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  2. Hodnet

    Going to Hodnet this Saturday to shoot the re run of their Xmas shoot. Anyone else going. Myself and Growl will be there shooting. Salopian who will be taking squads out will be there too.
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    • Maxum
    • Salopian

    Nice profile pic think I may own the rights to it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Stripper Wanted !

    Brilliant, thank you for that. If I get the aluminium roaster from a well known catalogue store, I can return it under 14 days too ! WIN.....WIN !
  5. Stripper Wanted !

    if you google Wonko's Brew you will eventually find this and evidence to the contrary I'm not yet dead THE METHOD This is a word.doc now so I will never have to write it again but can post it every week. Oh boy! Anyway, here it is. Get a disposable aluminum roaster pan at the supermarket that is large enough for the stock. Stop by your Home Depot or whatever and get a gallon of acetone and a gallon of alcohol. If the stock has a plastic finish you might want a can of some paste stripper too. Use that first if the outside finish requires it. If the stock has a varnish or oil finish the acetone will lift that with no problem. Then toss the stock in the roaster and pour in the acetone (it will also neutralize the paste stripper). Cover the wood until it floats. Then pull off a good length of aluminum foil and make a cover for the "tank", sealing it as well as possible. Be aware that acetone is highly volatile and smoking the cigar over the top of it is not recommended. I let the things soak for several days, turning the wood over a couple times a day. When you feel like you're tired of that, and the acetone looks like it has quit changing color, pour the acetone back in the can, rinse the roaster out with alcohol, and then soak the stock in the alcohol just like you did in the acetone. When you yank the baby out of the alcohol bath it will be CLEAN! And you can seal it and refinish it anyway you want after you let it dry a couple days. works for me
  6. Stripper Wanted !

    The problem with Nitromors is it evaporates fairly quickly. I've done a couple of stocks including a Miroku (which has the world's most obstinate varnish) by slathering the stuff all over the stock then wrapping it in foil to slow the evaporation. After a couple of hours the varnish has turned to a revolting brownish slime which can be wiped off before washing down with white spirit. A toothbrush is handy for the chequering. Even the Miroku only needed 2 goes to shift every trace of the varnish.
  7. Stripper Wanted !

    Maybe it was the only end he could hit them with !
  8. Last week
  9. Stripper Wanted !

    No problem.i think the previous owner of my 10bore frequently hit geese with the stock.πŸ€”
  10. Stripper Wanted !

    Thanks for that Matt, believe me THIS stock is very well and truly marked, I do not think an old hacksaw blade will do it any harm. I just can NOT believe how some people will treat or rather, mistreat a gun.
  11. Stripper Wanted !

    I will give you a tip ....................watch out for the police
  12. Fiocchi Cartridges

    Pistons hands down they break anything even at distance that's all I shoot
  13. Stripper Wanted !

    yes and that's before a tip 😁
  14. Stripper Wanted !

    I believe IPS does that on certain occasions but he charges Β£125 a session !
  15. Stripper Wanted !

    I’ve recently removed varnish finish on my Remington SP10,used the new nitromors,needed two coats and getting the timing of when the old varnish starts to soften just right,if you leave it on too long varnish goes hard again.it worked well enough to do the job,very fiddly and time consuming tho,choose the shape of the tool you use to scrape old finish off carefully,very easy to mark the stock with the amount of pressure required to remove the old varnish.πŸ€“
  16. Stripper Wanted !

    Funnily enough i was in a car bodyshop that i do some work for the other day and they had a couple of different ones lying around,i asked what the difference was with the same idea in mind he said one would kill you if you drank it the other would do you no harm. I said "sorry i meant the difference in effectiveness" his reply "nothing their both sh*t!" apparently they haven't been able to get anything worthwhile for years. I seem to remember brake fluid doing a pretty good job on car paintwork Just spoke to my mate who is a chippy but makes alssorts of musical instruments and he said some of the paint thinners will take it of as well just wipe away with a rag.
  17. Stripper Wanted !

    Can anyone who has recently removed a varnish finish from a wooden stock, advise me as to which brand of varnish stripper they used. I only have a small amount of the 'old' Nitro-Mors and I am led to believe that the new stuff is not up to the task. Thanks in anticipation, W.
  18. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    That’s precisely what I do.
  19. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    Some of us have to work occasionally πŸ˜‚ Glen has them as I thought he'd see you at Churchills but he didn't. He'll be at AGL too so keep an eye out for us.
  20. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    Me so if you can remember bring my cartridges
  21. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    That’s the plan. I’m down for College Wednesday and Owls Thursday too! College might get the chop from me due to weather..
  22. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    Who's going to AGL registered on Friday then?
  23. Gun reviews on youtube

  24. Fiocchi Cartridges

    +1 Been using a lot of Bior lately great for short/medium range birds
  25. Fiocchi Cartridges

    Pistons are the shell you want. If loathe to change from the FBlack you could use the FBlack Sporting but I prefer the F3s. Cheapest place I've found is Kevin at Hereford Clays and Cartridges. Probably the best stocked of any Fiocchi dealer as well.
  26. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    A rare Sunday off for me. Looked at the weather forecast yesterday and decided to give it a miss and iam glad I did, snow and then rain all day.
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