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  3. Gun fit

    Ah! Poop. That would be 'sh*te' to us cockneys.
  4. Site Upgrade

    Don’t seem to be able to upload pictures on iPhone or iPad. Gives an error message “-200” But I could upload to my profile pic. Mysterious
  5. Cleaning Supplies

    Googling the outfit brings up a link which if selected displays a message that the site may have been taken over. I thoroughly recommend staying away from it
  6. Cleaning Supplies

    Just found out the site is down for an upgrade
  7. John Norrris shop opinions

    Thank you all for the replies. Will order my items then :-) Lars
  8. John Norrris shop opinions

    Have brought goods from them for many years and never had a problem, always thought they give good service
  9. John Norrris shop opinions

    If you're "local" they knock something off.
  10. John Norrris shop opinions

    I've bought clothing from them in the past without any problems. They used to have some very good sales as well.
  11. Cleaning Supplies

    As their account has been suspended (according to the message displayed when I try that url) I probably won't get the chance!
  12. John Norrris shop opinions

    I'm about to shop with them as a returning customer. I found them very helpful when I had occasion to return a pair of trousers a while ago - I had ordered the wrong size.
  13. Cleaning Supplies

    Has anyone tried Guncare.co.uk Products?
  14. John Norrris shop opinions

    I have bought various things from them over the years with no problems, even once sent back a shirt that turned out to be wrong size.
  15. Hello. I'm looking at some items at John Norris https://www.johnnorris.co.uk I looked at truspilot, and just 3 reviews, ranging from 5 to 1 stars. Reputable vendor or not? Experiences/opinions would be appreciated. Lars
  16. Last week
  17. Site Upgrade

    Tapatalk has gone squiffy again, won't let me log in.
  18. Perscription glasses

    The rule is stupid for trap shooting. For sporting and skeet yes it's a must, for trap it should be a recomend but not a rule.
  19. Perscription glasses

    Stipulation is Safety Glasses, as long as your glasses are indeed “safe” wear away, a “normal” lens within a pair of prescription glasses can / will break
  20. Site Upgrade

    Centre ! is that what it stands for !!................
  21. Site Upgrade

    Upload a picture or even a logo to your profile... and the C for 'Centre of my universe' will be replaced.
  22. Gun fit

    Thanks for the advice westward p--p =poop .will have a look on flea bay
  23. Perscription glasses

    Tried contacts scores halved , gave them a try for 3 months ,one lens wouldn't settle on the last attemp so put on my glasses scores doubled.
  24. Perscription glasses

    dedicated prescription shooting glasses would be better I think or try contact lenses , but these option cost ! but after all vision is key to shooting .
  25. Gun fit

    I don't know what p-p means but for fitting I'd suggest Nigel Teague. If you want new woodwork made from scratch Midland Gun Services have a very good name. Just out of interest, I have seen DT10 stocks selling on fleaBay.
  26. Video-World English Sporting 2016

    I was there and it was quite dark so hard to see unfortunately. I stayed to the end.
  27. Video-World English Sporting 2016

    Think you will find there was very few people to film as they had the final outside the house and most people couldn't be bothered. A few bits https://www.google.co.uk/search?biw=1745&bih=885&tbm=vid&ei=nZsNWoG7HsjegAbbwLuwAQ&q=world+sporting+clays+2016&oq=World+Sporting+2016&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i8i30k1.53924.56010.0.58990.
  28. Site Upgrade

    It suites you Westley has a big W and we all know what that stands for
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