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  2. EJ Churchill Challenge 2018. 2nd Jan - 31st March.

    Why is it I recall my favourite Viz Character? Roger Irrelevant.
  3. EJ Churchill Challenge 2018. 2nd Jan - 31st March.

    Yes....7 days this year to be precise, entries are filling up fast..shame of a date clash as no doubt some will be shooting at Hepworth when they could be in the final at EJC !! Just saying !
  4. EJ Churchill Challenge 2018. 2nd Jan - 31st March.

    Essex runs for days Phil.. this is just a morning..
  5. EJ Churchill Challenge 2018. 2nd Jan - 31st March.

    Date of the finals will clash with the Essex Masters !!
  6. Miroku recoil pad

    A bit like football and rugby both play with balls but in totally different ways
  7. Miroku recoil pad

    Have you ever tried IT !!!!!!!!!!! Its easy being a keyboard master clay breaker, not that easy to shoot OT well, if your a hedgemonkey !
  8. Sporting shoots. Where - and how did it go?

    I too was at Churchill’s and the weather was lovely I thought for this time of year. Only one stand for me that caused me to wince as I came off with 4/8 and that was stand 10. Simo pair managed to miss 3 of the closer bird and one of the further. I was too high and in front I think. Driven was my last stand, surprisingly only missed 2. Had three stands today where I missed the last bird! Finished on an 88.
  9. Sporting shoots. Where - and how did it go?

    Just back from Churchills. Think I was the very last card out at entry # 143. Started pretty well and then made the fatal mistake of totting my score up and seeing that I was on for a 90 with 2 stands to go. Subsequently I tried too hard on Stand 11 which was not a tough stand but was holding on trying to make doubly sure of the kill and ended up dropping 3. Walked to 12 to find it was a simo of driven which is my bogey bird although have been getting better. A few steps back today as managed to drop another 5 finishing on an 82. Would normally be happy with that if you offered it to me but to drop almost as many on the last 2 stands as I did the rest of the course was very frustrating..
  10. So, the Churchill Challenge is back, bigger and better for 2018. I was pleased to be consulted as to how this event might be made even more appealing this year, so I hope you all like the look of it. The big difference is that there is a free finals day on 11th April. See link for details, but I believe there will be more prizes added to those shown right now! https://www.ejchurchill.com/churchill-challenge-2018/
  11. Sporting shoots. Where - and how did it go?

    A lovely day at EJC today in the sun, feeling almost warm at times. A great course I thought, just right. Still not at my best, miles from the prizes with 88 but enjoyed it.
  12. Miroku recoil pad

    I know, I know!! The excitement is usually near overwhelming for anyone! Especially those who find shooting while standing in mud to be the bulk of their experience. WOW ! ! ! Concrete!!! you're welcome
  13. Miroku recoil pad

    OT with all 3 target variations must rush out and shoot some,oh the excitement i can't wait
  14. Miroku recoil pad

    So, off to shoot some OT or ball trap are you?
  15. Last week
  16. EJ Churchill ESP reg 14th December

    Reminder this is on tomorrow and weather looks good. Chilly but dry!
  17. Miroku recoil pad

  18. Miroku recoil pad

    Nothing new there,but at least i will be disease free..i feel the inability to go 20 minutes without a cup of tea taking over!
  19. Sporting shoots. Where - and how did it go?

    Also CF today, albeit on my tod, my wishful thinking that the forecast would be wrong was sadly way off and ended up as wet as Ive ever been when shooting a reg, got a nippy later on as well, did this cost me a few? only on stand 11 did I think that as in lashing rain I just rushed through it dropping 4 that in reflection it should have been 1-2 at most, same conditions next stand and having had a word with myself a straight 8/8, managed two straights today offset by a very early doors 1/8 and a later 2/8 on stands that I just wasnt at all comfortable with watching let alone being in the stand. Weather apart a good challenging shoot, made some more chums, this old codger ended on 69, which given shoot and conditions Im 🙂 with as in past years the early 1/8 would have seen me implode rather than tough it out, one is C class mind. First day of three, Mike 92 was I think high gun at end day 1
  20. Miroku recoil pad

    Don rush out to shoot, you will only miss them
  21. Sporting shoots. Where - and how did it go?

    College Farm was a firm course today but my word, the rust is in me. I think it is many years since I failed to straight a single stand like I did today! FFS. It’s incredibly frustrating when no target actually fazes you but you just can’t settle down to hit them all. Meditation or rum needed tonight I think..
  22. Miroku recoil pad

    I must have got lost and been infected by the worst of all diseases Trappyitis, i must immediately rush out and administer the cure of shooting targets with sideways and vertical movement!
  23. Miroku recoil pad

    Are you a native English speaker? And YOU should well know that sporting thingies have no place in this section! For Shame!
  24. Miroku recoil pad

    He is on a wind up Pachmyr do some great sporting pads with a hard plastic top edge to stop snagging.
  25. Miroku recoil pad

    The gun is for use in sporting, not trap, that`s why I have asked for a sporting pad.
  26. Essex Masters 2018

    We booked in as we left the shoot this year!! Booked in for Tuesday morning.
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