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    EJC registered today, that was a great course set to give you a chance in pretty windy conditions. I made a big conscious decision to stare at every clay, wherever it flew. Very happy with my 96 but I suspect it may not be enough, with the big talented crowd that turn up there.. Missed one on my last stand, sheer nerves as a new PB was at stake..
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    Well, he's a sponsor's dream and no mistake! If there was a way to further publicly destroy one's already shredded reputation, bravo. Oh, and bloody well shot Will!
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    Lainy and I went to Italy for new stocks this Christmas We were there 3 days Essevierre were brilliant and the stocks fit perfectly.
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    I’ve just finished having a GD5 32” trap gun sorted out . It is a pleasure to shoot , The first thing I did was find a nice used example , 2 years old that had hardly been shot . I steered clear of “pre-sporterised “ used examples, particularly those where the comb had been “lowered” , I’d advise you to do the same, you want the gun to fit you . not buy someone else’s ( delete as applicable) project / wish list/ abortion . The multichoke bit is easy. Teague Precision Chokes will turn it around in a couple of weeks , if you get 3/8 and 5/8 chokes in the mix of chokes , those two can tackle just about everything a decent shoot will put on with confidence . The clever bit is the gunfitting, if you are going to be investing a significant piece of change in the gun, £40 or £50 to have the fit checked is peanuts , it’s only a 100 missed targets . I shoot better “ head up “ and find the standard trap stock height just fine . I don’t consciously see the rib when shooting , but if I do test mount the gun I just see the mid bead buried in the bottom on the front bead. What the gunfitting did highlight is that some cast off would centre the point of aim , and also that I needed a longer stock . This was accomplished by replacing the curved pad with a Kickeez and spacer . If your heart is set on an adjustable comb get a good gun fitter to set it up then throw away the Allen key ! If you find a nice gun with the standard stock , £250 will get it fitted , bent as needed , and a sporting pad . I’ve avoided any further mods as the gun looks and shoots “just so “ and would not be out of place on a driven day The 32 “ Teague-ed barrels are IMHO much more dynamic to shoot than the 32” sporter barrels ( my buddy has the sporter ) with factory multichokes , this is particularly noticeable shooting from gun down. I have a total of £3150 invested in this gun , and I won’t make the mistake I did with my last one 22 years ago of selling the thing to fund my Krieghoff ! Don’t be put off the trap gun , properly sorted it could be the only gun you ever need .
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    @Turkey and I ventured down to Gunsite as planned. Really pleased we did as it was a fun set of clays and, most importantly, a great laugh. The gun felt great and I ended on 84 which put a smile on my face 👍
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    If you win the Worlds Will, you won’t be the first World Champion he’s rowed with, not sure if that makes you feel any better or worse?
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    I've had a new PB over the Christmas period. Three shoots without straighting a stand.
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    Now the coast is clear I'd just like to add my congrats to Will's brilliant performance yesterday at EJC. Call it easy, call it hard, call it "a shoot", point is, he did better than anyone else and well done to him. Fair killed me to see the miss on the last stand that denied a new PB though....
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    Extremely well shot Will . It really makes no odds, hard shoot or easy shoot . To beat a quality field by 3 clays , especially nowadays , is a monumental achievement in anyone's book . I can forsee a hero facebook page coming ? Put on it bizarre things like `future world English sporting champion` . Go round betting everyone you will shoot a 100 straight in 12 months . Then dont cough up when....rather suprisingly....it doesnt happen . Nice to see Argun and Steve shoot well too .
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    EJC also, good job I wore a cap as might have lost the rest of my hair 💨💨 indeed. Not before had every scorer offer the wise words “ these might be wind affected” . Our merryband of five (non famous) shot stands as 2-1 3-12, despite the battles againdt constant wobbly clays to try and hit and the ever dropping temp we stayed in goid spirits throughout. As a glass half full chap it was a nice afternoon out with chums, managed to find 67 which is par for me at EJC so in the conditions pleasing enough Im tellling myself, Joe Hale 90, he had three poor (by his lofty standards) stands and to still card 90 was top drawer. 96 there today was 👏👏
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    It's funny I watched you on several stands and every shot looked lucky. Not really, sorry I missed the chance to shoot with you and watch, would have been educational I'm sure. Reckon a good half dozen got away from me in that wind plus my PFS stock literally broke on the last stand with 2 pairs still to shoot. I heard something snap as I broke the first pair then having killed the next pair it became obvious something was very wrong, had to borrow a strangers gun to smoke the last two pairs and guess what stand 12 too.
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    Its High Wycombe, not the Isle Of Wight!
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    Shot at mainstone hill, very cold and windy but it sounds like everyone was battling with the conditions. A poor score from me but I'm getting better at reading clays and becoming more confident with making changes when I miss. I find it a tough shoot up there but I feel like I'm learning each time. A friendly bunch and some good fluffy rabbits.
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    Our stockers are very much behind the times! Most new stocks are shaped by hand with a draw knife, no copy lathes or CNC machines? The girls in Perazzi can checker a stock in 45 minutes! A days work for a Brit? As for running costs? I doubt there is much difference today?
