did that for my own enjoyment. I just think there's enough money being made at this particular event to spread it a bit more. I'm not all bitter and twisted about it at all. It's more a raised eyebrow. Anyway, I'm leaving for Hodnet now and hope to enjoy it. Thankfully the weather is kind!
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    Perhaps they should take a leaf out of the Essex Masters book
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    Looks like comp entries are 150. It's £350 for 1st place, but then vicious drop off. I get there's nothing underhand, it's all the £10 comp fees paid back, but just seems wrong for a huge event. Any ground owner will tell you that there is a big profit after a certain number of entries, to cover costs. I feel the non comp entry fee for 1000+ entries should contribute to a top up. 160 entities should certainly offer prizes to 10th place. Just my feelings. Before anybody says it, it's all about the shoot, not the prizes for me, bit it nevertheless seems out of proportion and the odds unfairly long.
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    Shot highwayman's today a tough round 91 hg. For the first time ever for me I shot the harder stands really well and messed up on the closer ones. I've been trying a new method on targets that need a big gap and it seems to be working.