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  2. They were a bit of fun, if the quality of the image was as good as a smartphone I'd use them more but it's not the best which is a shame.
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  4. Very nice cartridge, shot a round with them today. Breaks are the same as with Gamebore Super Steel High Velocity.
  5. Hey, thanks for the video, it's the first I see from a 'real' user. So, how do you like it in the end?
  6. Well just back from a combined comp where Pro Steel played its role. I know it is childish but I just can't help is great.
  7. As in what I call Skeet sport, I like that especially on a windy day when they go everywhere. I also use Skeet for practise and would more likely enter a comp on a Saturday but I wouldn't give up my Sunday for it.
  8. It would be an idea to incorporate a DTL bird or two in it, as a lot of grounds have a Trap layout on a skeet range. I always have and will maintain that if you can shoot skeet competently you will be able to get to grips with sporting easier. Just my two penneth
  9. I actually don't mind the odd bit of it and you can't argue it's been the foundation of many a great name in the sport but part of the problem is indeed the lack of humour methinks, those who love the discipline ought to try a few new ideas to get more people interested, it used to be much better attended in the past. I am not talking about altering the targets or format but one way might be to simply start having more reg comps and advertise them properly and drop the entry fees to below the ESP ones, perhaps even have them on a Saturday afternoon or something. It deserves a better fate than the one it's heading towards.
  10. I shot one reg skeet in 2006. My main reason for never doing it again was that it was the most humourless experience ever. Just the nature of it I suppose. And yes its plain dull too. Just my opinion.
  11. Fiocchi F3 blues most of the time and a few reds £200 a thou,absolutely love the blues!
  12. To you yes mate.
  13. Hamster, That'll be a shut up then!
  14. Steady on tiger, so what it's a Skeet forum people are still allowed to have a bit of fun, it goes on with Sporting and Fitasc as well as all other forms of shooting disciplines and people rarely get defensive about it, never, springs to mind with ESP and you have to wonder why. I shot a few straight 25's years and years ago and just found I didn't like it enough, don't have a go at me alone because patently that is the view of the vast majority of shooters who don't shoot Skeet as a rule because lets face it most find the targets in themselves unchallenging, that's not to say winning is easy because it never is and whoever wins or indeed places top 10 is worthy of praise. The lighthearted exchange was between Chippy and myself and it was more about his love for open chokes anyway not to put Skeet down. You are quite right though, Skeet does not present me personally with enough of a challenge, I never was interested in hitting 100 hittable targets but 95 more testing ones. I also dislike being in close proximity of shrapnel when taking certain pairs or indeed singles (just a personal thing as I keep turning my head away instinctively). I hear they have had to phone around to get enough people to enter the less well attended County Championships, if so then maybe instead of having a go at people for having a mild bit of natter with another shooter you ought to see if something can be done to raise their profile a bit more. Moms used to say all sorts of things to be fair, mine did rest her soul but things change, it's the age of the internet and we just have to pucker up and put up with others opinion whether we like it or not. If you wish the Skeet forum to be specifically barred from having anything less than 100% praiseworthy said then have a word with Matt, I promise to abide if he says so as it's his forum. ps. If you're reading this Matt, please let the ESP/Fitasc forums be as they are, hedge monkeys like a bit of a scuffle.
  15. I wish I could get clever cartridges too......................those that I have seem to be pretty dim really !
  16. Because I only use fibre wads then it often comes down to store availability. Also the performance and particularly recoil is more noticeable on the mid range to budget (white gold or pro fibre vs less expensive). I wish I could get clever cartridges locally in fibre, even the T1 in plastic seemed good to me and 2 years ago was 142 per thou.
  17. Good luck to everyone this weekend, looks like great weather! Hamster, if your only comments on Skeet are to insult those who put a lot of time and effort in to achieve their goals at whatever level then please don't. its a skeet forum, designed to encourage more people to enjoy shooting skeet. your negative comments are not useful or funny. if you feel that skeet does not provide sufficient challenge for your image,ego or self promoted ability, who not pop down to Dartford shoot a ton, win the shoot off and enjoy getting your picture in pull? Who knows maybe for the first time ever!!! of course you won't because skeet is easy! Blah.. Blah.... Shot a 25 straight once... Got a badge... Could easily string 4 rounds together..... Could just turn up and clean up.... Blah..... why not put up or shut up! Win the English or British open this year.. And ill take my hat off to you as I appreciate what an achievement It really is.... My Mom used to say that if you had nothing nice to say about a subject... Then keep quiet.......
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  19. As long as they are not uncomfortable to shoot (cheap sometimes means punchy) then totally agree!
  20. I just went for a local practice instead and got just shy of 90%. Was glorious sunshine as well.
  21. Cheap for me means I can shoot more, then I can learn more, which leads to me hitting more.... I shoot the cheapest i can get. As I have said many times, they are all better than me.
  22. If you asked me if I wished I had skipped it? Hmmm.. tough one..
  23. I got Fiocchi TT`s at Horne for £175. feel fine to me. as are velocity 28g, also good .
  24. Not a bad idea. Should go well with my 36g 9 shot homeloads.
  25. You could always shoot threads, worth doing for a major win I'd say.
  26. Unfortunately I only have one cylinder I have to use 1/4 in the other barrel. Much to tight.
  27. Surely with Cylinder you'd have to try and miss Skeet targets on purpose.
  28. Shooting it Sunday. As iam shooting badly I might take the sxs it will give me an excuse for missing.
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