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  2. Starter gun

    You would not understand wonko it's a English thing
  3. Starter gun

    So, back on topic How about THIS ONE With a bit of haggling and the fact there's no P/X, you should get this for close to your £1k. However, as I have said many a time, for just a little more you could buy a brand new one LIKE THIS
  4. Starter gun

    Now you've lost me. I have no idea WTF you're talking about.
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  6. Gun reviews on youtube

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  8. DTL minimum cartridge requirements

    A man in our club uses Cheddite 21gm 7.5 and they smash the targets.
  9. Starter gun

    Paul120 has one in his trophy cabinet
  10. Starter gun

    Unfortunately I am afraid that your FA banner, is now out of date. It has been replaced by the more appropriate "SWEET FA banner" !
  11. DTL minimum cartridge requirements

    21g comp ex are a great cartridge and if you are on the target they will do the job easily for DTL,ESP,SKEET shot most of the Barbury challenge with them last year..the prize 28g sovereigns a fair deal i thought
  12. Starter gun

    I did and he was a crap shot !.............but far better than you will ever be
  13. Starter gun

    BT probably knew him personally!
  14. Starter gun

    I can trace my lineage directly to John Hill deHull (born 1240 Cambridgeshire - died ? Shropshire) and sort of feel that the three lions are OK for me. They're off the FA logo and I have the FA banner hanging in my kitchen as well. As for some aspect of cosmopolitan I see no problem with that. Perhaps you should get out more. and BTW it would be "you're a Yank", not "your a Yank". English grammar, dochano
  15. Cartridge packaging .

    There is a company that does recycle them and collects from grounds. http://www.agri-cycle.uk.com/what-we-recycle/spent-shotgun-cartridge-recycling/
  16. Cartridge packaging .

    Thanks for sharing,recycling cases has to be the way forward !
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  18. Cartridge packaging .

    I'll lend you mine, or a copy of it !
  19. Starter gun

    Let me check the price of scrap first !
  20. Starter gun

    Would he consider a Beretta in part ex ???
  21. Cartridge packaging .

    Cardboard is easily recyclable - if grounds aren't post- sorting their waste, they should. Plastic cartridges are recyclable too. Lead shot is also recoverable It just takes a will.
  22. Starter gun

    It puzzles me that your a Yank that likes Italian and has 3 lions on his chest ! your opinion cannot be considered as from a normal person
  23. Starter gun

    I'm a long distance removed from your market so I know nothing of the current pricing structures. I'm quite biased on starter sorts of guns. I went thru a number of brands before I picked up my first Beretta 682. From that moment on I've been an Italian gun person. I can't imagine a better gun than a well cared for 682 for a starter. They were available in a wide variety of configurations - something to suit every game and/or person. A reputable dealer or a knowledgeable person sympathetic to your cause is invaluable. I've never felt the love for any of the Browning or Miroku guns and it really puzzles me as to why people do. The guns simply do not work for me. Clearly there are those with different experiences in that regard.
  24. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    Guess what - southdown road in is smooth now. well today it is !!
  25. Essex Masters 2018

    Perhaps clay grounds should have theme park style cameras that activate when the button is pressed, could even do a short video, amd allow you to buy the image when paying your bill..
  26. Starter gun

    I have a Miroku Mk38, great gun that won't miss a beat.
  27. Essex Masters 2018

    No one makes you have to pay for a pic, 2000 odd entries & many were very pleased & grateful for her services..........Still cant please everyone !!!!
  28. Starter gun

    I know someone that has a 3800, 30 inch sporterized grade 3 trap for sale very cheap its under a grand and had the Nigel treatment !
  29. Starter gun

    Try to find somewhere where you can try as many as possible and see what suits you best, a good gunsmith or fitter will be valuable, try to use some of your budget to have the gun fit to you.
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