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  2. Not got any . Just saw the price on line and thought I'd ask .
  3. Did you manage to get any in the UK? A few of us tried and they don't sell them. Schmokkin didn't we try to get these?
  4. Has anybody tried their carts. Very good price.
  5. I think our whole squad forgot the full use on the Rabbit despite discussing it beforehand!
  6. We travelled down Friday and stayed with my parents lower down in Powys about 1.5 hrs away although journey back was a bit quicker, stunning views driving there. Love going home. I really enjoyed the shoot and the food. We were unfortunate on our first course which was green for us to catch the torrential rain and thunder and lightening two stands befor the finish of the course. It really was a deluge and a little bit scary as we were under trees towards the end. Absolutely sodden we were. I either shot well or badly there wasn't really any in between for me. I got a straight on stand 7 green course. Completely forgot within a millisecond the full use of the gun on the first rabbit - I think stand 3 and that was despite Tony telling me just as I walked into the stand 😂. A good day.
  7. I made like a panda, Eats shoots and leaves, had a great time tho of the back of my TIN anniversary celebrations. Thoroughly enjoyed the event hope it becomes a regular, and doesnt get remembered as "that shoot where it pissed it down"
  8. We should be getting used to it,seems to be what they do best!
  9. 5 hour drive to Wales for the Perazzi Grand Prix,Stayed Sat/Sun nights near Aberystwyth. Although the forecast was pretty crap all through the week it the weather was good on the Sunday we had a light 10 minute shower and alternating blazing sunshine and cloud otherwise. Some really good targets with a full range of difficulty definitely something for everyone,well organised a few trade stands and a lovely place to shoot with a wide range of targets set in places you very rarely get them. I especially liked Stand 7 on the green course with a big Battue and a going away dropping in from above shot through a gap in the trees over the river,a very different presentation. The clay snooker pool shoot was great fun with the black being a monster teal that nobody seemed to hit very often...i did get it once,Probably by luck it seemed the same for most. Apparently they had moved it in about 20 yards from where it was first set! Unfortunately i shot poorly and despite reasonable expectations just wasn't my day. Great food and atmosphere people standing around and chatting having a laugh....And no sign of the CPSA they should learn from this. I believe it was Arnie Palmer 1st Brett Winstanley 2nd and George 3rd 144,141,140 If they have it again next year i will most certainly go back.
  10. Nice shooting, Matt! The picture you posted of the gun looked lovely. Not tempted to change? 😜
  11. Coached by @EdSolomons no less. Shot the Troy Classic FITASC at Westfield on Friday. Grey, windy and occasionally drizzly day made for a few interesting wind affected moments! Borrowed a gun as mine is having top-level surgery, so I had my excuses ready - but managed to finish on 108x150 which is my highest FITASC % for a while, some really enjoyable targets and a great squad. Hospitality was excellent, and the organisation was great as usual. Top day out.
  12. Shot a 2 day 400 bird Compak comeptition - Kral Sumavy in Czech Republic...arrived on friday and shot 100 clays training, 250 (5 layouts with 6 traps - twice on 2 different settings and schemes) on Saturday + 150 (6 layouts with 6 traps) on Sunday. Still gathering impressions...emotional - manic depression rollercoaster...shot below my average all in all, missed some embarasing stuff, then hit some incredible ones...again and again and again...Great experience with great folks, will be back next year. Had privilege to observe the winner Florian Schweizer shooting in the squad before ours - flawless precise shooting, sheer pleasure to watch (reminds me of that of Richard Faulds), scored 367 ex 400 - top stuff.
  13. Shot Widdington as well as only shoot on that was relatively nearby. Was supposed to be dry until midday but walked onto the course at 9.55 and it started raining straight away. Started off fairly well but not able to straight any stands so points ebbed away. Think it was stand 10 that was down as O/R but ref was throwing as simo. I questioned it and he said his sheet said 4 pairs. I had to explain that was just the number of pairs not the type. I then said youd best keep it the same for fairness but warn people into the cage or change the sign. No idea if he did but this is basic stuff. It was quite busy despite the rain so some 10+ queues at the end. Ended on a 73 which was 9 better than my last visit but nothing to remember. They also seem to like using black rabbits on dark backgrounds in dark areas of the shoot.
  14. Last week
  15. Shot Orston today. After a good run of form with a 105 at the Jack Pyke in B class and a few other smaller shoots that went OK, was a bit deflated with a 74 round Orston, was a tough round and I shot to my average, but was very frustrated to drop 7-8 15 to 20 yard bread and butter clays go through not being disciplined, shot in front of nearly all the clays I missed today. Been tweaking my technique lately and today felt like a backwards step at times, shot the 40 to 50 yard stuff really well, then let the soft stuff go.
  16. Third leg of the Kent and Sussex Clubman League. Least said the better.
  17. Barrowheath today a good round with at least 4 very tricky stands I shot around my average, 82 .there was two 92s and a 91 in when I left and two of them were A class.
  18. Went to Widdington. Started and finished today very tired with stinging eyes. It rained at the shoot and it wasn't very easy. A poor result broke a long run of decent form. Bit of a flat day! Oh well, roll on the next one..
  19. Just got wed and now a new gun, oh do tell your secret
  20. I've expressed my thoughts to the CPSA as I still feel a bit stung after paying top dollar for a sub par product.
  21. It's been a little while since I've posted an update. I shot the ICTSF World Sporting last weekend; the less said about this the better. I've shared my thoughts with the CPSA. Just the one shoot this weekend; Honesberie for the Rizzini series. A great set of clays and quite a different set compared to previous shoots. Had a very strong card that would have matched previous PB but completely misread a stand and walked away with 1/8. Been a while since that has happened and it's fair to say it was quite annoying! Ive also made the trip over to Italy for a new gun. I'm hoping it will land in the U.K. Sept/Oct ready for th winter season so I can get to grips with it ready for next year.
  22. Yep.....i do live in Suffolk NOW, but hail from Essex still a Essex boy through & through, despite previous spells in Kent, Lancashire & Greater Manchester . JD lives in Norfolk, previously from Essex & Greater London !!
  23. Rugby Gun shop has a 28" 828U demo gun which I had a try with today at Barby Sporting, a really nicely made and extremely light tool, admire the tactile quality and balance of the thing a lot and really wanted to like it , fitted nicely straight out of the box too, super pointable for fast close-in crossers. However even with 24 gram (Trusts) shells the recoil is very sharp, more than I could tolerate - it is positioned as a game gun so not totally unexpected. The 30" version is a tad heavier, but it would be great if Benelli did a a version for us clay busters, I'd have one without a second thought...the search for a suitable wet-weather gun goes on...
  24. Wow, awesome guys, what's your best price for one?? Im looking for a 28 if you have one..
  25. I purchased one about 4months ago purely for shooting Skeet, (got a great deal). I managed to win the East Midland intercounties Skeet Doubles with it. The ATA feels and shoots like a more expensive gun. I'm really happy with it.
  26. Actually that could be advantageous in that it serves as a definite trigger point for a series of related actions. Really excellent idea!
  27. Forgive my attempt at any humour - I know full well Phil is not from Suffolk, but i thought he lived there? Hence shooting for Suffolk? There is only one PC Moss in the cpsa? I'll get me coat and sod off!!!!!!!!!
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