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  2. Great shell. Shot 20,000 of them. Great even patterns. Choke up a bit and watch them hammer the clays.
  3. I can take as many between friends but not without first trying some AND their being cheaper than readily available competition by a sensible margin. He rang me to say he was going to send me a thou to try but that was months ago. It wasn't even meant to be free.
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  5. I'd take 10,000..
  6. March, as MrHewland pointed out is not that long to have been shooting sporting, the vast array of targets presented does take an awful lot of time and frequent shooting to experience. Scores at Reg shoots, fir you it's very early doors, don't get hung up about scores, unlike trap targets which have to conform, ESP targets & course vary in difficulty and are subjected to weather, your later ESP shoots may well have been on targets you were unfamiliar with and can easily wreck a card. Practice, personally I now tend to limit this to practice on targets that have given me problems at a Reg and my approach to each pair would be as if at a Reg, that means in the same structured deliberate manner from stance through to shot, no I don't keep score of practice targets. Finally good luck, sporting is a continued learning experience, there is no magical short cut, it takes a lot of targets a lot of time and a lot of mental effort, personally I've only ever regretted not starting shooting regularly earlier,
  7. crazy the difference in prices . i love the T3 but i dont think i could be paying what barney was quoted for them (€282) thats a great price you got in Lonato . where are you based jwpzx9r , France is it ?
  8. Available in 20 right?
  9. Crikey, are they sponsoring you?
  10. Crazy, what brilliant marketing that would have been if they were as good as claimed. Oh to be so successful.....
  11. I've shot 2500 Jocker 28gm PW and they are hard hitting and very clean. Just wished someone in S Wales stocked them.
  12. My first 20 bore was a lincoln premier gold - great gun... can't remember why I got rid of it...may be because I joined the beretta club...
  13. I do like that, Glad you didn't end up with a 912k then . I can just see a pair of extended chokes finishing it off nicely
  14. Gareth did you get your gun fitted by toys-R- us.
  15. As long as it fits and you shoot well with it then happy days
  16. Its better than any Beretta full stop
  17. I tried it but he showed next to no real interest, doubt he'd get out of bed for 25000, ten times that maybe.
  18. pretty sure its not back bored. Honestly mate as you know I like my high end guns (got two of em) but this Lincoln really is very very good indeed and looks and feels like a 3k gun . It's equal if not better than any mid range Beretta or cg etc imo
  19. My first gun was a lincoln, not a Beretta, but a very sound 1st buy, decent gun.
  20. Genuine question, is it back bored? I'm after a non back bored new 20 bore for £1k or less for a friends 40th... I was looking for a 686s second hand but good ones are like rocking horse doings. The stock is made from these
  21. If you can shoot it well its as good as a top of the range gun,
  22. To be fair it was overdue...
  23. fare comment, I should have said as good as anything in the affordable for the majority. Anyway you know what I mean 😉 ok not the best wood but hey its 1k thanks, i really am impressed with it
  24. Pretty gun, don’t blame you!
  25. Good idea...
  26. I will have to post a pic of my garden spade its got better wood on it
  27. I wonder if the gurus on here specced a Shootclay cartridge someone such as that George chap would make it? If enough people were interested he could probably to a decent run, say 25,000 split amongst 50 members..
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