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  2. First Skeet Shoot!

    Straight through all on one layout. Take all your ammo + a few spares and put it on the table by the high house. Then as you walk from 7 to 1 you grab the next box and be ready to go again. Let us know how you get on.
  3. First Skeet Shoot!

    Normally straight through
  4. First Skeet Shoot!

    That’s a great tip, thank you! Great info. I’ll make sure to look out for the door latch! I guess I do have one question. Is there a break between rounds? Or do you shoot 100 straight through?
  5. Barrel length

    And she is NOT alone on that one !
  6. mib bead and adjustable comb

    Best way to set a gun up is on a straight dtl target from peg 3. Pattern plates arr interesting but can mess with your head. Dont get too anylitical or things get worse. Look only at the target or better still the leading edge and the shot will happen on its own. Shoot to hit the target rather than shooting not to miss. There you go ....
  7. Today
  8. Barrel length

    how can you call anybody sh*t if I shot as bad as you I would take up fishing
  9. mib bead and adjustable comb

    Thank you both. I have arranged for a pattern plate test this weekend
  10. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    HG was 90 I gather.. some great shots there too..
  11. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    Good to see some of yoos again, yes nice round if rather brutal in one or two places, stand 5 was just the perfik example of why you shouldn't throw two tough birds on the same stand and certainly not as a simmo I lost 5 there and two other AA/AAA's on my squad only hit a similar number. Our scorer counted us up at the end and had me as 81 but I felt like I'd shot a bit worse than that. Not entirely convinced stand 12 simmo with the black rabbit against a dark background was visible to everyone but to be fair not many seemed to be missing it ! Looking forward to the next one.
  12. Shootclay Shoot ( North West )

    Not much response Matt, I thought there was plenty of shooters on here from the North West ! thank you for the offer of merchandise the cost of posting will not be large
  13. Sporting Shoots; where- and how was it? (2018)

    I dragged my slumping form to Owls Lodge today. I would only have hit a very average score if it had been easy, but it wasn’t. So no false compliments for being off my best, I got battered down to 78, which I’ve done several times lately, I’ve lost the plot, temporarily I hope.. A good shoot. Maybe stand 5 was a touch too brutal, especially as there were plenty of other chances to slip up.. crikey it was colder than I had expected too.. good to see Hamid!
  14. First Skeet Shoot!

    Take something / someone to keep you awake.😉
  15. mib bead and adjustable comb

    Trap guns are set to shoot high, if you stack the beads at fig 8 you will usually get 60-40 % pattern sometimes more (as in 60% of pattern above poa) however as everyones perception of the target is different it isnt an exact science . At DTL you should always be able to see the clay above the bead however with experience you will "feel" the gap rather than see it. JDL makes valid points and could indeed be correct. Its difficult without seing you shoot.
  16. First Skeet Shoot!

    I could type a million things but no point as for a first go at a new discipline only one thing matters...... have fun and enjoy. I would say make it known its your first time shooting the discipline (albeit and experienced shot) and do not go first on the squad.... then just play follow the leader to get the sequence etc. Cosford is my local (10 mins from home) and David up there throws some excellent targets against one of the best all sky backgrounds on the regular skeet circuit. Mind you that shows with over 90 x 100 straights shot at the club since Feb 2014 when they starting doing registered skeet. The registered ESK is new (ish) to the club the last few months, but it has been a hot bed of NSSA skeet shooters for a while. They back in August added a second layout and this means they can throw NSSA and ESK on the same day. Its normally the top layout which holds the ESK with NSSA on the layout right outside the clubhouse. The club will be holding the Warwickshire ESK, SKD and OSK county championships in 2018 and has the last 2 years held a satellite version of the NSSA Zone 8 Championship which also takes place in Canada, Australia and New Zealand before combining the scores. I assume they will do so again in 2018. Forgive the club its "oddities" such as the club house door having a latch on it for the dogs - its all about those targets.
  17. First Skeet Shoot!

    Just remember that if you hit the first target of the doubles at a certain distance from the center stake, at that moment the second one is the same distance from the center stake on the opposite side. This helps to prevent searching for the second target.
  18. mib bead and adjustable comb

    You might shoot over the target, because you’re swing speed is (too) high. It’s also possible that you shoot pretty late, when the target is already dropping. I would recommend to test on a pattern plate first, to be sure the gun is shooting high.
  19. mib bead and adjustable comb

    Hi I wonder if anyone could help me please. I am new and only shoot DTL at the moment. I have an Mk38. On each shot I make sure that the mid bead is inline with the end bead and that I have a figure of 8. I was shooting with a very experienced chap the other day and he said that I was missing them "over the top". So a few days later I went back for some practice and shot lower or rather under the clay. I would not say I was sitting the clay on the bead I had plenty of day light between end bead and clay........................ BOOM they were like dust. Another chap said I needed an adjustable comb as that would help. my question is if i am using the beads as a figure of 8 why would the gun shoot high? Is that not one of the two reasons to have the mid bead. Chanco
  20. Shootclay Shoot ( North West )

    Great idea - happy to send up some ShootClay merchandise to use as (booby) prizes or giveaways.
  21. First Skeet Shoot!

    Well done. No tips but I'd be interested to hear how you get on. They do Reg Skeet at Dartford (which is only about an hour for me) and I've been toying with the idea of giving it a go.
  22. First Skeet Shoot!

    Well....I've booked on to the registered Skeet at Cosford this Saturday. I've shot 75 skeet targets before (over the course of a year!). Any tips for a newbie to the discipline?!
  23. Barrel length

    She thinks, we know.
  24. Barrel length

    I think getting used to the gun you have and using it well is more important. I therefore assume lots of people have tendency to have a ‘stopping the gun’ fault and as H suggests a longer and therefore heavier feeling barrel helps mask this.. When I bought my first gun the shop suggested 32 barrels but it didnt it feel right to me and I was apparently on the edge of being tall enough at 6 foot... I have found that so long as I concentrate I don’t tend to stop the gun anymore, even with 28 barrels, although my XXV can feel a bit stabby if I’m not shooting well..
  25. Yesterday
  26. Barrel length

    I know 2 people who shoot a 34" gun extremely well, I know several dozen who shoot 32" guns extremely well, I know 1 AAA shot who shoots 30" by choice, I don't know of a single high ranking ESP shooter who prefers 28" - based on such overwhelming data it's clear 32" just happens to be the best compromise to tackle clays slow and fast at ranges between 15 - 65 yards. My personal guess is that the subject is related to "moment of inertia".
  27. Barrel length

    I was told by the wife it's not the length it's how you use it !...............she thinks I am a sh*t shot
  28. Barrel length

    No difference in pattern or speed. Its just balance smoothness of swing and weight. And 32s just somehow feel right.
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