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    1/1/18 Westfield was my first back after a break since September from Clays. Cold and wet reminded me of why I don't shoot clays in the winter. 85 on the board so the stock fits, a few misreads as they don't look like the things I have been used to shooting.
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    Thats a bit rich when your “first” post jumps onto this thread all guns blazing.
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    I approached a few but six weeks lead time and at least £500 more minimum. Some were dam right rude and I would rather burn two grand than give it them.
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    I’d say he is more of a “decent” shot. Sunday was a case of every duck he ever met getting in a row.. 😀
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    When some one try’s to give me a card whilst somebody is shooting I always refuse it, if they persist then a simple “ pissoff” usually does the trick. btw happy new year to one and all
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    Seems there organisational skills rival the CPSA!
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    Oh well, it should be back from Alan Rhone in plenty of time for the Premier League shoot on the 24th Feb. Shame EJC don't do more Saturday Reg shoots, save me using all my annual leave up to shoot them.
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    I haven't been so pleased with an 81 for a good many years , basically as some may know I'm in between guns at the moment as a DT10 I've committed to is away having selectors fitted to the action, it'll then be off to Teagues to have chokes eased after which I shall give it a full month of appraisals to decide properly whether it's worth throwing another £6-700 quid at importing a "stage 2" recoil reducer from the states. My own PFS stock having broken has meant fitting the old wood one back with a too thick Green pad I stuck on (coupled to too much comb being dialled in by yours truly) resulted in a miserly 78 first time out, I then took the pad to my trusty local cobbler who ground 6mm off the pad and refinished it by glueing some green leather to the end for the outrageous sum of £7.50 plus he took 3 hours as well ! I also dropped the comb by about 5mm. Next outing the gun felt totally different, fluid and easy to stay with the line meant I had 7 stands of nine (some very missable ones too) with only one horror incident when I couldn't find either of a very hard quartering/crossing orange battue with a break point of 50 yards and a fast crossing dropper off a tower nobody shot it that well but I missed 8 so ending up on 81 despite that still meant I'm on the right track. Mate of mine had horrendous trouble with misfires on his CG all the way round so I lent him mine to have a second round with and he only goes and joint HG's it with Kevin Howland on 94.
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    Went to Grange 199 entries. Wondered round on my own, still rusty as this is the second reg with my new stock and hadn't shot a clay since Sept. Pleased with 89 stock feels good. Some big scores all over the classes
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    High gun - J Morris 99 AA/ Joint 1st J. Kendall, R. Wise and S. Rudling 97 4th M. Myres 96 Joint 5th D. Evans, C. Childerhouse and N. Carter 95 A/ Joint 1st P. Brown and K. Wharton 92 Joint 3rd . Mclean, A. Bullock and M. Thomas 91 B/ Joint 1st A Dalgleish and A. Samways 86 3rd G. Blezard D. Pinnegar and A. Griffin 84 C/ 1st J. Hartland 77 Joint 2nd I. Clack and A. Hunt 76 4th M. Satchel 74 Joint 5th M. Burns and S. Decartenel 73 Vets/1st R. Blamire 96 2nd J. Woodbridge 91 Ladies/ 1st E. Stacey 87 2nd n. Grey 85 Junior/ 1st M. Davies 82 2nd J. Allan 69
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    There will be a new big shoot in the Cotswolds this year on a green field site game shooting event over 200 sporting , with a great line up of sponsors confirmed already before this there will be a 120 fitasc shoot at Westfield to be shot in one day also with a big prize fund more details will be out shortly
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    Many people asked so here you go, The Perazzi High Tech S.
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    WestonWood also, oversleeping then breaking thr Mrs Vape machine, so flea in ear which didnt bode well. Started, and one was on my tod at noon, finished at 3.30, big entry, lots of waiting, got cold, knees knocked and MrArthur Rightus played merry hell with my right paw, started reasonably well, as ever one does like tobe out shooting so it was all with a smile, was going like a train (for me) until a combination of waiting / cold / lack of ability sae me drop 13/26 to end on 70 which im 😊 with. Lots of superstars there, screen not working so no idea of high gun / class scores Word of praise for the scorers young & old they all looked frozen
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    Court Farm, 11 stands with 5/6 of them facing a low winter sun (may have time we shot it). Targets freaquenly wind effected. Numerous referees who appeared to be no more than 15 yrs of age and no idea what they were doing. Car park no go area apart from 4x4s. Lost will to live after a few stands. Apart from that, it was OK.😂
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    Maybe you should take your own advice,seems to describe you pretty well.
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    You did Chris ! Dont you remember ? You bet Jaymie , Henry and Mallory £100 each . Bet was you would shoot 100 straight at a 100 registered english sporting within 12 months . Surprised you forgot .
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    Many thanks John. Yes, probably was actually. I'm no top shot so only had a few HGs over the years and I've never been 3 clear I think. (Its not a new PB but that is irrelevant in Sporting, its all about the relative performance, not the number). Had a bit of a slump just lately. Ed Solomons told me once you usually come back well after one.
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    Standards must be really high today, I thought 96 (OK maybe 97 at a push - that rapid off the left shoulder and away pair robbed most people of 4-5 on its own ) would have been the score on a calm day, funny how the people who describe courses as easy/soft rarely shoot over 80 or win their own class. I too sound like a dick mostly but am quite nice in person.
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    Bizarre Chris. I shoot about 18 grounds per year, more than you for instance, so you bemuse me. I also have no idea why you even bring averages into this? I certainly didn’t mention it. Look, I’m really not up for some playground brawl. (I nearly said bar room brawl, but you need to be way over 14 to do that). I am really happy to cease any discourse between us from this point forward. My only advice to you is to try and go through life with less hate and aggression, you have become a legend for this. With a calmer outlook you would be happier overall and guess what, your shooting would improve. Best wishes with it. Over and out.
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    Right - and an apology for the gay comment. Your admin is metrosexual to say the least.
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    Except he didn't did he selectively pick a single word from a sentence and ignore the CONTEXT is what you've done I'm afraid. It is entirely possible for someone to be a decent shot and beat Great people on occasion (I've done it meself often enough), no of course it wasn't luck on any of those occasions but the stars do have to line up a tad, that's all Will has said, also have to agree that it almost seems like you joined the site to get that off your chest.
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    First visit down to Gloucester Clay Club this morning for a go at the 25 bird sportrap. Not great. 16/25 I think. I did, however, have my first go at a round of Skeet. Pleasantly surprised and only dropped a few. NY resolution is to shoot more Skeet and trap for practice. I digress... The next stop was to Longridge and a nice steady set of clays. I had a meltdown on the first 4 stands until I had a bit of an epiphany and realised that if I mounted the gun properly I can hit clays 🤨 Ive been used to wrapping my hand and body around guns that are a bit too short for me. Doing to the same on a gun with a properly fitted stock is not wise. Ended on 73 which I’m not upset about as I straighted the firmer stands and it felt great. Happy to take the positives from that rather than dwelling on a score that’s lower than I’d like.
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    You really need to shoot an example of each one side by side and then decide otherwise you're just going to get advice that's tainted by others preferences. I for instance prefer a Trap sight picture (having shot low combed sporters for years) because experience has taught me that they have several advantages including a "cleaner" less restricted view of what's occurring around you as you execute the shot plus they help combat head lifting, a huge contributory factor to erratic performance. What's a lot of rib ? Just because it's more than what you're used to doesn't mean it's "too" much. I've shouldered Trap guns with "less rib" than Sporters, in fact I have just bought one such DT10 with plans to do several changes to optimise the gun for me, the same gun will be perfectly shootable by hundreds of other shooters who prefer a similar set up, I really believe that. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on matters guns and have to say I'm baffled by Dr. Lecter's assertion, what exactly is a sporterised Trap gun anyway, merely taking a Trap gun (whose comb may not even be high in the first place) and shaving 3 mm off and putting in multi chokes (which many Trap guns come with anyway) or changing the butt pad to a different profile is hardly remarkably different to what you may do with any gun in the pursuit of your desired spec.
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    Longridge this am, with Bunter and joined by Wez Carnel of this parish, started on st1 straight through to 11 started badly, it chucked it down for half hour to drench us, finished badly with some 😊 in the middle, 72 which Im 😊 with Bunter with new F16 88 in B, do please bear in mind he was for years A & AA until back & knee problens, the scores when we left were nothing out of the ordinary and we saw lots of clays fly on unmolested. Left before 1 and 92 was winning, lots of superstars still shooting (& misding) Churchills thursday WestonWood sunday is plan A might see some of you
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    Excellence shoot yesterday , good target variation to keep all levels of shooters entertained , free hot drinks and sausage rolls was a nice touch and gratefully received as the weather was bitterly cold! If you have not visited this ground yet its well worth the trip , very attractive topography check out the website photo's
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    Hi Everyone, There has been a cock up,regarding the January date. This shoot is for January 14th-not January 7th,as stated in "Pull". Sorry about this. Shoot will still be 100 sporting reg,entries 10-1.00pm Can I take this chance to wish everyone the straightest of shooting in 2018!
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    Owls today, just me and billy bunter, went late numers 197 & 198! Saw lots of regular faces, bright sunny and not at first but did later get chilly. Billy has a new F16 whilst Florence is still “new” to me, shot stands as 1-9, 11,12 then back to 10 and we both started off fairly confidently always nice to straight a stand early, after 6 stands we were neck and neck in the brother war, odd wheel fell off as per. Old Codger 78, Bunter 72, he did though win a bottle having broke a flash clay 👍 We had a very pleasant day out, fair weather, lots of chums, hit some clays, me, for a Christmas Shoot one could not really ask for anything more 😊
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    I believe the M spec fixed choke guns have somewhat lighter barrels, the two I handled felt great in that regard and yes you'd think the dealer/factory would be aware that a great number of shooters are going to want properly high sight pictures and cater accordingly, I have literally picked up higher combed Skeet guns. If I'm honest I still don't really think they're right about Trap stocks not being interchangeable on the M spec Invictus action, I think it'll go on there a treat but they just either couldn't be bothered or thought they knew better about what I need. This would be my first new gun in 17 years.
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